BASIC Steps Book used for “BASIC Training”

“During the 18 weeks of training (at Woodland Heights Baptist Church), we worked through 10 weeks of BASIC class (using the BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness book). To this point: your 21-Day Step-UP program has proven tough for all, tummy curfew is discussed almost weekly, we all strive to eat breakfast and drink a lot of water. Supplements are a popular topic and we are well acquainted with the daily routine of the sumo wrestler (thanks for showing us what NOT to do!). We understand the importance of forgiveness and the dangers of stress.

“BASIC Steps has been a fitting study for our Rock Runner mission statement: ‘To be fit – both spiritually and physically – prepared to answer God’s call whenever it comes.’

“Most importantly they do answer that call – seven of our group leave this Saturday for a week of mission work in Honduras. Thank you!”

Bill Doshier, Woodland Heights Baptist Church, Conway, AR (

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