Watch the BIG Reveal!
In light of the launch and *big reveal* of our new streamlined website, logo, branding, and PraiseMoves accessories I've come to realize that we are not ONLY "The Christian ALTERNATIVE to Yoga." 

With our NINE (9) additional Fitness Certifications, each of which links participants to Scripture in some way -- we can confidently say that PraiseMoves offers "Uncompromising Christian Fitness at Its Finest."

Here is the replay from the Grand Opening. Know that the 25% discount on everything in our instant-access store is available through Friday, September 15. Simply put Grand25 in the promo code box and the discount is yours!

How many of the Trivia Contest Questions will YOU get right? Ya gotta be quick! :-D 

9.13.23 UPDATE! And we have a winner! Congratulations, Wendy Simmons! 
You are our Grand Prize Winner! Our office will email you about receiving your prizes. Yeaaa!

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  1. Ninette Winston  05/15/2024 05:59 PM Central
    I have my own location been teaching group training for 46 years. Have numerous certs latest ones were faith based fitness . Im interested in hour certs if mire info believe they may not be set up anymore. If that is the case i would like more information on your certs. Im older now so more interested in your praise moves msy be what i need in this season and present to my church . Please send me more information.. my daughter inlaw is caught up in yoga snd teaches it. I love my daughter inlaw claims to be a believer but ever since she has been teaching had lost her way . Im a master trainer ministering fitness .but i stumble on this and believe God has a plan .Amen

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