Registered Nurse writes: “dramatic decrease in neck and shoulder pain and muscle inflammation”

“Since I started doing PraiseMoves only 3 months ago, I have experienced a dramatic decrease in neck and shoulder pain and muscle inflammation. My work as an RN puts extra stress on these muscles through lifting patients, computer work and just the general stress that comes with the job. I have found that the gentle stretches and relaxation are just what I needed to relieve this stress and muscle tension. My posture has also improved and I find that my clothes fit better because of the toning I have experienced.

“More than all the physical benefits that PraiseMoves has given me, I have found that I can truly feel the presence of the LORD as I worship Him during the postures. I am able to completely clear the “clutter” of the day from my mind and focus my mind, body and spirit on the LORD and commune with Him on a greater level.

Ann Sibinski, R.N., Kansas

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