CPI Shares Blessings of Online Training - and HEALING!

“There have been many precious moments for me in doing this course, but a physical benefit (which I hope is the first of many) is; that I have been struggling with intense pain in my left foot from a heel spur for a few years needing opiate pain relief and other useless medications.

“Nothing medically or through physiotherapy could be done. By just re-aligning my posture with Mt Zion posture (a PraiseMoves posture) and the awareness of how I have been standing with arches collapsed, I have now been pain free for the last week. I have throughout the days been focusing on how I am standing and deliberately re-shifting my weight to the outside of my feet, strengthening my feet and calf muscles etc and re-aligning my posture.

“Part of my focus in Christian Fitness Ministry will be to work with people who deal with chronic pain,(I also have dealt with chronic back pain due to prolapsed discs for over 10 years) and I am looking forward as I use myself as a guinea pig…and through PraiseMoves see what results can be achieved.

“Baruch HaBaBaShem Adonai

“You are an amazing woman of God Laurette and I thank you for your obedience to create this ministry, not only for what the physical benefits are, but what a powerful worship and evangelism tool this is.

“Blessings – In His Love – Anika”

—Anika Leib, CPI (Queensland, Australia)

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