12 Reasons Why Yoga is NOT Good for Christians

12 Reasons Why Yoga is NOT Good for Christians

The Truth about Yoga - Peaceful Practice or Dangerous Deception?

by Dr. Laurette Willis (based on my 22 YEARS in yoga – ages 7 to 29).

Would you agree that there are spiritual forces we cannot see?

You may be surprised to learn that yoga, which many think is “just exercise,” is actually a spiritual practice. Christians may think twice before starting a yoga practice — please.

1. Yoga is Dedicated to a different lord (“Lord Shiva the Destroyer” in Hinduism, known as “the first yogi”). You can learn more about “The Lord of Yoga” HERE.

2. Yoga leads people away from Christ. Yoga means “to yoke” – and it's a different yoke than the one Jesus refers to “For My yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Matt. 11:30).

One alternative to this is CERTIFIED PRAISEMOVES INSTRUCTORS who are bringing Christian Fitness Ministry to their churches. What a blessing!

3. Yoga poses are “offerings to the 330 million Hindu gods” (Dr. George Alexander). Acts 15:29 says to “abstain from THINGS offered to idols.” Learn more about Yoga poses, breathing and hand gestures HERE.

INSTEAD, PraiseMoves Postures focus on the Word of God we meditate upon or speak aloud while doing stretching, strengthening postures. The Foundation of PraiseMoves is the Word of God. The exercise is the “witty invention” to get you more into the Word of God, and MORE OF THE WORD OF GOD INTO YOU!

Hayley Tate, CPI from North Carolina demonstrates The Lifted Gates posture.

4. Yoga has a spiritual nature that is psychic and metaphysical. This is one reason why experts, such as Professor Subhas Tiwari of the Hindu University of America says, “Yoga is Hinduism.”

Professor Tiwari also said, “Efforts to separate yoga from its spiritual center reveal ignorance of the goal of yoga.” (Hinduism Today 9/09).

5. Yoga is “the missionary arm of New Age spirituality.”

Many Christians have been drawn into New Age spirituality and metaphysics through the “doors” of Yoga and Tai Chi. Both are mystical philosophical and religious systems cleverly disguised as “just exercise.”  

6. So-called “Christian yoga” was founded by Hindu leader A.K. Mozumdar — “Christian yoga” IS yoga. We cannot combine religion (Hinduism) with a relationship (knowing Jesus Christ as Lord).

Learn more about the Hindu/New Age “Father of Christian Yoga” Here. 

HINDU Founder of “Christian Yoga” A.K. Mozumdar. Author of “Christian Yoga Metaphysics” and the “Christian Yoga” magazine.

7. Yoga is highly sensual in nature and opens the door to focusing on FEELINGS more than on FAITH. Learn more about the Dangers of Yoga.

Yoga in the Church is anathema. So-called “Christian Yoga” IS Yoga.

8. Yoga focuses on manipulation of “life force energy,” through pranayama breathing during exercises. Dangers according to Ephesians 2:2 – “the prince of the power of the air” – and Paul is not speaking of oxygen here. This is dabbling in a spiritual realm we are not called to play with.

At the end of yoga class, students rest in “The Corpse” pose (Savasana in Hindu). Students are very open to suggestion at this time. When I was a yoga teacher before I came to Christ, this was the time I shared my skewed New Age beliefs and led them in “guided visualizations.” 

Instead, in PraiseMoves classes, Certified PraiseMoves Instructors (CPIs) guide their students in WWJD R&R (What Would Jesus Do Rest & Relaxation). During this time, CPIs read passages from Bible-based devotionals written by Dr. Laurette Willis, or other trusted Christian leaders. 

9. YOU Influence Others. Even if you, as a Believer and follower of Jesus Christ are strong enough not to be affected by the subtleties of yoga, what about the NEW believer or unbeliever watching you? Might they be led away — as my mother and I were many years ago?

YOU may not fall for “Yoga Mortis” (Yoga in Cemeteries) or “Rage Yoga” (screaming vulgarities and drinking beer while doing yoga) — however, some people are so HUNGRY for spiritual experiences that they put themselves in yoga classes with Goats, Snakes…even in Graveyards?!!!

Yoga Mortis – yes, like ‘rigor mortis' – is yoga practiced in cemeteries. People are starving for SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCES. People NEED Jesus.

10. Yoga is only a first step in the practice of metaphysics–easily opens the door to experimentation with New Age spirituality practices (Eastern meditation, which is very different from Judeo-Christian meditation on God's Word); guided meditation and visualization which lead to “astral projection” and “communication with spirit guides” (demonic entities).

These visualization exercises are very deceptive practices, and can actually lead to psychosis. 

11. Yoga says “empty the mind.” CHRISTIANITY says “be transformed by renewing the mind” on the Word of God (Romans 12:2). 

12. After a yoga workout, a person is highly impressionable (especially after being told “empty your mind” and be “open” to certain “energies”). During the Relaxation period at the end of a yoga session, when a person is most vulnerable, that is when someone can be most impressed with the New Age philosophy.

Yoga was “the door” which led my mother and me into New Age spirituality, as it has done for millions of other unsuspecting Christians, and non-believers.

The enemy is deceptive. He's evil, but he's not stupid. He knows what works.

But we are AWARE!
====>>>”lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11).

Do these 12 Truths about Yoga speak to you as they have for so many?

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