BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness

BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness

Great for personal use or for your Bible Study Group!

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BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness

BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness

Strengthening Your Body And Soul In Christ

Great for personal use or for your Bible Study Group!

In this uniquely integrated program, Laurette shares her BASIC (Body And Soul In Christ), step–by–step plan to improve wholeness in body, soul, and spirit.

Convinced that diets alone don’t work, Laurette shows how lasting change starts on the inside, and she leads readers through a process that will help:

• turn mundane daily activities and exercises into acts of worship

• develop a healthy self–image through forgiveness and freedom from addiction

• experience God’s transforming power through praise, prayer, and fasting

Editorial Reviews

BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness offers an enthusiastic, spiritual, and interesting approach to becoming healthier.”
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“Willis provides practical suggestions to turn dull exercises that we really don’t want to do into acts of worship. She gives simple and useful steps to better incorporate nutrition and fitness into our daily lives. These steps will bring lasting results. Willis discusses ways to overcome destructive thought patterns, make healthy choices, and discover how forgiveness will free us. And she shows us ways to grow in our relationship with God.

“I found Basic Steps to Godly Fitness to be interesting, logical and easily understood. I personally found the information on stress to be a reminder that is worth reading and then re–reading. The photographs accompanying the exercise descriptions were sound and easily followed. And there are suggested menus and a few recipes that contain ingredients that most people have in their kitchens. This is a prayerful diet and exercise program worth taking a look at.”    —

Reader Review

I used BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness for my Bible study group. We focus on physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental growth. This book fit all those needs. We did the Step-UP program 5 days and read chapters 2 days, exercised and watched our eating. After the Step-UP program was over, we continued on in our Bibles at a slower pace and re-read the chapters. There are so many wonderful and challenging points in this book. I continue to re-read chapters when I feel some areas of my life are slipping and again become renewed and challenged to get back on track. I knew I needed strength and flexibility training, but did not start that area of the book until this summer. Laurette gives a wealth of knowledge in many areas and all from the heart. Thank you for a life changing book.”

Cindy Luther, Farwell, MI