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Hundreds of Testimonies and counting. Here are a few of them…

             55 LB. Weight Loss – and more energy

“Since my mother's strokes and subsequent death, I had begun experiencing high normal blood pressure. My physician recommended low dosage of medication, lose some weight and regular exercise. He recommended Weight Watchers, which I immediately joined. Arthritis was also causing me some problems with flexibility and movement.

“Through regular use of PraiseMoves, I have regained the flexibility and energy I thought was gone forever! As a result, I am able to do more aerobic activity, for longer periods of time, with less discomfort. The overall physical results are more stamina, flexibility, and energy! PLUS (!!) the spiritual value is priceless – it's such a wonderful way to start the day or end the day!

“Bottom line: I have lost 55 lbs. and have more energy than I ever dreamed I could have at 58 years of age. (I) actually feel great every day, sleep well every night and work rings around my co-workers and friends!

“Best part: I continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!”

Julie Wood, Tulsa, OK

67-years-young PraiseMovin' Man!

“I want to let you know that I use the PraiseMoves warm-ups before every workout I do, 5 or 6 times a week.  I vary my workouts to change body parts and interweave PraiseMoves postures into my workouts.

“I have been Praisemoving for 2 years at that frequency, as a senior (67 years young) I have seen great results!  In conjunction with Medifast I have gone from 207 lbs to 155 and from a 38 waist to a 32.  Thanks to Laurette and NolaJeanne and their wonderful routines for my success and health.  Anyone can do PraiseMoves!

  —Walt Ohm, Southern CA

             “My Panic Attacks have left!!!”

“Dear Laurette: I am 41 years old and under severe stress. Several months ago I began having anxiety and panic attacks. I prayed for God to help me. I went to my doctor; he suggested tranquilizers, yoga or antidepressants. I was not depressed, just stressed to my limits! I have a family to take care for, so taking a tranquilizer was out of the question – if I did that who would get the groceries, take kids to school and prepare the meals? And as a Christian I felt yoga was wrong. I did think that yoga was the least of the 3 ‘evils' the doctor prescribed, but as I began reading about yoga the more I realized it was NOT for Christians.

“Then 2 weeks ago as I sat at my computer barely able to read or punch keys thru tear-filled eyes desperate for finding help, I came across your website. I loved what I read and ordered the same day. I received your DVD in the mail and ran to the DVD player will high hopes. I'm not as bendy as you but I was able to keep up and enjoyed stretching and exercising for the first time in my life.

“That is only part of my great news… Since I started your PraiseMoves DVD my panic attacks have left!!! Praise God! May God bless you richly for giving me my life again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

“P.S. When I return to the doctor I will take my PraiseMoves DVD with me in hopes that he will share it with others. God bless you.”

Charlene Harper, Michigan


I have recently been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitus–BUT–my Doctor told me that one of the best things I can do to help keep my bones from fusing is to continue my PraiseMoves workouts! This has been an answer to prayer for me! I thank God daily for you and your ministry!!!!!

“I can't tell you how many people I've given your website to.  I'm shouting it from the roof tops!!!  I absolutely love spending my PraiseMoves time being saturated in God's Word!!!  The first time I did the 20 min. workout, I wept the whole time.  It was exactly what I needed and what I had been looking for!!!  Thank you again for your ministry!!!!”

Candi McDonald, McDonough, GA…

Certified PraiseMoves Instructor's FIRST CLASS! WOW…look at the fruit!

“Thank you all for your prayers.  The first class was just amazingly overwhelming.  Everything went according to God's plan, not mine 🙂  I had 18 participants! Everything was just great.  Most ladies are from my church, and some brought friends.  Obviously all are excited and grateful for this “witty little invention.”

“One lady stopped doing Tai Chi.  Some ladies had no idea what Yoga represented and others knew and were glad to have an alternative.

“Best of all, one lady was seeking God, although we didn't know it at the time. She decided to come to class and then came church on Sunday with her husband and children!!!  After class she said, “I did not understand everything you were saying (the scriptures we say in our PraiseMoves classes), but I just felt something really special. I felt  at peace, calm, something special.”

“Glory to God.  I am still in awe at what God is capable of doing through PraiseMoves–and I've just begun.

“Also, I have a student who is interested in becoming an instructor eventually–that's an answer to prayer because I can't run the city by myself 🙂

“I do believe many, many more will  want a part of this!  No words can describe the Joy that I have and how much my heart is—like I said, no words can describe the immensity of God's blessings and presence that I feel and see being made manifest!

–”C” – Certified PraiseMoves Instructor


“I am a Registered Nurse with 31+ years of active nursing and a Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry. I'm an avid supporter of Laurette Willis, her book BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness and PraiseMoves.

“My husband, Dr. Ron Anderson, and I have shared Laurette's teachings on health and fitness with our clients. In fact, Laurette is a featured contributor in our monthly newsletter, HealthWatch.”

–Pam Anderson, DNM, RN, AHNA, CNHP  New Horizons Natural Healthcare.


“I love how Laurette’s DVDs address not just physical exercise, but also this synergistic spirit, soul and body health circle. Laurette has uniquely brought the anointing and power of the Word of God into her DVDs.”

-Dani Rotramel, “The Christian Longevity Expert” Fabufit.com

Chiropractor says Yoga creates “spinal misalignments” – PraiseMoves does not!!!

“We have been recommending PraiseMoves as an alternative to yoga to our patients for several years. Just a clinical note to encourage you…  We take care of patients from all over the country and from many backgrounds from grandmas to babies and housewives to bull riders.

“Some of the very worse spinal misalignments that we have seen in 14 years of practice we found present in the spines of people who make a practice of yoga. It (the misalignment of the spine of a person who practices yoga) is completely correctable, but the yoga practice seems to be creating and recreating spinal misalignments.
“Instead, we recommend PraiseMoves to our patients, and you may certainly mention that to others.”

Dr. Ray, Marshall Spinal Care

Note: Dr. Ray's wife, Dr. Mary, told me she used PraiseMoves to help her lose weight and get back in shape after the birth of their third child. She added that PraiseMoves DVDs are the ONLY DVDs she and Dr. Ray recommend to their patients.


“My husband & I have recently lost 25 pounds each…I believe PraiseMoves has something for everyone: beginners, people who want to maintain their overall weight & health, children, senior adults, and growing teens! Thank you.”

Terri Thomas, North Carolina


“Dear Laurette,

“Just wanted to say a few words about the blessings of PraiseMoves. I had been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis, Lupus, and a few other unwelcome conditions that made moving my body uncomfortable. Then about 5 or 6 years ago I began having a distinct pain in my right hip socket. Knowing that I needed exercise, my husband and I began taking walks of 2 or 3 miles everyday, but the pain in my hip caused me to limp. This past year brought even more pain in the hip and entire right leg and it was increasingly difficult to make myself go for those walks.

“Enter PraiseMoves! After a few weeks of PraiseMoves Gold, the pain is completely gone! NolaJeanne, our instructor, concentrates on moves that bring mobility to joints and releases the synovial fluids that lubricate them.

“How wonderful to be part of this group where one 49-yr-old testifies to being more flexible and fit than ever before in her life even though she once taught Yoga, swimming and ballroom dancing; one lady lost 70 pounds without substantially changing her eating habits, and another (age 66) has mobility and range of motion in a knee and shoulder that were basically frozen.

I love the camaraderie we enjoy in PraiseMoves, and wanted to express how PraiseMoves makes strangers into friends and friends into sisters. We all attend different churches, but the love of God has drawn us into a unity that seems rare in Christian circles today.

“PraiseMoves benefits a person in so many more ways than the obvious physical toning and strengthening: my soul benefits as I renew my mind to the Word of God. Then I prosper and am in health according to 3rd John 2.

“You are indeed a visionary, bringing God’s purposes into the here and now, and I bless you for it. May the light of God that shines so brightly in you be multiplied exponentially as you continue to spread His good news.”

Linda House, Tahlequah, OK (NOTE: Linda is one of the PraiseMovers on our newest DVD, PraiseMoves Gold–filmed October 2012, release date December 2012. Subscribe to the FitNews in the box upper right and we'll keep you posted!).


“I am blind right now and your DVD's are probably the only exercise videos I can usually do.  You are so descriptive. I just love PraiseMoves!  If I want a more relaxing work out, I do the original PraiseMoves DVD, and if I want a more challenging one, I do Power PraiseMoves! PraiseMoves really helps me focus on God and have less anxiety.”

Andrea, South Dakota


“My wife brought home a DVD of PraiseMoves to help with her back exercises. I thought I'd try it too. I've been needing to do more stretching and toning, which would really help with my work and everyday. But I didn't want to start yoga.

I will say I was surprised how good I felt after just one session. Not only does it stretch but strengthens all those minor (and major) muscle groups. The Cross Posture is particularly effective. “I'll definitely recommend this to my friends. I just love the scripture and imagery involved in the whole exercise. This ministry is needed.”

Eric Embree of Calgary, Alberta


“Hi Laurette, I bought Power PraiseMoves about 2 months ago and Love it! I used to do Yoga at my local gym–I found it to conflict with my inner spirit after a while but I did find the moves very relaxing, challenging and stimulating. PraiseMoves fills up my spirit with the Word of God while I am keeping fit. There has been a spark in me to teach a class in my home church lately to want to share some sort of Scripturally based fitness class and program within the community.

“Now that I have found your DVD's and have invited friends to my house to do PraiseMoves I am also using this as a witness of the Lord's great love for us. I want to be saturated in the Word of God as I live, move and breathe for Him, and I want to share it with others who need Jesus and fitness. Thank you for following your passion for Christ and encompassing the fitness community in a way that is Godly and Beautiful.

“When my non-Christian friend comes over, she is getting the Word of God in her as we have a common goal to stay fit. She says your  voice is so soothing and that you make scripture flow. She said that she has never experienced anything as wonderful as this in any exercise program.

“Thank you for reading my very long message. God Bless!”

Danielle, New Jersey

AM-PM PraiseMoves DVD – “I had tears in my eyes!!!”

“Hello my name is Ramona, I just received my order of 3 DVDs from you and wanted to share my story.

“I've been doing a simplified chair yoga for over two years. I rationalized that it was OK because it was so modified and there was no meditation ever taught in the class. I never felt comfortable placing my hands in the yoga position or reciting the closing words and left my hands open as to praise God and said ‘God Bless You' quietly.

Recently I have felt a slight void between the Lord and me, so I started praying about it. I feel the Lord allowed me to experience some very strange spiritual warfare. At night I was troubled by bad dreams of evil spirits screaming and harassing me. One night I recalled that 30 years ago I took one yoga class and as I did the cobra position I felt a slithery snake feeling come over me. It scared me so much a left the class immediately, never to return.

“The Lord showed me it was the yoga keeping me from Him….. I felt ashamed, grieved, and even sad as I renounced this activity and again did not return to this second class.

“I continued to pray and almost returned to the class because it felt so good to stretch after a hard workout.

“I was then led to perform a Google search and read about the history and the meaning of the yoga positions. I deliberately looked to secular sites first to read their teachings and then the Christian views on the practice of yoga, what an eye opener!

“I found your website and carefully read and watch the video clips. Several days later I decided to place an order a bit cautiously hoping I would be OK with this product. I just watched the AM-PM PraiseMoves DVD and had tears in my eyes!!!!!!

“Thank you for the time, money and most important the prayer that you've invested in this project.

“May God Richly bless you!”

—Ramona, California

Praise for Gimme Ten Workout & Fitness for His Witness

“Laurette Willis is a treasure found.  The only thing that exceeds her talent is her love for God.  Leave it to Laurette to combine the two!  We are blessed to broadcast Laurette's Fitness for His Witness nuggets, as well as her interviews on our popular midday program, The Roadshow.

“Thanks to Laurette, our listeners are growing in God while shrinking around the waist!  I'm a personal fan of her Gimme 10 Workout DVD.  I suggest you put that one at the top of your gift list!”

David Warren, Program Director, Oasis Radio Network

Chiropractor recommends PraiseMoves and “BASIC Steps” book

“I have been experiencing terrific results using PraiseMoves and have been recommending it to my patients. I am thankful to Laurette for a program that combines Christ–centered worship with the physical benefits often attributed to yoga. Laurette’s book BASIC Steps is a wonderful addition…as a well–rounded approach to spiritual and physical health. Insightful, informative, and in touch!”

Steven J. Scafidi, D.C., America’s Chiropractic Center, New Jersey

Help for Fibromyalgia

“Thank you Laurette! PraiseMoves is answered prayer for a fibromyalgia sufferer!”

Chris J., Tulsa, OK

Even Teenage Boys Enjoy PraiseMoves!

“I ordered a PraiseMoves DVD last year and have had fun using the DVD with my family. Even my son's friends happened to catch me using it one day. Did they laugh? A little bit, but then they jumped in and started exercising right along with me!

“I truly believe that this is a ministry and have been praying that there are others in North Carolina who have expressed an interest in starting a Fitness Ministry besides myself. In speaking with my friends about Yoga, we are all in agreement that although the moves are beneficial (and recommended by many physicians), we don't like the chanting and meditation that causes us to break the First Commandment!

“My husband & I have recently lost 25 pounds each and are fast becoming role models for our family and our neighbors. I attribute our weight loss to God's desire for us to live a healthy life, self-discipline, our commitment to lose the weight, and our love for each other and our family.

I believe PraiseMoves has something for everyone: beginners, people who want to maintain their overall weight & health, children, senior adults, and growing teens! Thank you.”

In His Service,

Terri Thomas, North Carolina

“Not bringing a Reproach to Christ”

“Thank you for this beautiful article and reminder of the importance of our Christian walk ( “Why a Christian Alternative to Yoga?” article).  Very well said. You are describing the importance of not bringing about the reproach of Christ.

“I am grateful for your courage and your strong conviction of following God’s ways regardless of how they look or persecution you may face.  It gives me hope and builds my faith and that is priceless.  For this I am indebted to you.

“Thank you so much.  May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord let His face shine upon you and give you peace forever.

Janet T., St. Petersburg, FL

Compression fractures, bulging disc, bone spurs—released from the doctor—pain diminished”

“Dear Laurette and Nola Jeanne,

“I am writing a note to you ladies to applaud you both for your knowledge of the Bible, the ability to teach us the PraiseMoves Postures and Scripture Sequences, etc. that we learn in your (Nola’s) classes.

“I came to the classes with the challenges of compression fractures of the lumbar spine, a bulging disc, and two bone spurs. I was taught how to work around the stretches and PraiseMoves in order to get the most out of the session.  I cannot tell you how much the classes have improved both my life style and my health including my posture. It is wonderful to feel energized and refreshed and filled with the blessings of Scripture to learn and repeat after each session.

“I feel a need to let you know that I have now been released from the doctor because he cannot help me anymore with my bulging disc and spurs because they have decreased and the pain is basically diminished and now life is much more comfortable and I have a closer relationship with my heavenly Father. I say praise the Lord and begin another session of PraiseMoves.

“Thank you so much for the knowledge and skills that have been put into the classes, you should be mighty proud of your successes to ALL those who participate.

“God Bless you All,

Barb Owens, Tahlequah, OK

Catholic Priest sees the “damage yoga religion is doing”

“As a Catholic Priest working in deliverance ministry I am delighted to see you are responding ACCURATELY to the terrible damage YOGA religion is doing especially to America. If this helps you – I always find three main spirits attached: spirit of false worship; spirit of disobedience and spirit of rebellion.


Father Neil, Scotland

PreNatal Fitness for Spirit, Soul, Body—and BABY!

“Many know that they need to be physically fit to carry, deliver and rear their babies, but so few know what a spiritually-intense event bringing another image-bearer of God into the world is – and that we need to be spiritually fit for it!  There is a plethora of prenatal fitness info out there, but almost nothing with Scriptural strength and encouragement.

“I did the PraiseMoves DVD as a part of my fitness and scripture-meditation with my second child, and I just modified anything that was not pregnancy-appropriate.

“I am now expecting our third child, and using PraiseMoves (I look forward to your PreNatal PraiseMoves DVD!!!)

“Above all, I will say that the greatest benefit for me was incorporating scripture into my physical fitness, particularly meditating on scripture as I prepared to give birth. I never really realized how intertwined our spirit, soul, and body are until I began to bring them together through PraiseMoves and for the purpose of preparing for childbirth.”

Gina A., Atlanta, GA

“I feel the presence of God”

“Laurette–Thank you for your wonderful workouts. I always feel the presence of God when I practice doing my PraiseMoves.”

Debra Gardner, Dallas, TX

CPI Shares Blessings of Online Training – and HEALING!

“There have been many precious moments for me in doing this course, but a physical benefit (which I hope is the first of many) is; that I have been struggling with intense pain in my left foot from a heel spur for a few years needing opiate pain relief and other useless medications.

“Nothing medically or through physiotherapy could be done. By just re-aligning my posture with Mt Zion posture (a PraiseMoves posture) and the awareness of how I have been standing with arches collapsed, I have now been pain free for the last week. I have throughout the days been focusing on how I am standing and deliberately re-shifting my weight to the outside of my feet, strengthening my feet and calf muscles etc and re-aligning my posture.

“Part of my focus in Christian Fitness Ministry will be to work with people who deal with chronic pain,(I also have dealt with chronic back pain due to prolapsed discs for over 10 years) and I am looking forward as I use myself as a guinea pig…and through PraiseMoves see what results can be achieved.

“Baruch HaBaBaShem Adonai

“You are an amazing woman of God Laurette and I thank you for your obedience to create this ministry, not only for what the physical benefits are, but what a powerful worship and evangelism tool this is.

“Blessings – In His Love – Anika”

—Anika Leib, CPI (Queensland, Australia)

Chiropractor Recommends Slow-Cadence Exercise DVD for Less Joint Stress

As someone who treats multiple cases of joint problems every day, I think Laurette Willis's “Slow Cadence Exercise” DVD is a great tool for building strength and muscle without the joint stress of typical strength building exercises. Laurette has very clear, easy to follow instructions. Plus, the use of scripture during the routine is a great way to grow in your relationship with Christ. I would recommend “Slow Cadence Exercise” to anyone wanting to grow stronger physically and spiritually.

Ryan Barrett, D.C.
Founder of Barrett Spinal Care, Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Help for Post Polio Syndrome—PraiseMoves TV Show

“I am a 62 year old ‘preacher's widow’ who had polio as a child. Like most survivors, I thought the polio was gone, and I kept active to appear ‘normal.’  I exercised as strenuously as possible—not knowing I was overworking my remaining motor neurons. Now I deal with Post Polio Syndrome, which causes fatigue and weakness with everyday activities, making traditional exercising a hazard rather than a help.

“I thank God for leading me to your television program, PraiseMoves. The gentle stretches and other routines help me retain flexibility and strength. And combining these with God's Word is a special blessing to me.

“I have purchased your DVD's to share with my grandchildren and great-grandchild. Thank you!

Glenda G., Florida

PraiseMoves Workout Led to Grandson’s Salvation!

“Dear Laurette, It gives me great pleasure to share my story about PraiseMoves! My grandson, Shane, who was 6yrs old at the time, was spending the night. I decided to do my PraiseMoves workout and he stayed in the room and did it with me. Very cute. At the end when you gave the Invitation (to receive Jesus Christ as Savior), even though I accepted our Lord years ago, I decided to listen to what you had to say.

“Shane sat down on the carpet next to me and listened also. When you were done he offered, ‘When I'm seven I'm going to do that.’

“He is now 8yrs old. About 1 month ago we were working on putting hygiene packets for the homeless together and I asked him if he ever told the Lord Jesus he wanted to receive him as his Lord and Savior. He said, ‘Yes, I told you I was going to do it when I turned seven. On my birthday I did it in the bathtub.’

“I asked him if he had told anyone and he said not until now. I told him Jesus wanted him to tell others he had accepted him as his Lord and Savior and by telling me he had been obedient to Jesus in this.

I will be eternally grateful to you Laurette for your part in my grandson Shane's walk with our precious Savior. I would love to incorporate your PraiseMoves for Children workout into my very active Sunday school class of 7 and 8 year olds (currently all energetic boys) and see what God does in their little hearts also.

“God Bless your ministry!” ~ We sent Betty the PraiseMoves for Children DVD to share with her Sunday school class.

Betty Ahlgren, Bellevue, Washington

BASIC Steps Book used for “BASIC Training”

“During the 18 weeks of training (at Woodland Heights Baptist Church), we worked through 10 weeks of BASIC class (using the BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness book). To this point: your 21-Day Step-UP program has proven tough for all, tummy curfew is discussed almost weekly, we all strive to eat breakfast and drink a lot of water. Supplements are a popular topic and we are well acquainted with the daily routine of the sumo wrestler (thanks for showing us what NOT to do!). We understand the importance of forgiveness and the dangers of stress.

BASIC Steps has been a fitting study for our Rock Runner mission statement: ‘To be fit – both spiritually and physically – prepared to answer God’s call whenever it comes.’

“Most importantly they do answer that call – seven of our group leave this Saturday for a week of mission work in Honduras. Thank you!”

Bill Doshier, Woodland Heights Baptist Church, Conway, AR (rockrunners.org)

Young mother and Pastor’s wife writes, “Thank you for rescuing me…’

“Dear Laurette,

“Thank you for rescuing me. As I write you to you, it is hard to see the screen through the tears in my eyes. I was just researching how to start a business and was interested in a yoga center. I have practiced yoga during pregnancy and at the YMCA.

“As a Christian since 1997, I was always uncomfortable with the Hindu references, but I really felt the physical benefits of the stretching. So, like so many in the West, I ‘didn't see anything wrong with it. It's just exercises right?’ THANK YOU for your marvelous testimony of enlightenment and grace. What a remarkable truth you have shared with me.

“Thank you for keeping this young Christian mom away from ‘things offered to idols.’ Bless you dear sister. When God opens the door, I pray I can open a PraiseMoves Studio in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. Maybe we'll meet one day.
“With much love and prayers,

Cozette Brown, Jacksonville, Florida

Registered Nurse writes: “dramatic decrease in neck and shoulder pain and muscle inflammation”

“Since I started doing PraiseMoves only 3 months ago, I have experienced a dramatic decrease in neck and shoulder pain and muscle inflammation. My work as an RN puts extra stress on these muscles through lifting patients, computer work and just the general stress that comes with the job. I have found that the gentle stretches and relaxation are just what I needed to relieve this stress and muscle tension. My posture has also improved and I find that my clothes fit better because of the toning I have experienced.

“More than all the physical benefits that PraiseMoves has given me, I have found that I can truly feel the presence of the LORD as I worship Him during the postures. I am able to completely clear the “clutter” of the day from my mind and focus my mind, body and spirit on the LORD and commune with Him on a greater level.

Ann Sibinski, R.N., Kansas

“This is the 1st Workout Video I've Ever Purchased”

“This workout is great. It is energizing to your body, mind & soul. This is the 1st workout video I have ever purchased.

“Most workout videos are body beautiful people in their skimpy clothes. That is just not for me & is the reason I have never purchased one. This workout with Laurette Willis & friends is very inspiring to get up & move your body, renew your mind, be happy, smile, think on scripture from the Bible & praise God. And she ends the workout with a peaceful relaxation time for your mind  & body while she talks to you about God. It will leave you feeling wonderful!

“The 50 min. workout goes by so fast but if I'm running short on time I'll do the 20 min. workout. I highly recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to improve their health & mind.”

Patti Z.

High School Kids Upset about Snow Days—“PraiseMoves—That’s the main reason I came to school today!”

Certified PraiseMoves Instructor (CPI) who teaches PraiseMoves at a Christian High School writes:

“This high school class is AMAZING!!! They are all so FOCUSED…even the PE Director is doing the class with us. They LOVE PraiseMoves and one of the 17 year-old boys talked to me about wanting to become a CPI!!! One H.S. girl asked her Foreign Language teacher if she could skip out of that class and sneak into the PE class and do PraiseMoves…and he let her. She was so excited!!

“The High Schoolers were talking it up so much that the Jr. High kids asked the PE Director if I would teach PraiseMoves to them, too…so I am!!! Jr. High is a little tougher than High School but it's MY PRIVILEGE to share all that Scripture with the youth!!  Things are going better than I prayed for!

“Yesterday they canceled school due to snow and it was right before the PE class. One of the girls in the class came up to me and said, ‘I can't believe they canceled school before PraiseMoves. That's the main reason I came to school today! HOW ABOUT THAT!!???!!???

“Some of the kids are asking me about joining my regular PraiseMoves class on Thursdays with their moms. HOW FUN IS THAT?”  (Note: All we can say is all glory and praise goes to the Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!)

—CPI in Mid-Western USA

BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness Bookand Jeans that fit!

“I can't believe it! I just put on a pair of jeans I couldn't wear before. Thanks for your support.”

Susan in Colorado

We Enjoy Using the PraiseMoves DVD at Our Church

“Recently I purchased your PraiseMoves ~ Christian Alternative to Yoga DVD. Thank you so very much for the workout! I have used workout DVDs that incorporate yoga, but never felt comfortable because of the concept of yoga.

“Our exercise class at my church is able to use the DVD and we all truly enjoy the scripture and Christian songs playing in the background. Thank you again and may God continue to bless your ministry.”

Nancy Tomasini, and the ladies of the Elmendorf Baptist Church in Elmendorf, TX

More Flexible and Less Winded

“I have been doing PraiseMoves for over a year, and I introduced my girlfriend, Toby, and her daughter to it also. I then bought another DVD for my sister-in-law.

“I have noticed that I am a lot more flexible when I keep up with doing the DVD consistently. If I have had a long period where I haven't done it, the first time I start up again my upper arms ache the next day from reaching up over my head, behind my ears. I also find that when I exercise, my every-day movements are much more comfortable. I am getting better and better at things like balance and my ability to stretch farther and farther. I also don't get as winded as I used to when I first started.”

Bev Campese, Washington

PraiseMoves is part of those things which are “True and of Good Report”

“I have been physically active my whole life: competitive swimming and diving, golf, ballet, body building, and aerobics. I have always believed that flexibility training was the first priority in physical health. Researching all that was available, I discovered Yoga, but as a Christian I was very cautious in my study. I found the moves to be greatly beneficial, but always had the check in my spirit that all was not well. I also was not comfortable sharing my exercise routine with others, for the scriptures told me: “nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak.”  I have always wanted to share all that I knew to be true and of good report (Philippians 4:8), and Yoga was indeed a problem for me as I knew it was not all true and of good report.

“Finally, hallelujah, I saw Laurette Willis on my Sky Angel network programming (Faith TV) and rejoiced in my spirit that the answer that I had always been looking for had come.  And indeed, this was ALL true and of good report. I have only had my PraiseMoves a short time, but I have incorporated the moves and the scripture sequences into my daily routine. I love to multitask, and PraiseMoves, as God, is the Master at multitasking. It is wonderful to worship God while being a good steward in caring for His holy temple, our bodies.  And I like to get double for my trouble, and PraiseMoves, as God, is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory…

“I am a very disciplined person, and exercise was never an option, and of course, I reaped rewards from my diligence, but the task was always burdensome. That is no longer true, as He says, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”  Now, my exercise is food for my soul, my Daily Bread, a river in the desert, my cup that runneth over.

“I look forward with anticipation and expectation to my daily exercise. It is a joy, not a dread. I believe that as the Word of God is spoken out and goes forth it shall not return void, but shall accomplish what He pleases, and it shall prosper in the thing for which He sent it. As Laurette was so careful to cover every move with the Word, and in fact, she even names the postures as they look and feel with the Word, you cannot help but receive from the Word. I feel the Word of God penetrating the very fibers of my body, bringing healing, restoration, refreshing and rest as I move through the postures.

“‘For the Word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of JOINTS AND MARROW, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” This scripture is prefaced by a discussion on entering God's rest. In the times we live in, I cannot think of anything more important than being diligent to enter that rest.

“Yes, the Word of God is deep, and takes us from faith to faith and glory to glory and I believe PraiseMoves, imbedded in the Word of God is deep stuff… bringing healing and rest to the body, mind and spirit. We get it all in one package. What an awesome blessing!!!

“Thank God for Laurette's obedience to what she heard from Him. And yes, God is still going to do more than I had ever asked or thought, as my next move is to become certified as a PraiseMoves instructor, and finally share ALL that I know to be true and of good report.  Hallelujah and Amen.”

Cindy Schremmer, St. Augustine, FL

Help for Neck and Upper Back Muscles; Freedom from Anxiety–and Caffeine!

2006: “I have had trouble pretty much my whole life with severely tight neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles. I've had issues with tension headaches and stiff neck for most of my adult life. For a time, I tried regular yoga and did see some benefit from the stretching. I did it only for the exercise, but still didn't feel at peace with continuing in the yoga since I am a Christian. I have also had struggles with anxiety for most of my life.

“I was so excited when I first heard of PraiseMoves and ordered the DVD right away. I love it so much; I can't even begin to tell you! I always feel so uplifted during the workout and afterwards. It truly has turned my workout into worship! I occasionally will get massages and always in the past, I've heard things like how my neck and upper back muscles feel like brick. Well, I had a massage just last week with a new girl and was I ever surprised when she told me how great of condition my tissue was in and how easily it moves! What a difference from before! I know it is from the PraiseMoves workout!

“Another huge benefit is the peace I now live in and freedom from the anxiety. I have even been able to get off caffeine, which I had been addicted to for a long time.”

2008: “Hi Laurette – I submitted a testimony a long time ago but still feel just as passionate about sharing what PraiseMoves has meant to me, so here is another testimony. Thanks so much for PraiseMoves!

“I love PraiseMoves so much! I used to deal with situational/seasonal depression and when I started exercising, I was able to get off the antidepressants. However, I was doing yoga and heard that Christians shouldn't be doing yoga so I was a little confused. I felt better than I had in years but didn't want to do something that wasn't good. When I found PraiseMoves, I started doing the exercises and one of the things I loved was that when I got done with the workout, I felt spiritually uplifted and strengthened, as well as physically. I was able to get off caffeine. I feel calmer. I only struggle with the situational/seasonal depression when I quit doing my PraiseMoves for a while.

“It's amazing how much better I feel. I have the Slow-Cadence Exercise DVD, the original PraiseMoves DVD, and the new 20-minute PraiseMoves and I love all of them and alternate them, so I NEVER get bored doing my workout! It's really been a life-transforming blessing in my life. I could go on and on!”

Lisa Thomas, Iowa

PraiseMoves Helpful During Pregnancy

“I am currently pregnant with our second child, and am using PraiseMoves along with water aerobics and walking as my fitness – and using PraiseMoves in particular to help me strengthen my back. I completely identify with what you've said about Yoga exploding among folks near my age (mid 20s-mid 30s), and everywhere I look I hear folks singing the praises of Prenatal Yoga. There are tons of these types of videos on the market, and from my limited exposure to them, they seem to be pretty hard core about the meditation and not just the exercises. To the best of my knowledge there isn't one single prenatal fitness video that doesn't have some portion of yoga-type meditation in it.

“This is actually why I am using PraiseMoves, even though there are portions that pregnant women shouldn't do (so I don't). It is an excellent combination of trunk strengthening exercises, mind renewal, and relaxation.

“I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for PraiseMoves, and be one more person to suggest that Prenatal PraiseMoves would be a great blessing to the preggo Christian community.”

Gina A. (Note from Laurette: We are working toward having a Prenatal PraiseMoves DVD soon!)

“I Can RUN Again!!!”

“Dear Laurette, I just wanted to write you to let you know what has changed since I spoke with you, prayed and ordered the DVDs. May I first say that they are absolutely W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L! I cannot believe the difference between what I HAD been doing and this — praising the Lord as I move and stretch. I love it!

The best part is though that I am no longer confused! I have paused and prayed and made HIGH priority decisions. Being in the middle of the road is VERY dangerous — well NO LONGER! Permission granted to release my husband from unmet expectations, to LOVE my family and to Love extravagantly! Live generously! To LIVE! Yes, LIVE! Be spontaneous! I am PLANTED in a HOUSE! Not only planted but BLOOMING and hopefully very soon will bear fruit! I am a COMPLETELY different woman! THANK YOU!

“Laurette, for the past year I was unable to run. My right knee would cause me so much pain that I couldn’t! I LOVE to run! I have done 2 half marathons and was running about 40 km a week. I would pray over it, confess scripture, rebuke the enemy…nothing changed. But ever since we prayed together and I got rid of the yoga garbage…I CAN RUN! I just came back from running for an hour and 15 minutes straight! When you exposed the lie and we closed the door I believe my knee was restored!
“THANK YOU!!!! Again it is shocking to me that I did not realize what was happening to me by simply doing a yoga DVD!
You have blessed me so!”
—C.A., Canada

(Note: Thank YOU, C.A! Our God is “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think according to the power that works in us.” He is able! Glory to God!!! ~ Laurette)

Praise for Laurette's book BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness

“Over the winter, I used BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness for my Bible study group. We focus on physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. This book fit all those needs. We did the ‘Step-UP Program’ (21-day program in BASIC Steps) for 5 days and read chapters for 2 days, exercised and watched our eating. After the Step-UP Program was over, we continued on in our Bibles at a slower pace and reread the chapters.

There are so many wonderful and challenging points in this book. I continue to reread chapters when I feel some areas of my life are slipping and again become renewed and challenged to get back on track. I knew I needed strength and flexibility training, but did not start that area of the book until this summer.

“Laurette gives a wealth of knowledge in many areas and all from the heart. Thank you for a life changing book.”

—Cindy Luther, Michigan

Visit PraiseMoves Store for the items mentioned in Testimonies. We give praise and glory to God for His marvelous works. It is the WORD of the Lord from His Scriptures that make ALL the difference in PraiseMoves!)


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  1. Dear Laurette,
    Just wanted to say a few words about the blessings of PraiseMoves. I had been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis, Lupus, and a few other unwelcome conditions that made moving my body uncomfortable. Then about 5 or 6 years ago I began having a distinct pain in my right hip socket. Knowing that I needed exercise, my husband and I began taking walks of 2 or 3 miles everyday, but the pain in my hip caused me to limp. This past year brought even more pain in the hip and entire right leg and it was increasingly difficult to make myself go for those walks.

    Enter PraiseMoves! After a few weeks of PraiseMoves Gold, the pain is completely gone! NolaJeanne, our instructor, concentrates on moves that bring mobility to joints and releases the synovial fluids that lubricate them.

    How wonderful to be part of this group where one 49-yr-old testifies to being more flexible and fit than ever before in her life even though she once taught Yoga, swimming and ballroom dancing; one lady lost 70 pounds without substantially changing her eating habits, and another (age 66) has mobility and range of motion in a knee and shoulder that were basically frozen.

    I love the camaraderie we enjoy in PraiseMoves, and wanted to express how PraiseMoves makes strangers into friends and friends into sisters. We all attend different churches, but the love of God has drawn us into a unity that seems rare in Christian circles today.

    PraiseMoves benefits a person in so many more ways than the obvious physical toning and strengthening: my soul benefits as I renew my mind to the Word of God. Then I prosper and am in health according to 3rd John 2.

    You are indeed a visionary, bringing God’s purposes into the here and now, and I bless you for it. May the light of God that shines so brightly in you be multiplied exponentially as you continue to spread His good news.

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