"This is the 1st Workout Video I've Ever Purchased"

“This workout is great. It is energizing to your body, mind & soul. This is the 1st workout video I have ever purchased.

“Most workout videos are body beautiful people in their skimpy clothes. That is just not for me & is the reason I have never purchased one. This workout with Laurette Willis & friends is very inspiring to get up & move your body, renew your mind, be happy, smile, think on scripture from the Bible & praise God. And she ends the workout with a peaceful relaxation time for your mind  & body while she talks to you about God. It will leave you feeling wonderful!

“The 50 min. workout goes by so fast but if I'm running short on time I'll do the 20 min. workout. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to improve their health & mind.”

Patti Z.

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