Even Teenage Boys Enjoy PraiseMoves!

“I ordered a PraiseMoves DVD last year and have had fun using the DVD with my family. Even my son's friends happened to catch me using it one day. Did they laugh? A little bit, but then they jumped in and started exercising right along with me!

“I truly believe that this is a ministry and have been praying that there are others in North Carolina who have expressed an interest in starting a Fitness Ministry besides myself. In speaking with my friends about Yoga, we are all in agreement that although the moves are beneficial (and recommended by many physicians), we don't like the chanting and meditation that causes us to break the First Commandment!

“My husband & I have recently lost 25 pounds each and are fast becoming role models for our family and our neighbors. I attribute our weight loss to God's desire for us to live a healthy life, self-discipline, our commitment to lose the weight, and our love for each other and our family.

I believe PraiseMoves has something for everyone: beginners, people who want to maintain their overall weight & health, children, senior adults, and growing teens! Thank you.”

In His Service,

Terri Thomas, North Carolina

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