The Busy Woman's Guide to Total Fitness

Busy Woman's Guide to Total Fitness

” I lost 17 lbs.!” –Liesel Schouw, South Africa
“Great for Christian Women!” –Berniece Crouse, PA


When asked what three of the most important things in life are, many Christian women say God, family, and health. Unfortunately, most women don’t think of their health until there is a problem.

And they also may go for weeks without investing quality time in their relationship with the Lord until faced with a challenge or the realization that they feel empty inside.

In The Busy Woman’s Guide to Total Fitness, readers will learn how to “strengthen their bodies and spirits in 20–minutes–a–day” with:

• quick and easy nutrition tips

• energizing 20–minute workouts

• prayer, meditation, and journaling suggestions

• fitness for the spirit, soul, and body

• a 21 Days to Total Fitness program

“I have not been able to put the book down.”
“In 2009 I came across your book ‘The Busy Woman's Guide To Total Fitness.' I bought it but did not use it right away. A year later this year August 2010 I felt so down and depressed about my weight (as I was 15kg's overweight) that I decided I had to do something and I began reading your book. Since then I have not been able to put the book down.

I've lost 8kgs (17 lbs) in 10 weeks and feel completely renewed in body, mind and spirit. I'm not at my goal weight yet, but I will continue to press on with God's help. Thank you for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way, to encourage other woman. ~ Liesel Schouw, Lay Youth Pastor @ St Mark's, Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa

“Great for Christian Women!” 
I loved this book! I checked it out of my local library, and have had to order my own copy. Finding fitness options that meshed with my busy professional life, my physical limitations (back and knees) and my faith has been a struggle.
“Although I am part of a weight-loss support group and have ready many other articles and books on fitness and nutrition, I learned new things from this author. The concepts and exercise programs also made sense! Many others I have read haven’t. I am also planning to purchase one of Laurette’s videos so I can workout and watch, rather than having to refer back to many pages.”  –Berniece D. Crouse, Public Library Director, Chambersburg, PA

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