“Hi Laurette, I bought Power PraiseMoves about 2 months ago and Love it! I used to do Yoga at my local gym–I found it to conflict with my inner spirit after a while but I did find the moves very relaxing, challenging and stimulating. PraiseMoves fills up my spirit with the Word of God while I am keeping fit. There has been a spark in me to teach a class in my home church lately to want to share some sort of Scripturally based fitness class and program within the community.

“Now that I have found your DVD's and have invited friends to my house to do PraiseMoves I am also using this as a witness of the Lord's great love for us. I want to be saturated in the Word of God as I live, move and breathe for Him, and I want to share it with others who need Jesus and fitness. Thank you for following your passion for Christ and encompassing the fitness community in a way that is Godly and Beautiful.

“When my non-Christian friend comes over, she is getting the Word of God in her as we have a common goal to stay fit. She says your  voice is so soothing and that you make scripture flow. She said that she has never experienced anything as wonderful as this in any exercise program.

“Thank you for reading my very long message. God Bless!”

Danielle, New Jersey

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