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Why New King James Version — Why does it matter?

Here Laurette explains WHY CPIs are required to follow the NKJV as the primary translation to accompany PraiseMoves postures.

Also, discover the disturbing trend of some of our most trusted Bible translators — removing Jesus as the Son of God from the Bible?!!!

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Praise: This Will Revolutionize Your Classes!

The Power of Praise in line with Galatians 3:5 and Jeremiah 33:11.

Please open your Bible and join me. This is the revelation I shared at one of our PraiseMoves International Conferences. Have you Registered for the NEXT International Conference yet? See HERE.

Here is something that WILL take your PraiseMoves classes to a whole new level!


  1. It is always a joy to HEAR YOUR HEART Laurette! This is wonderful! I am incorporating the Praise and Thanksgiving to our precious Lord as I teach PraiseMoves postures. It really draws the presence of the Lord. Of course, it is because He inhabits our praises!
    😀 nolajeanne

    1. Amen, Evonne! It’s an exciting new adventure in faith – in PRAISE – which is a super work of faith. It’s only by faith that we really CAN praise!

  2. This is very good, Laurette. Thanks for being a glorious steward of the Word. I’ve marked those verses in my Bible with a reminder. Fantastic! I can see how this would make a big difference, as each PraiseMover comes into agreement with the Word, responding from the spirit-man with faith and praise and GLADNESS. Yay God. It’s so wonderfully beautiful. And we are transformed – His Spirit increasing in us and the working of miracles. Bring it on. 🙂

    1. “Bring it on!” Yes, Sharon! We and our students responding as the Voice of Gladness to His Voice of Joy – isn’t that beautiful? I cried and cried and praised Him over and over when that realization came to me. Thank you for mentioning it. Glory to God!

  3. Praise be to our God from whom miracles flow! Thank you, Laurette, for this very inspiring and encouraging message. We’re starting our Fall sessions of PraiseMoves on October 1, and I can’t wait to bring a new level of praise to our classes. This is the encouragement and support I needed. Thank you, and thanks be to God.

  4. I am continually amazed and inspired by new revelation that you share with us Laurette. Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading. I had run up against some opposition (no surprise), when I incorporated the repeating of scripture in my classes after returning from the conference. I confess that I backed off a little from encouraging the class in this, but listening to you today has re-energized my spirit and I resolve to not let the enemy manipulate or discourage me. Tomorrow I resolve anew to be more bold and implement the praise and repeating aloud of the Sword of the Spirit! In fact I will share the 2 scripture references in our WWJD relaxation. Glory to God and thank you to beautiful you, Laurette!

  5. I agree, it’s seldom fun to counter the opposition, Claire. But the rewards of knowing our students will eventually go from just repeating the Word to gloriously proclaiming it in faith are well worth it. We may not be there when they do, but I believe one day they will – – and they will have the Lord and us, a little band of CPI-for-Jesus to thank for being bold enough to speak His Word fearlessly, doing the uncomfortable thing–for His glory. Thank you for your precious heart to share, Claire! All glory to God! (:

  6. LOVE this new PRAISING move to PraiseMoves!! It really makes my heart sing!! As I am beginning my 1st new free PM class next Wednesday, Oct 10th, this message is SO timely!! As I have shared with many, advertising my class, I’ve stated that the exercises are cool yet what is more amazing to me than anything is that as I am saying the Scripture that goes with the posture and began to think of Who I am speaking it to, something comes alive within me, and before I know it I was able to stretch or balance or twist like I have never done before!! It is as if His Word within me MOVES me!! I love not only does our Praise move GOD, HE MOVES ME as I praise Him!!! Prayers for my new class is MOST appreciated!! May God’s beautiful and amazing smile shine upon you, Laurette, and the rest of the PM staff!! Love you all !!

  7. Thank you Laurette, once again your message is very inspiring and timely! A few years ago Father God gave me a message and allowed me to go through all the scriptures where people connected at the well. Moses connected with his wife at a well (Exodus 2:15). Jacob met Rachel at a well (Gen 28:9-10), and many more in the Old Testament. In John 4 Jesus changed the life of the Samaritan women and others, also at a well.
    SO God spoke to me about connection, however I didn’t fully understand. Now, however I see that through PraiseMoves, I have connected to people either for their “good” or “mine”. A few people joined the church through PraiseMoves, I met a dance instructor through PraiseMoves and joined their dance group, the church was connected to some ministers in America through PraiseMoves(and they visited us and ministered at the church in June)
    Lastly the weekend that past, I did a PraiseMoves kids class to a “community” of believers that celebrated the Feasts of the Tabernacles and my husband, children and I were blessed to stay over with them and befriended many of them who have now connected with us in one way or another(still more on that another time).
    So thank you Laurette for an amazing opportunity and Thank You, Abba for connecting me to Laurette and PraiseMoves!!

    1. Thank you, Jemima – it’s beautiful how the Lord connects all of us in the most beautiful way – all parts of His body all over the world! Wow – all those wonderful connections – so humbling how the Lord uses us when we follow Him – all to His glory!

  8. Thank you Laurette for this message – this is truly annointed and I will ensure that I incorporate this ‘next level’ into my future PM classes! I am thrilled that we have connected and there is are so many future ‘connections’ as a result of the PM Ministry!

  9. Laurette,
    I just listened to this again. Tears of joy – as I was refreshed and encouraged again. Praying all our CPIs get this and become ON FIRE to implement this in all their classes – in Jesus’ mighty name.
    Deeply humbled,
    Nola Jeanne

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