“My Panic Attacks have left!!!”

“Dear Laurette: I am 41 years old and under severe stress. Several months ago I began having anxiety and panic attacks. I prayed for God to help me. I went to my doctor; he suggested tranquilizers, yoga or antidepressants. I was not depressed, just stressed to my limits! I have a family to take care for, so taking a tranquilizer was out of the question – if I did that who would get the groceries, take kids to school and prepare the meals? And as a Christian I felt yoga was wrong. I did think that yoga was the least of the 3 ‘evils' the doctor prescribed, but as I began reading about yoga the more I realized it was NOT for Christians.

“Then 2 weeks ago as I sat at my computer barely able to read or punch keys thru tear-filled eyes desperate for finding help, I came across your website. I loved what I read and ordered the same day. I received your DVD in the mail and ran to the DVD player will high hopes. I'm not as bendy as you but I was able to keep up and enjoyed stretching and exercising for the first time in my life.

“That is only part of my great news… Since I started your PraiseMoves DVD my panic attacks have left!!! Praise God! May God bless you richly for giving me my life again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

“P.S. When I return to the doctor I will take my PraiseMoves DVD with me in hopes that he will share it with others. God bless you.”

Charlene Harper, Michigan

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