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40 days Laurette

Get Fit. Build Faith. Change Your Life. Includes Book and DVD! .

Sadly, statistics show that there are 50,000 – 100,000 yoga instructors offering classes in over 20,000 locations..

This includes churches!.

It is time for believers to connect with the Lord using a fun and safe exercise program void of New Age influence. ..

Christian fitness expert, Laurette Willis presents a custom exercise plan that is uncompromisingly faith-based and committed to enriching your life: Spirit, soul and body! ..

By going through 40 Days to Fit and Fabulous, you will: ..

  • 40 Day packageDevelop a healthy routine for your lifestyle—spiritually and physically
  • Engage daily in unique exercise moves based on 40 Scripture verses
  • Follow a 40-day plan that includes inspiring daily devotions and corresponding PraiseMoves postures
  • Workout and spend time with God—all at once!.

Join the fitness revolution and become a fit witness for Christ!.

TWO Pieces: DVD in CASE & BOOK are shrink-wrapped together as a SET.

The DVD that comes with the program is the AM-PM PraiseMoves DVD. If you already have AM-PM PraiseMoves, you can give this DVD to a friend and spread the Good News AND PraiseMoves, too! See DVD promo HERE.

40 Days to Fit & Fabulous with PraiseMoves

$6 Off New Book & DVD Set (plus s/h-contact for shipping if outside US/Canada)


The Super Special: 6 of our Top Products for 1 Low Price

Save $30.00!

PraiseMoves DVD • PraiseMoves for Children DVD PraiseMoves Alphabetics DVD Gimme Ten Workout DVD Busy Woman’s Guide to Total Fitness book
Plus Healing Scriptures CD FREE! 
Super Combo Special: All 6 PraiseMoves Products for $77.70
SAVE $30.00! 


Busy Women’s Guide & Gimme Ten Workout DVD Special – Save $7.95!

Busy Woman’s Guide to Total Fitness book:

In The Busy Woman’s Guide to Total Fitness, readers will learn how to “strengthen their bodies and spirits in 20–minutes–a–day” with:

• quick and easy nutrition tips • energizing 20–minute workouts • prayer, meditation, and journaling suggestions • fitness for the spirit, soul, and body • a 21 Days to Total Fitness program


Gimme Ten Workout DVD: What could be simpler? Six 10-minute workouts with light weights and the Word!

Monday through Saturday join Laurette in a cozy home setting for these fun, invigorating workouts which include:

* 1 minute low impact aerobics

* 8 minutes with light weights

* 1 minute gentle stretching

ALL while renewing your mind on the Word of God. If you’re just getting back to working out, this is a great place to start. Or – if you’re looking for a good warm-up before cardio activity or a PraiseMoves workout, The Gimme Ten Workout is for YOU!

The Gimme Ten Workout DVD & Busy Woman’s Guide to Total Fitness Book

$24.95 – You Save $7.95!


PowerMoves Kids Program

~ For public, private & home schooling ~

The FIRST Classroom Program to combine Character Education AND Fitness!

Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity — with CHARACTER!”


• Teacher’s Manual

• Curriculum with 48 mix n’ match lessons (divided into PK-2, 3-5 and 6-8 grades)

• PowerMoves Kids Instructional DVD

• PraiseMoves Combo Special: PraiseMoves for Children DVD Free!

* PMK is great for transitions between subjects, group discipline and focus.

* PMK is an easy way teach Character Education .

* PMK helps you add Fitness “nuggets” to  your students’ day!

* PMK enables schools to bring more physical activity into the students’ day.

* And since Character Ed. is part of the program, it’s Value-Added Fitness!

For a sample of the curriculum, testimonials and more information, please visit: www.PowerMovesKids.com

U.S. Dept. of Education: PMK offers “Strategies that assist students.

“We appreciate you bringing PowerMoves Kids to our attention. We share your concern about the significant problem about childhood obesity that we face, and we are pleased to learn about this effort to enhance student physical activity. It is also encouraging to see that the program incorporates strategies that assist students in developing the character traits that will help them become responsible and productive members of our society.”
–Deborah A. Price, Assistant Deputy Secretary, Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools
United States Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

Note: the Free PraiseMoves for Children DVD is ONLY available here at PraiseMoves.com store (link below), not PowerMovesKids site.


PowerMoves Kids 3-piece Program: $99.95

Teacher’s Manual, Teacher’s Curriculum and Instructional DVD

and Free PraiseMoves for Children DVD (19.95 value)

(plus s/h – Out of U.S. orders Contact us for postage)


For more PraiseMoves DVDs, please go HERE.

4 Responses to "DVDs & Combo SPECIALS"

  1. Liza Elizabeth says:

    I am loving this. I can put it on my tv. and have my special time with the LORD when everybody has gone of to work. Thank you Laurette for such a great alternative to yoga.

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Thank YOU, Liza! We are grateful that PraiseMoves is a blessing to you. It’s God’s Word that makes all the difference. He is faithful to His Word to perform it. Thank you for letting us know!

  2. Jill says:

    I currently have the PraiseMoves and Power PraiseMoves DVDs. I love the PraiseMoves (haven’t gotten to the Power PraiseMoves yet) and the best part is that my two daughters enjoy doing it with me also! My daughters are 10 and 8, and they sometimes have difficulty following along, and since they love it so much, I’m considering buying the PraiseMoves for Children. I see that it is designed for children ages 3-9, so I’m wondering if it would be too young for my 10-year-old? I personally think they would still enjoy it and I think they would think it is even more fun to watch little children perform these poses. But, I’m also wondering how this DVD differs from the PowerMoves Kids? I’m wondering if the PowerMoves Kids DVD includes more poses than the one for Children ages 3-9 since it can be used for children through 8th grade? I’m also wondering if I can buy the PowerMoves Kids and PraiseMoves for Children DVDs without the curriculum? I looked at the sample of the curriculum and it looks great! Although I think I would really enjoy using the curriculum at home with my girls, I’m wondering if it’s really designed for home use, and also the price is a bit steep for me right now, so I’m wondering if I can buy only the DVD? Thank you so much for your wonderful DVDs! It’s a wonderful feeling to spend quality time exercising with my girls and memorizing Bible verses at the same time! We love it!

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