2019-2020 Training Dates



Enjoy Dr. Laurette Willis' recent Webinar and see if PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry is a “fit” for you! WATCH THE REPLAY HERE


Thank you for your interest in the PraiseMoves Teacher Certification Program!

CPI APPLICATION available here.

AUDIO: Listen to a Conference Call with CPIs on what it's like being a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor.

VIDEO: See Interviews with CPIs answering the question: “Why did you become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor?

*LIVE* Training in U.S. & Canada. *ONLINE* CERTIFICATIONS Available! 

You can apply to take part in either our *Online* or *Live* Training (or both!).

If you are called to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor, now you can train Online with us from anywhere in the world!  Train Online and you may attend a Live Training at no extra charge (and vice-versa). Online training is the Recertification requirement for ALL CPIs.

ONLINE Training: Eight (8) in-depth online video sessions over 4 weeks with Dr. Laurette Willis, PraiseMoves Founder, and Director.

ONLINE training is held in February and September every year. Even though we study together online intensively for 8 classes over 4 weeks, it is highly recommended you apply to receive your materials as soon as possible in order to study and be prepared before the intensive online training.

LIVE Training: You will be required to study at home 5-6 weeks before the one-day live certification event. It is recommended to get your materials long before the application due date, so you can invest more time to study at a comfortable pace.

Fill out the PraiseMoves Application Here. Once approved, we can immediately send your training materials and you can study at a comfortable pace. 

Online Training Available in February and September.

LIVE Training: June Int'l Conference in Tulsa, OK, and Training opportunities in Pittsburgh, PA; Chicago, IL; and Toronto, Canada area when available.

You can APPLY NOW for 2019-2020 Training CLASSES. The sooner you apply the better. This way you are giving yourself ample time to study and practice before classes begin. You will also be ensured a spot before the Classes sell-out.


Online & Live Certifications


MIRA! (“The Christian Alternative to Zumba!” – D. Warren, Oasis Network)
PRAISEKICKS (Kickboxing with the Word), and
PRAISEMOVES GOLD (to teach seniors and those with limited physical mobility).
GOOD NEWS! Once you are certified, you may immediately study to become a certified MIRA!, PraiseKicks or PraiseMoves Gold Instructor!
Additional Certifications are recorded and online for you! Simply ADD additional Certifications to your Application.
MORE *LIVE* Training! Pittsburgh, Chicago, Toronto
Please Note: If you are interested in Certification in Pittsburgh, contact MaryAnn Haslett, mahaslett@windstream.net, Chicago, contact Jessica Guthrie at romyandjess@yahoo.com or Toronto, contact Barb Selfe at selfbg@yahoo.ca 


* ONLINE TRAINING September 9, 2019 – ONLINE anywhere in the World –    4-week Webinar Training over 8 sessions for CPI Level I with PraiseMoves Founder Laurette Willis.  THIS CLASS IS OPEN. Must Apply NO LATER than August 30.


ONLINE TRAINING February 3, 2020 – ONLINE anywhere in the World –    4-week Webinar Training over 8 sessions for CPI Level I with PraiseMoves Founder Laurette Willis.  THIS CLASS IS OPEN. Must Apply NO LATER than January 24, 2020.

Summer 2020 Conference for all CPIs & Trainees!


  • June 25-28, 2020 – Tulsa, OK – Crowne Plaza Hotel
  • Thursday, June 25: New CPI Training
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 26 – 28: Additional Certifications, Workshops, Evening Sessions & More
  • NEW CPI Training 
  • New Attendees Must APPLY NO LATER than May 20


* ONLINE TRAINING September 7, 2020 – ONLINE anywhere in the World –    4-week Webinar Training over 8 sessions for CPI Level I with PraiseMoves Founder Laurette Willis.  THIS CLASS IS OPEN. Must Apply NO LATER than August 28.

Classes are recorded and online Mondays and Thursdays (Sept. 9 – Oct. 3). Since the classes are recorded, you may watch the videos the day they are released, or the day after.  Everyone is given 24-36 hours to view that day's lesson. 
You will be expected to “check in” via email and complete your assignments in a timely manner. You must complete all the classes, assignments and requirements within the 4 weeks of training in order to be certified and take part in the online Certification Ceremony on October 3. (This also serves as the Recertification schedule for CPIs who are recertifying. Recertifying CPIs must coordinate with NolaJeanne Baird, Master CPI Trainer).


Additional Information
You may contact the CPI Trainers directly for additional information:
PA – MaryAnn Haslett, CPIT (mahaslett@windstream.net )
OK – NolaJeanne Baird, CPIT (nolajeannepm@gmail.com)
IL – Jessica Guthrie, CPIT (romyandjess@yahoo.com)
Canada – Barb Selfe, CPIT (selfbg@yahoo.ca)
International – Laurette Willis, Director (info@PraiseMoves.com)

Submitting Applications

All applications are done online at www.praisemoves.com/cpi

The best thing to do if you believe the Lord is calling you to train to be a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor is to send in an application to the PraiseMoves office and begin studying your materials. Once you are certified, you may attend any online or live CPI certification at no additional charge.
One day Certification Blitz (9am-6pm) THIS CLASS IS FULL – Grove City United Methodist Church, 2684 Columbus St., Grove City, Ohio 43123 w/CPI Trainer MaryAnn Haslett* hosted by CPI Cheryl Puthoff

21 Responses to "2019-2020 Training Dates"

  1. James Zimmermann says:

    Hello there I have been wanting to become a certified trainer and one are that I would love to add to my Certifications is a PraiseMoves Certification. What are the costs for the certification and the study materials? Thank you for all the information that you may be able to provide.

    God Bless,

  2. Laurette Willis says:

    Hi, James! We would certainly love to hear from you. More men are needed in Christian Fitness Ministry – and with so many men looking to look/feel better, lose weight – and want an alternative to yoga – it is a powerful ministry for both men and women.

    Interestingly, most leaders in the Hindu yoga movement are men — it’s exciting to see Christian men rise up and counter with fitness programs that honor Jesus Christ.

    You can find all the info about training on the drop-down menu under “About” above, or go here and follow the links to all info and application. http://praisemoves.com/about-us/instructor-training/

    We look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Carole says:

    Hi Laurette,

    I’ve been doing PraiseMoves and Love it. I’ve been spending more time in the Word and have been wanting to learn Scripture…which I find really hard. I’ve also always enjoyed yoga…but always felt uncomfortable with the idea. so as I was doing research I came upon your website.

    PraiseMoves is just wonderful! I’m going to order more DVD’s.

  4. Laurette Willis says:

    Hi, Carole! We’re glad you’re enjoying working out with PraiseMoves — this unique way to focus on the Word and praise the Lord in spirit, soul and body! Keep PraiseMovin’!!!

  5. Naomi says:

    Hello, I am already at certified yoga instustuter in Hatha yoga. I have only been teaching for little over two months, am I able to get certified in Praise Moves? I am a Christain, along with all of the other students that where in my yoga training. I believe that most people do not really now that yoga stems from other religious belief systems. I was introduced to Praise Moves by my dear friends mother, who is a Minister herself.

    I believe that this is the path that I need to take to help others!

    Thank You and God Bless,


  6. Nicole says:

    I am so excited to find this website. I feel strongly that the Lord is calling me to take a leap of faith with big changes in my life. I finally feel I have found my true calling. After lots of thought and prayer I know what the Lord is asking me to do. The world is in need of people to teach and educate others on living a complete and healthy life style. while putting the Lord first. From the foods we eat to the life style we live. Knowing that Yoga being against all my christian beliefs but believing that that the physical aspect is very healthy for the body. Just needing to find a way to educate other on the physical part and leaving the “yoga” (Hindu) out. While focusing on our Lord and Savor. Very excited to get signed up for an upcoming class toe get certified.

    2 Corinthians 3:17
    17 Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

  7. Sara Loggins says:

    I have been praying about a way to get out of my current profession for the past year. I have looked into going back to school and other ways to change my profession. I injured my back in December and was bedridden for Christmas! 3 bulging discs! The Lord does work in a way that we may not see at the time! Lots of pain and therapeutic yoga later I am searching for ways to get certified in yoga only I am not interested in taking all the ‘extra’ classes on third eye, oneness, and some even list tarot card reading as a class! If I cannot glorify my God while doing it, I cannot do it. I am so excited to have found this website tonight! This may not get me completely out of the job I do from day to day, but it might help me to an alternate path and may allow me part time in this job and part time spreading the good news of Christ and the good news of health at the same time!

    • Laurette Willis says:

      Hi, Sara – I’m so glad you found us, too! You are welcome to call us at the office at 918-458-1800. We are happy to answer any questions for you.

  8. Hi,

    I’m very interested in the live training for the Christian Fitness alternative to Zumba. I would like to know if you have any training offered in the Minnesota area?

    Thank you,


    • Laurette Willis says:

      Hi, Conni! We hope to have online training later this year.
      One will have to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor first – that’s the basic foundation to all our training.
      We look forward to hearing from you!

  9. Lori Woodward says:

    Hi Laurette, if we get a generic fitness certificate the group fitness training in our own country, will it be possible to do Mira and PraiseMoves Gold, I have a huge interest here for PM Gold!!! 🙂 almost finished my generic group training certificate and am registered with Australian Fitness Network as a group fitness instructor, and my insurance is also for group fitness training. Was very important to me not to go the way of being insured as a yoga instructor. It was the long way around the insurance journey to be registered as a group fitness instructor and complete the additional fitness training, but I believe it was the way of integrity. Looking forward God willing to the conference this year!

  10. Lori Woodward says:

    Online later I meant, was a bit vague …

  11. Jessica Z says:

    Hi! I am interested in becoming certified in Praise Moves. I have clicked on every possible link and cannot find any dates for certification. Can I please receive information on training dates. I would love to bring this to my church and area churches around my city (even to the elementary school I teach at). Thank you!

  12. I first found your website a year ago while in Belgium. The Lord directed me to you and I have thought of you and the organization since. I am really interested in getting certified asap. I will be sending in my application as soon as I can. Thank You for obeying God! May God continue to grant you the desires of your heart!!!

  13. […] Online or *live* certifications are available to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor. See HERE for details and […]

  14. kay houser says:

    Hi! My name is Kay Houser and I am a fitness instructor in Tennessee. I am interested in becoming a Praise Moves Instructor for my church, and would have no problem with the online study, but there is no live training offered in the south and I wouldn’t be able to attend the trainings you have offered. Is it possible to certify completely online? I have been a fitness instructor for seven years, teach five days a week and am certified in eight different fitness formats. We have a real need for Praise Moves in this area and I would love to certify if possible. Thanks! Kay

  15. Kim Badinghaus says:

    This is so exciting. I attended a Yoga class and really like the exercise part of it but do not agree with the Hinduism. I also am passionate about health and wellness. I am praying and planning to attend a conference training!

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