Help for Post Polio Syndrome—PraiseMoves TV Show

“I am a 62 year old ‘preacher's widow’ who had polio as a child. Like most survivors, I thought the polio was gone, and I kept active to appear ‘normal.’  I exercised as strenuously as possible—not knowing I was overworking my remaining motor neurons. Now I deal with Post Polio Syndrome, which causes fatigue and weakness with everyday activities, making traditional exercising a hazard rather than a help.

“I thank God for leading me to your television program, PraiseMoves. The gentle stretches and other routines help me retain flexibility and strength. And combining these with God's Word is a special blessing to me.

“I have purchased your DVD's to share with my grandchildren and great-grandchild. Thank you!

Glenda G., Florida

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