Certified PraiseMoves Instructor's FIRST CLASS! WOW...look at the fruit!

“Thank you all for your prayers.  The first class was just amazingly overwhelming.  Everything went according to God's plan, not mine 🙂  I had 18 participants! Everything was just great.  Most ladies are from my church, and some brought friends.  Obviously all are excited and grateful for this “witty little invention.”

“One lady stopped doing Tai Chi.  Some ladies had no idea what Yoga represented and others knew and were glad to have an alternative.

“Best of all, one lady was seeking God, although we didn't know it at the time. She decided to come to class and then came church on Sunday with her husband and children!!!  After class she said, “I did not understand everything you were saying (the scriptures we say in our PraiseMoves classes), but I just felt something really special. I felt  at peace, calm, something special.”

“Glory to God.  I am still in awe at what God is capable of doing through PraiseMoves–and I've just begun.

“Also, I have a student who is interested in becoming an instructor eventually–that's an answer to prayer because I can't run the city by myself 🙂

“I do believe many, many more will  want a part of this!  No words can describe the Joy that I have and how much my heart is—like I said, no words can describe the immensity of God's blessings and presence that I feel and see being made manifest!

–”C” – Certified PraiseMoves Instructor

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