PAM TERRY, Oklahoma
“Physically, since 2005, I’ve received much relief from sciatica, plantar fasciitis, general body aches, and arthritis through PraiseMoves. Also, I have increased flexibility and help maintaining better posture which leads to less neck & back pain overall.  

“Spiritually, God continually uses PraiseMoves & His WORD to speak TRUTH to me about WHO He is, who I was created to be, who He says I am, and how I am to minister to others. Through The WORD He is continually transforming my thoughts (which lead to right words & actions), teaching me wisdom, moving me to service, reminding me how to remain firmly established, immovable in HIM, but at the same time moving me to be more compassionate, merciful, gracious & forgiving toward myself and others. 
“He shows me how to be not just a hearer, but a doer of His WORD. As we read in Psalm 119:68, He is good, and He does good... ALL GLORY TO HIM!” 

Pam was in our VERY FIRST PraiseMoves Instructor training in February 2005 and has been teaching PraiseMoves classes since 2005.

“PraiseMoves has opened a way for me to meet a ministry need in my community. This allows all the benefits of gentle exercise for a wide range of people. 

“Most important is the Word of God!!! Not only has PraiseMoves been a powerful way to hear God’s Word and speak God’s Word, but it is also carrying out what God wishes His Word to accomplish—it does not return to Him Void. 

“PraiseMoves has rekindled friendships; it has allowed my 87 year old mother-in- law to regain flexibility and reduce pain. It has been a source of strength and growth, a way to not only enhance my temple but a way to praise God in the company of women who so desire to be what God has prepared them to be and do. 

All the Glory goes to God as He led me to PraiseMoves for such a time as this.”

Valerie has been a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor since 2019.

ARLENE LUMBAO, Philippines
“PraiseMoves has allowed me to know God more, through His Word and through the community of CPIs under the leadership of Dr.Laurette and the support of Nolajeanne and Jessica. Prior to this, I had barely memorized Scripture! 

“PraiseMoves allowed me to introduce my son, Gabriel, when he was in primary school, to the Word because I initially used it for his PE in homeschool. Up to now he has many verses memorized. 

“PraiseMoves has allowed me to reach out to women in our church through the CCF Sports Ministry. Prior pandemic I was able to start classes in church and use it as stretching sessions during retreats and church events. I was able to use it as a bridging event for non-believers by inviting them to exercise. Since the pandemic, I was also able to start and continue to hold weekly classes via Zoom. 

“PraiseMoves has enriched my life!”

Arlene is the first recipient of our PraiseMoves Periscope Award and has been a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor since 2014.
“PraiseMoves has helped me to get in a better habit of memorizing more scripture. Now I feel it is much easier to fight off the enemy when he tries to fill my head with lies – I use the ‘sword of the Spirit’ by  speaking the Word of God! 

“It has also helped me to just stop in the midst of whatever may be happening and take deep breaths, focus on the Lord, and praise Him in every situation! 

“My utmost favorite thing is hearing my children speak the Word of God in the middle of the day repeating what they learned from PraiseMoves!!!”

Stephanie has been a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor since 2019.

“PraiseMoves has done a lot for me. It has helped me to grow in my relationship with the Lord. 

It has given me a deeper understanding of God’s love for me and the world. 

 It has transformed the way I think.  It has comforted, strengthened, and has literally helped me in every way.”

Marina has been a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor since 2010.

JK LANDON, Pennsylvania
“PraiseMoves has had a tremendous impact on my faith and my life. I have memorized so much Scripture! And I use the verses off the mat in my daily life. 

“I have learned to be comfortable praying in front of others and leading groups in prayer. I have also learned that I can pray and praise the Lord and meditate on His Word when I am doing other activities – it’s not just for church! If I can pray and praise God in a PraiseMoves class, I can praise Him on the treadmill, or on a dog walk or in a challenging conversation. 

“I adore being a part of the CPI community and meeting other instructors all over the world who share a passion for Jesus and fitness.”

JK has been a recipient of one of our CPI of the Year awards. She is the co-developer of our Power PraiseMoves Certification and she has been a CPI since 2017.
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