PraiseKicks Certification

Please use the Password in your certification email.

  1. DOWNLOAD MANUAL: Study the PraiseKicks Instructor Manual.
  2. CERTIFICATION VIDEO: Review, study and practice along with the video with Jessica Guthrie, CPI Trainer below. This was taken at the PraiseMoves Annual Conference in Tulsa in 2017, the first PraiseKicks certification.

3. WORKOUT VIDEO: Take the PraiseKicks Workout below with Jessica daily. Become familiar with it, and you will start anticipating cueing for the PraiseKicks moves. 

As you become more confident, turn down the volume and give the cueing and scriptures for the moves yourself. Practice teaching 3-minute segments of the class without looking at the video; then 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc. 

4. To Graduate: Upload and send us a video* of you teaching a student the PraiseKicks Basic Positioning and 5 of the 8 Basic Moves with accompanying scriptures. Also, put 3-5 of the PraiseKicks Basic Moves together in a combination.
* Video must be uploaded onto YouTube and marked UNLISTED. Send LINK to your UNLISTED YouTube video to