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For Healthy Weight Loss & Detox


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How about ZERO Calorie Noodles?

Who said you can't have your pasta and eat it, too? Very similar to pasta, but NO Calories! Fettucini's our favorite. Click the link and see the quick news report. I mix 'em with shrimp, pasta sauce, onions, tomatoes… No guilt. Gotta like that!


 Gentle, effective Green Tea and Detox Teas.   Order HERE:  Detox Tea and Green or Raspberry Energy Tea (tastes wonderful, too!)

Order HERE:  Detox Tea and Green or Raspberry Energy Tea (tastes wonderful, too!)

Beyond Organic

Find out about Beyond Organic food & beverages and our partnership with Jordan Rubin (author of “The Maker's Diet”), founder of the new FOOD company Beyond Organic.

If you are “fed-up” with food that is sub-par, find out about food so pure, it's BEYOND Organic .

Want to look at the Beyond Organic Foods & Beverages up close? See: Beyond Organic

Now you can enjoy the world's healthiest food delivered from the Beyond Organic farm to your door!

Change your Diet | Change your Life | Change your World


For Healthy Weight Loss and Detox – see


BeeAlive Royal Jelly


Do you want renewed energy and vitality so that you can get the most out of life? Well, BeeAlive Royal Jelly is the natural answer from God’s very own pharmacy…nature! Laurette writes, “I'm also honored to be an endorser for BeeAlive. You may have seen their programs on the Christian Television Network. And since most of us are ‘busy as a bees' nowadays–BeeAlive has a very special offer for our PraiseMoves friends and family…” (See Details!)

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