Your Christian Fitness Kit

Here are the parts to your

Christian Fitness Kit!

Click on the links below. Give them a minute or two to download the PDFs. You can then right click them and “save as” in your computer to enjoy whenever you'd like.

1. The Fit Favorites Devotional #1

2. The 21-Day Christian Fitness Program



3. Downloadable audio with Dr. Rita Hancock.

Click on “5 Success Keys” below (may have to refresh page–depends on your connection).

5 Success Keys to Lasting Weight Loss

4. Downloadable eBook “5 Success Keys to Lasting Weight Loss” with Dr. Rita below:

5 Success Keys to Lasting Weight Loss” eBook – please be patient – this is a BIG File and takes a few minutes to download, depending on your connection.


5. Your first issue of the FitNews will arrive in your email box shortly.


  1. I look forward to making a commitment to chose to commit to a better life style. Choosing to let God be in control of my life style, and submit all areas of my life to Christ to live a life pleasing to God giving him all the honor and glory.

    In Christ,

    Earline Summers

    I will watch everything that I eat, drink and think

  2. Great, Earline! I know you can do it!!! Yes, submitting all areas of our lives to Christ makes all the difference. Keep me posted! – with love, Laurette

  3. I am very much looking forward to getting started with the PraiseMoves DVDs. I have been searching long and hard for a “modest” workout. Also, I used to like to do yoga, but was annoyed anytime any kind of “namaste” was mentioned.

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