Young mother and Pastor’s wife writes, "Thank you for rescuing me…"

“Dear Laurette,

“Thank you for rescuing me. As I write you to you, it is hard to see the screen through the tears in my eyes. I was just researching how to start a business and was interested in a yoga center. I have practiced yoga during pregnancy and at the YMCA.

“As a Christian since 1997, I was always uncomfortable with the Hindu references, but I really felt the physical benefits of the stretching. So, like so many in the West, I ‘didn't see anything wrong with it. It's just exercises right?’ THANK YOU for your marvelous testimony of enlightenment and grace. What a remarkable truth you have shared with me.

“Thank you for keeping this young Christian mom away from ‘things offered to idols.’ Bless you dear sister. When God opens the door, I pray I can open a PraiseMoves Studio in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL. Maybe we'll meet one day.
“With much love and prayers,

Cozette Brown, Jacksonville, Florida

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