Beyond Organic

Searching for Food so Pure…it’s BEYOND Organic

by Laurette Willis, Director

Laurette Willis with Jordan Rubin & wife Nicki.


Are you concerned about our food supply? Maybe you read my blog about “Meat Glue” now being found in beef and chicken in the U.S. — or the blog I posted on GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) in 80% of the food found in supermarkets.

I’ve already told most of my friends & ministry colleagues about what Jordan Rubin is doing with food that is “beyond organic,” and the response has been so positive that I wanted to let you know about it, too..

.I met with Jordan when he came to Tulsa, OK in 2011.  Familiar with his books and television shows for years, I’m impressed with his knowledge, commitment, and vision for pure, healthful food that is beyond organic; and even more impressed with his uncompromising stand in the power and message of the Gospel.

You’re probably familiar with NY Times best-selling author Jordan Rubin, author of “The Maker’s Diet,” and founder of the supplement company, Garden of Life.

I have a great deal of respect for Jordan and his integrity. Jordan is turning his attention to the FOOD industry where he believes lies a big part of the physical foundation to our health. He is competing against the food companies that perpetuate the Standard American Diet.

He and his wife have built a huge farm designed to produce the cleanest, most nutritious, and most innovative foods ever offered.

Jordan has decided to market and distribute these products in a non-conventional way.

He is giving the public a chance to have a stake in his success. The company will be built through relationships rather than the marketplace.

You can take a look at Beyond Organic here.

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We all want good clean high-grade organic food without the questionable additives. I don’t affiliate with many companies, but this one is a “must have” to me, and I wanted to share it with you too!

The Opportunity – How it happened for me

When my friend Lisa told me about Beyond Organic, I didn’t hesitate to join! Having studied and shared the practical wisdom of Jordan Rubin’s books (especially “The Maker’s Diet”), I knew my husband and I wanted to partner with him and his vision. Plus, knowing Jordan’s integrity and knowledge of health gave us extra assurance that this was a great choice for us.

Now on the global Youngevity platform, we have not only the world’s best nutrition, but what we believe is the world’s best home-based business opportunity. Our first month, we earned $1,294. I was thrilled that we helped our Pastor and his wife earn more their first month than we earned our first month! Now the Bible Training Center they want to build is within reach — being built bit-by-bit debt-free.

Residual income is brilliant! It grows as we help others succeed. Did you know that an extra $200–400 a month can help a family keep their home or avoid bankruptcy? That’s huge—and it’s entirely possible to do with Youngevity. You can have a second income without a second job!

Do you realize…

We found out that if we wanted to receive a passive income of an extra $200–400 a month from the bank we’d need to have $100,000–$200,000 in our savings account earning interest! Who has that? We certainly didn’t!

An extra $200 a month “mailbox money” is like having $100,000 in the bank earning interest! (By the way, if you want the bank to give you $5,000 a month, you’d better have $3 million in your savings account!)

Most people won’t see income like that in a lifetime, but with an opportunity like Youngevity, a monthly income of $5,000 a month or more is entirely possible by following a simple duplicatable system.) Success comes by helping others succeed.

Youngevity is helping our family and friends “prosper and be in health” physically, financially, in our relationships, and our faith as we step out to help others achieve their dreams.

May God richly bless you,

Laurette Willis

Interested in Learning More about the Opportunity?

Call Laurette & Paul Willis at 918-458-1800 or See:

4 Responses to "Beyond Organic"

  1. Glenn Turney says:

    Laurette-I am so glad I came across your website today. Over the last year and a half I have felt the Lord’s call into the fitness industry specifically geared to God’s children. I recently obtained my personal trainers certification and we have started a program at our church called Fit4God and we plan to expand it throughout our community. I was particularly interested in the Beyond Organic program because the Maker’s Diet was very influential in my health and fitness journey. I signed up under you and cannot wait to get home to see more info. Hopefully we can talk sometime I would love to pick your brain about what you do.

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Hey, Glenn! Great to hear from you. Welcome to The Team! We’re so excited about Beyond Organic and all Jordan Rubin has done and is planning – making an impact in so many positive ways. I just sent you some info and look forward to speaking with you later this week. So good to meet you. Small world – BIG God!!! Talk to you soon!

  2. Pearl says:

    Hi Laurette,
    My question is where can i purchase the 10 day Daniel Transformation Diet. I have searched several websites but have had no luck. I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Thanks Pearl

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