High School Kids Upset about Snow Days—“PraiseMoves—That’s the main reason I came to school today!”

Certified PraiseMoves Instructor (CPI) who teaches PraiseMoves at a Christian High School writes:

“This high school class is AMAZING!!! They are all so FOCUSED…even the PE Director is doing the class with us. They LOVE PraiseMoves and one of the 17 year-old boys talked to me about wanting to become a CPI!!! One H.S. girl asked her Foreign Language teacher if she could skip out of that class and sneak into the PE class and do PraiseMoves…and he let her. She was so excited!!

“The High Schoolers were talking it up so much that the Jr. High kids asked the PE Director if I would teach PraiseMoves to them, too…so I am!!! Jr. High is a little tougher than High School but it's MY PRIVILEGE to share all that Scripture with the youth!!  Things are going better than I prayed for!

“Yesterday they canceled school due to snow and it was right before the PE class. One of the girls in the class came up to me and said, ‘I can't believe they canceled school before PraiseMoves. That's the main reason I came to school today! HOW ABOUT THAT!!???!!???

“Some of the kids are asking me about joining my regular PraiseMoves class on Thursdays with their moms. HOW FUN IS THAT?”  (Note: All we can say is all glory and praise goes to the Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!)

—CPI in Mid-Western USA

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