"Compression fractures, bulging disc, bone spurs—released from the doctor—pain diminished”

“Dear Laurette and Nola Jeanne,

“I am writing a note to you ladies to applaud you both for your knowledge of the Bible, the ability to teach us the PraiseMoves Postures and Scripture Sequences, etc. that we learn in your (Nola’s) classes.

“I came to the classes with the challenges of compression fractures of the lumbar spine, a bulging disc, and two bone spurs. I was taught how to work around the stretches and PraiseMoves in order to get the most out of the session.  I cannot tell you how much the classes have improved both my life style and my health including my posture. It is wonderful to feel energized and refreshed and filled with the blessings of Scripture to learn and repeat after each session.

“I feel a need to let you know that I have now been released from the doctor because he cannot help me anymore with my bulging disc and spurs because they have decreased and the pain is basically diminished and now life is much more comfortable and I have a closer relationship with my heavenly Father. I say praise the Lord and begin another session of PraiseMoves.

“Thank you so much for the knowledge and skills that have been put into the classes, you should be mighty proud of your successes to ALL those who participate.

“God Bless you All,

Barb Owens, Tahlequah, OK

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