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Download Christian Fitness

PraiseMoves Digital Shop is Open! *Instant Gifts* for Yourself or Others! Have you ever wanted access to something RIGHT NOW?!!! Me, too. I guess it’s part of our *instant society.* We want *instant access* for most things (and that can be either good or bad!). I choose to think that...
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Best Time to Exercise? It depends…

  What’s the Best Time?   If you exercise regularly, you may have already determined what is the best time to exercise for you. Once you have a routine established, it’s important to stick with it. I like doing PraiseMoves in the AM or taking an early morning walk with the...
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Yoga: Exercise or Religion?

by L.G. Marshall, Christian (Taken from “Yoga IS Religion” by L.G. Marshall: former yogi, TM student and follower of “The Maharishi,” now devoted follower of Jesus Christ) The differences between PraiseMoves and yoga are evident. PraiseMoves is so much more peaceful and positive and uplifting than yoga. The Word of...
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Winning the War Against Childhood Obesity

Keep reading to see how you can save $25! Since 2007 when I first developed the PowerMoves Kids program (the first to combine Character Education AND Fitness), it has been incorporated into the school day in hundreds of public school classrooms throughout the U.S. and Canada (as well as private...
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Meet the Hindu Founder of “Christian Yoga”

Do you think so-called “Christian Yoga” is something new? I’ll admit that I did. As the founder of PraiseMoves, “The Christian ALTERNATIVE to yoga,” I have said for over 10 years, “Christian yoga is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms.” At right is a copy of a magazine from the early...
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