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Sharon Parker, CPI shares why she chose to be a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor – Sometimes our wanting someone else to become a CPI is really the Lord letting us know He wants US to do it! Sharon teaches PraiseMoves in Sydney, Australia.

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Instructor Training Overview


Now Available– *LIVE* or ONLINE TRAINING!

PraiseMoves LEVEL I Certification. We now offer ONLINE PraiseMoves Certification to applicants around the world! In-person certifications are also available, and you may even choose to do both, at no extra charge. Eight (8) in-depth online webinar sessions over 4 weeks with Laurette Willis, PraiseMoves Founder and Director.

Apply here: Download PraiseMoves Application

SEE Videos of CPIs answering the question, “Why did you become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor?HERE

Listen to a great recording about what it’s like to be a CERTIFIED PRAISEMOVES INSTRUCTOR! Join Laurette as she speaks with 3 Certified PraiseMoves Instructors, ages 20s to 50s. Hear their remarkable testimonies.

“God doesn’t always call the equipped. But He does equip the called.” Click on the link to Hear the Recorded Call:

Certified PraiseMoves Instructor — Is Fitness Ministry for YOU?

Are you interested in starting a Fitness Ministry? Does the idea of becoming one of the first Certified Instructors to offer a healthy, Christ-centered alternative to yoga interest you?

If you answer, “YES!”

You may consider applying to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor (CPI).

In view of the 15-20 MILLION people in the U.S. practicing yoga, and estimates of 50,000 to 100,000 yoga instructors in the U.S. alone – can you see the need for a Christian alternative to yoga? Imagine what several thousand PraiseMoves instructors will do!!!

To give you an idea of the opportunity, read what the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics has to say about the Fitness industry.

“Overall employment of recreation and fitness workers is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2012, as an increasing number of people spend more time and money on recreation, fitness, and leisure services and as more businesses recognize the benefits of recreation and fitness programs and other services such as wellness programs. Employment of fitness workers who are concentrated in the rapidly growing arts, entertainment and recreation industry is expected to increase much faster than average due to rising interest in personal training, aerobics instruction, and other fitness activities.”

For Men, Women and All Ages!

We have all ages, shapes and sizes of PraiseMoves instructors – both women and men, from their early 20s through 60s – and students from two-year old toddlers to 97 year-young seniors!

If becoming a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor interests you, read on, and then pray and ask the Lord if He would have you apply to become a CPI. We seek His will above our own or anyone else’s. He may not always call the equipped, but He will equip the called.

ACE and AFAA Award Continuing Ed Credits

You’ll be happy to know that both ACE (American Council on Exercise) and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) award Continuing Education Credits (CECs and CEUs) for PraiseMoves Certification training.

Please read the “Considering Certification” page for outline of course materials and application fee information, and application for people who would like to become a CPI (Certified PraiseMoves Instructor). See Training Dates for Online and In-Person Certifications.

CPI Testimonials – Below are some great CPI testimonials. Questions? Feel free to contact us.

Hear from some Amazing CPIs (Certified PraiseMoves Instructors)

Heather Murguia is a CPI in Missouri:

I chose to be a CPI because I love PraiseMoves so much. I had this tugging on my heart that only comes from God to find out more about becoming a CPI.

“I would just like to encourage all those potential CPIs that anyone can do it!  If God is calling you, don’t hesitate to be obedient.  I want to give a shout out to all the quiet, shy people out there that don’t think they would be able to lead a PraiseMoves class in front of others.  That’s a lie from the enemy himself.  God will equip you with everything you need to lead others in class if you are willing.

I was very nervous about speaking in front of others, but God has helped me overcome that in my classes. All you have to do is ask Him and He’ll help you!” (Heather is on the recorded call with us–Link toward top of page.)

Susan Pope is a CPI in New Jersey:

“Being a CPI has allowed me to dance again! The past few years I have been plagued with shoulder injuries. After numerous tests and physical therapy I was told I had calcium deposits in my shoulders and elbow which were very painful. I started taking yoga but felt uncomfortable in the class.

“I discovered PraiseMoves and ever since I’ve been a participant, not a bystander in my healing process. Exercising through the Word, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit allows me to Dance My Prayers daily in a more structured way that I can share with others. I am renewed in body, mind and spirit daily allowing God to choreograph and synchronize my day.”

Laura Lindgren, CPI from Indiana is also one of our dedicated CPI Trainers.

“I have taught PraiseMoves since 2005. I am inching toward 50 and physically I feel better than I felt in my 30’s.

I am stronger, more flexible and have learned how to ‘listen’ to my body however, all of this is NOTHING in comparison with my spiritual growth through PraiseMoves.  Thank you PraiseMoves!!!” (Laura is on the recorded call with us–Link toward top of page.)

People around the world are enjoying being a CPI!

Jemima Abel, CPI in South Africa:

“The short time that I’ve had the opportunity to instruct PraiseMoves classes has been the most amazing experience!

“I often hear women speak of situations that they are struggling with and my heart would cry out for them, but I didn’t know how to approach them to offer help.

“At the end of PraiseMoves class after ‘rest and relaxation,’ the ladies would say things like, ‘That’s just what I needed!’ or ‘That felt wonderful!’ That’s when I know that God in His awesome Power has worked through little me! For me that’s what it’s all about, God working through me to minister to His precious daughters!”

Please read the “Considering Certification” page for outline of course materials and application fee information, and application for people who would like to become a CPI (Certified PraiseMoves Instructor). See Training Dates for Online and In-Person Certifications.