PraiseMoves Instructor: Physically I was a MESS!

PraiseMoves Instructor: Physically I was a MESS!

I had always been active in the ministry since I was saved out of the New Age Movement in 1979. The year 2017 marked a time of new beginnings for me in this season of my life. I was 62. Through a chain of events and prayer, the Lord led me to my PraiseMoves DVD that I had bought years before.

Physically I was a mess: no energy, no flexibility, no strength!

I did the 20-Minute Workout and noticed how much better I felt.

I received an email about the online course to be an instructor. I knew if it made me feel better, it would help other people that were in need of this fitness ministry. I discussed it with my husband after seeking God’s face about it. He encouraged me to go for it and paid my way.

It has been the best investment for us! Not only was I stretching my body as I took the course, but was stretching my mind, learning the awesome way the Lord designed our bodies to operate with such grace and beauty.

Neuroscience claims that learning something new keeps your brain young. I definitely want that! And of course, my spirit was being fed the wonderful Word of God edifying me and renewing my mind at the same time!

The instruction I received was awesome and I wanted to be like my teachers moving with confidence and grace. It is like I want my class to be presented to the LORD as a dance of praise to Him!

Before I even got certified, my dear husband ran into a neighbor at the feed store and was telling her about what I was doing. She said she definitely wanted to participate!

One thing led to another and as soon as I was certified the Lord opened the door for me at a local location to have the class. Ladies were driving in from up to 15 miles away!

“Being at a Spa with Jesus!”

Madeline Kinnamon, CPI in Texas

At first, I fought like crazy to have the boldness to instruct PraiseMoves, which brought me closer to rely on my Savior, to give me confidence, to lean on Him, acknowledge Him and open my ears to His sweet small voice as I go thru the classes.

He would use the ladies’ testimonies as time went on to encourage me. One lady said it was like being at a spa with Jesus!

It is so rewarding when you hear how they are being strengthened, and the testimonies of the Word of God working in their lives.

I am experiencing that life….and life more abundantly…. that Jesus gives, spirit, soul, and body!

My husband, kids, and grandkids are thrilled to see this Grandma on the go again! 

——Madeline Kinnamon, CPI Texas

To learn more about becoming a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, see TRAINING INFO HERE.

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