PreNatal Fitness for Spirit, Soul, Body—and BABY!

“Many know that they need to be physically fit to carry, deliver and rear their babies, but so few know what a spiritually-intense event bringing another image-bearer of God into the world is – and that we need to be spiritually fit for it!  There is a plethora of prenatal fitness info out there, but almost nothing with Scriptural strength and encouragement.

“I did the PraiseMoves DVD as a part of my fitness and scripture-meditation with my second child, and I just modified anything that was not pregnancy-appropriate.

“I am now expecting our third child, and using PraiseMoves (I look forward to your PreNatal PraiseMoves DVD!!!)

“Above all, I will say that the greatest benefit for me was incorporating scripture into my physical fitness, particularly meditating on scripture as I prepared to give birth. I never really realized how intertwined our spirit, soul, and body are until I began to bring them together through PraiseMoves and for the purpose of preparing for childbirth.”

Gina A., Atlanta, GA

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