Relieved from the Pain of Scoliosis

Relieved from the Pain of Scoliosis

Hi there, I want to share a little testimony but, in reality, it is a great testimony. As I was teaching my dog groomer the postures for my recertification, I backed up a little and showed her how to do CBA (Correct Body Alignment) or Mount Zion first and taught Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing that we do.

Unbeknown to me, Colinda was implementing CBA all day long between lessons and was memorizing what she learned.

She has had scoliosis her whole life since she is a child. She is probably close to 40. As she followed each step as are taught in Mount Zion manual, her back was relieved.  The chiropractor and other professionals told her to walk straight all the time but, no one told her how to do it.  All the little steps we do in each posture in PraiseMoves have great value.

As she practiced Mount Zion, she stopped having pain in her lower back and as a bonus, she stopped looking down on the ground when she walks.  She looked down because she was afraid of falling.

I had no idea she had these issues.  You never know who you will help.  Our God is a big God.  She is going to keep learning PraiseMoves.  I am very happy.  God is good! Isn’t awesome when He does great things when we follow His lead.

  • Claudette Steeves, Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, New Brunswick, Canada
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