Online Classes

Online PraiseMoves Classes Worldwide!

Can't find a PraiseMoves Class in your area? No worries! No matter where you live in the world, you can enjoy LIVE PraiseMoves Classes with any one of these Certified PraiseMoves Instructors! Note that all class times are in Eastern Time (check Google for time in your area). 

Angela Criau, CPI
Flexible Class Times

Ann Gilbert, CPI, CMI            Fridays from 3:30-4:15 PM ET     PraiseMoves/LIFT

Jessica Guthrie, CPI Trainer Visit for Class Times and to Register

Shoshanah HarveyCPI, CHC       Sundays @ 7:15 AM EST.                Also for 1-on-1 appt. sessions.                  954-864-6948 

Cinky Jones, CPI, CMI
By Appointment
Mon – Fri 11 AM – 11 PM EST

JK Landon, CPI, CHC             

See website link below for Class info & seasonal schedule. 

Arlene Lumbao, CPI
Available Fri 5PM to 9PM EST (which is Sat 5AM to 9AM Philippines)
+63 9178641970

Liz Semeniuk, CPI, CMI
Wednesdays 10:00 PM EST

Francine Palmer-Mullings, CPI
​Tuesday 8:00 PM EST

NolaJeanne Baird, Master CPI Trainer

Mon – 5:00 – 6:15 p.m. EST PraiseMoves    Wed – 11:00 – 11:55 a.m. EST PraiseBarre   Fri – 11:00 – 12:00 Noon EST – PM GOLD

Janita WalkerCPI, CHC
Monday and Wednesday classes Classes are donation-based.

Raina Neal, CPI               
Friday 6:15-7:00 AM EST
Contact for class info

Mutya Ramos, CPI, CMI
Monday 8PM EST (which is Tuesday 8AM in the Philippines)

Cheryl SequinCPI, CMI
Saturday 3PM EST

Hwanee Song, CPI, CHC
Classes in Korean Mon thru Thurs.

Evelyne D. Dumas, CPI
Classes in French
PraiseMoves Tuesday & Thursday at 8:30 AM EST (classes are in french)

Margaret KankisCPI, CMI, CPGI  Thurs. 11:00 EST PraiseMoves Gold classes online – free

Luisa Medeiros, CPI, CMI, CHC   Mon 11AM & Thurs 7PM EST

Inez Cann, CPI, CMI, CPGI, CPBI          Wed. 7PM EST Free Class

Mary Perry, CPI, CPKI, CPWI, CPBI        PraiseKicks Tuesday 8AM EST          PraiseKicks Thursday 8AM EST          PraiseBarre Wednesday 5:45 PM EST     PraiseMoves Saturdays 10AM EST ​   

Tina Robilliard, CPI, CPGI, CMI         3:00 AM EST/7:00 PM NZST
Monday and Friday

Tammy Morgan, CPI
Tuesdays 7-7:55 PM EST PraiseKicks
Tuesdays 8-9 PM EST PraiseMoves
$5/week (includes both classes) 

Jan Kamp, CPI                               Tuesday Friday, Saturday 9:00 AM ET
Wednesday 9:00 PM ET (Midweek R&R)
Introductory on request

Kara Armstrong, CPI              Please Contact for Class info.  

Amanda Hartsock, CPI                Flexible Class Times

Suskia van der Merwe, CPI        Tues 3AM EST/7PM NZST                  Fri 4PM EST/Sat 8AM NZST
Linda Hassell, CPI              Contact for Class Information  

Monique Jenkin, CPI            South Africa.

Book your In-person or via Zoom private class/es, or group class/es on request with a time slot that fits your schedule (Depending on availability).
Please feel free to contact me to book your class.
+27 68 358 9082

Ivana McDonald, CPI           

Saturdays 1:00 PM ET.  Free PraiseMoves Class

Contact for information:

Carolyn Pittman, CPI          Monday – Thursday at 8:30 am EST. One-hour classes. There is not a fee for the class unless one would like to donate to All Saints Church.

Contact for information:

Connie Howard, CPI                Monday nights 7:00 pm EST.  Wednesdays 11:00 am EST.

Contact for information:


Dawn D. Ashton, CPI
PraiseMoves Classes
By Appointment
1-on-1 Sessions Available
Contact for information and Zoom links:

Crystal Rants, CPI

Contact for Class information:

Chrissy Meyer, CPI                   Wed nights at 7 pm ET

Or Text 610-608-8171

Connie Hurley-Pronley, CPI, CPGI, CHC
PraiseMoves Wed 5:00 pm EST 
PM-Gold Fri 12:30 pm EST