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  1. Hi Laurette~

    My goal is to get fit -body, mind and soul. The idea of Christian based Yoga makes so much sense to me. Hopefully, at 52, I can move from wanting to get fit to actually getting fit and deepen my relationship with Christ at the same time. When I think about the fact that our bodies are one of the gifts God gives us, it makes me really want to take better care of it. Plus, I want to be a good example for my daughter and show her that it’s never too late to get on a good path.

    Thank you Laurette!

    Take good care,

  2. One day back in 2002 God said that He would be coming back for a “church without spot and blemish”. At that time he also suggested (ha ha) that I should get in shape. In 2005 God delivered me from smoking and believe me I didn’t think it would ever happen. But God does perform miracles. I am 64 now. I am working out about six days a week. This week my daughter mentioned that she had started taking yoga after boot camp. I decided to look on line for a Christian alternative to yoga and found your website. I wanted to add stretching to my routine. I am really drawn to the meditation side of stretching not only my body but my spirit as well. Thank you Laurette.

  3. I have benefitted from a program called BodyFlow and recently it has been discontinued. I so desire to be healthy, energetic and ready for whatever challenges God may give me and this sounds wonderful – to combine fitness with a focus on the Lord! Thanks for allowing the opportunity to investigate this.

  4. Hi there, thanks for the free gift! Im from NZ & after a year of bad health, am looking forward to getting healthy & strong God’s way. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  5. I am a Taiwanese woman of 60 years old. I find my health is slowly deteriorating owing to my getting old. I always know that exercise is important but have not found one program that fits me (but due to being very busy, I did not spend much time looking for one). I am glad to be led to your program and especially so because I can do exercise God’s way. As I have not yet tried yours, I cannot say for now whether yours is right for me. The short note is just to tell you who I am and my purpose of trying your program. May God help me!

    1. Thank you, Jo-chin. I pray that PraiseMoves will be a blessing to you. In only a few days we will have PraiseMoves Gold DVD available via a free downloadable player, so you can watch it immediately — and no shipping charges (yea!). I was in Taiwan when I was in college with the USO and loved being with the great people of your country. Much love to you, my sister! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi, I’m Jeanie from Washington State in USA. I’m in my mid-fifities. I’m interested in your program as a way to gain back my flexibility, balance, and strength. I need to lose weight and exercise, but I have been diagnosed with osteo-arthritis, especially in my knees. I believe that once I get stronger and more flexible, I’ll be able to become more and more active and that will help me lose the extra weight. Love that your program is all about focusing on God and God’s Word.

  7. Hi, I’m Crenodia from Malawi, Africa. I’m 25 and gained a lot of weight from my first pregnancy. I’d like to get pregnant again but i’ll need to lose about 10 kilos and increase my fitness if i’m going to enjoy the ride! I’d like something different for a change. I hope Praise moves will be just that!

  8. Hi, my name is Brandi. I am a mother of 5 small children. My goal is to change my exercise and weight loss to a God centered life style. I have already lost 100 lbs which is great but I feel as though I leave my family out and I do Yoga CD’s that don’t state what I believe. I look forward to exploring this program and learning tips that will help me to focus on God’s word and spend time with my family.

  9. Hi Laurette, I’ve been wanting to get into some kind of exercise routine for a long time, but kind of struggle with that discipline, as well as finding something that fits my schedule and lifestyle. I am in my mid fifties and find that my flexibility and muscle strength seem to be in a sudden decline – scary! I eat very healthy, as clean as possible, but I know that’s only half of the formula for good health and I am motivated to begin exercising (finally!). I have started working with your Praise Moves original DVD and I am loving it! I already have more flexibility and it feels so good – I feel younger! Thank you for developing a Christian alternative to yoga. I have wanted the benefits but didn’t feel at peace about doing yoga, even “Christian yoga.” I’m about to order Praise Moves Gold for my mother-in-law as well.

  10. Hi, I’m from the MS gulf coast area, and I just did my first class with Celanie Coleman in Hurley, MS yesterday, and she really “MOVED” me!!! I LOVED it!!! I just wish we could do the class every day…

    My ideal outcome is to have good posture without thinking and working hard at it. For some reason ever since I was young I’ve always had posture problems and they’ve gotten worse the older and more sedentary I’ve become. My shoulders slouch and my back is swayed, etc. But I have to work really hard to get that CBA and keep it for more than a couple minutes in my everyday life.

    I really loved the scripture passages Celanie recited during the whole class yesterday – I don’t know how she did it, while getting up in front of everyone and remembering all the moves and instructions at the same time – I know it had to be a God thing, so it was just a really anointed experience!

  11. Hi, I’m from near Winnipeg, Manitoba! I’m looking forward to trying out a new workout and having a workout that keeps the truths of scripture in the center of it all. I’m looking to increase my overall fitness, for increased energy and stress-management.

  12. I’m from near Winnipeg as well, and totally agree with Shauna ^. Heading towards “50” next year, and know that I need to ‘get it together’, just needed this boost to help with the other things I’m doing for better health & wellness!

  13. Hello! I am Lani from Des Moines, and I’ve been doing yoga DVDs for my main workout almost daily for nearly 12 years. I’ve only been to a handful of yoga classes, as I enjoy exercising privately at home; I even considered becoming a yoga teacher early in my practice. Only recently, when I started listening exclusively to Catholic radio in my car (what a blessing that is!), did I begin to hear and read perspectives that made me question whether my dedication to yoga-fitness might be incompatible with Christianity. “Signs” about this topic started popping up everywhere; I just couldn’t get it off my heart. So, I starting researching and praying about whether I could continue with yoga. Laurette, I loved your article, “Why a Christian Alternative to Yoga,” which I traced from the Women of Grace website. Thanks to Catholic radio and your article, I’m done with yoga!

  14. Hi, Laurette! I’m a family wellness chiropractor from Indiana. My wife and I have participated in a huge variety of exercise programs; everything from live with trainers, to self-directed, as well as DVD- and VHS-based (that’s going WAY back).

    We have done yoga in the past as part of our P90X program as well as some other programs, but never had 100% peace of mind about doing yoga. Thank you for putting together PraiseMoves. Not only are we going to use it for us personally, but now we have a spiritually healthy alternative to recommend to our patients!

    God bless you and yours!

  15. Hey Laurette! My name is Greg from Detroit! I’m 23 years old and i purchased your program as a supplement to a Yoga exercise of P90X. I’m excited to be getting my health together, developing more flexibility and giving God glory in a different way! Thank you for allowing him to use you to be a blessing to us! πŸ™‚

  16. Hello! I am Laura from Tennessee. I’m 45 years old and have never done yoga but would like to gain flexibility, balance, and strength. I also have two teenage daughters that I am hoping will join me in becoming more fit. Thank you for the opportunity to experience your PraiseMoves fitness program.

  17. Hello! I am Penny from Ohio. Looking to gain more flexibility and strength. I think I would be more apt to stick with a routine if it was all about praising our God. Hoping to become an instructor one day for ministry at my church home. Thank you Laurette for allowing Jesus to use you in a much needed way!

  18. Hi, I’m Cathy from Florida. I’m 42 and would love to drop 10 lb and gain strength & energy. I’ve always been intrigued about Yoga but didn’t want to deal with the “meditation” part of it because it’s not Christian. However, your program sounds very interesting & I love that while getting in shape I will be doing what I love the most, praising my Lord & Savior… After I get back in shape I would like to check out the opportunity to become a fitness instructor as a ministry opportunity to reach out.. Thank you for your generosity in making this opportunity available to us… May God bless you abundantly. (P.S.: I can’t wait to try your program!)

  19. Hello, I am Ritu from Goa, India. I have been doing some yoga breathing exercises but have lately got to know that it conflict with Christianity. In fact I have been trying to ask people around me, what is the reason for Yoga being not good for Christians or for that matter anyone. But never got satisfactory answers. Just last week I spoke to 2 preachers who gave me some direction. I was trying to google and see what results I get and that is when I came to your site and got answers with a verse from bible. Thanks Laurette.

  20. Hi! I’m Tabitha from California, USA! I just receive the New you detox and weight loss program yesterday and expecting to receive by mail the am/pm Praise Moves dvd…I have not started anything yet but trying to absorbed and on my planning stage to apply the prep detox and detox and post detox…For the moment , I’m starting my daily meditation journal…I have my own way of doing this but for the fun of it …I want to ride on and start from the basics..incorporating mind,body and spirit all in one….Just continue to pray with me for this and thank you for your daily e-mail…May our God continue to bless us all…

  21. I’m from tulsa, oklahoma..and heard you on the Oasis Network christian radio about the Praise Moves Gold and thought that might help me.. I love the Lord , love the Word and love everything I have seen on your site here.. Thank you so much.. I think this will help me to get my body under submission to bring glory to the Lord.. I hate being a “fat” witness for the Lord Jesus Christ and want to be healthier too.. God Bless you Laurett ! And thanks again ! Carol

  22. I am a believer and am feeling convicted that I should not be spending time and money in a yoga studio that does not praise God. I am looking for a similar type exercise that does not conflict with my core spiritual beliefs – the Gospel of Jesus Christ!.

  23. Hi! I’m from Shreveport,La. I believe in God & in my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I believe that They are not pleased with the way I have let myself go. I’m 5’1″ & weigh 214.4. I’m 56. Looking to be stronger, more flexible, and 135# by my next birthday(6/7)

  24. Hi Laurette,

    I found you on CBN after doing a search to help explain to a Christian friend why my family does not feel that yoga fits into a Christian lifestyle. I found your story very interesting as it is very similar to mine. I was saved at bible school at 9, but my family didn’t go to church so I didn’t learn much. As an adult, I felt like I was dying inside but I didn’t turn to traditional church for many reasons, but mostly, like you, I thought it was like kindergarten, and I was hungry for Spirit. I bought every New Age book I could afford. But, we have that Truth-Finder living in us and He won’t let us believe a lie for long! I realized that it was all a lie and found that God was very adventurous and loving and His truth is so comforting.

    I’m 52 yrs. old, female, living currently in SC. I want to be healthy for myself and my 9 yr. old son. I think flexibility is the best place to start. I believe in resistance training, but when your joints are so tight, injury can happen. I’m grateful to have found you!

  25. Hello Laurette,

    I stumbled across one of your DVD’s in my local Catholic Bookstore in Canberra, Australia.

    I was intrigued and went onto your website as soon as I got home. I have ordered a couple of items and can’t wait to get started.

    I have been wanting a form of stretching exercise don’t want to go the way of the eastern new-age programs

    Looking forward to getting started – Many Thanks

  26. Hi Laurette! I love your whole idea on fitness with God in PraiseMoves. I have one CD of yours which I’ve loaned out to a friend and need to buy another one for myself since I miss it! I love the concept of worshiping God in physical fitness because our whole lives are to be in service for God. I feel a connection with what you stand for in serving Christ in all we do. I love it! Now, I’ve ordered the Soaking in Psalms and look forward to meditating, soaking, in God’s sweet presence..I need his saturation of his divine holiness because God is everything and I hunger after more of Him. Thank you so much for your ministry! You are impacting lives for Christ and bringing God’s kingdom here on earth! Thank you Jesus for Laurette and richly bless her and her ministry!

  27. Hi! I am from Calgary Alberta Canada. My goal is strength training, especially for core, my current focus is on handstands and headstands.
    I really hope that I will enjoy the 21 day trial, and thank you for creating this alternative to yoga!

  28. Hi,
    From Jenks, OK wanting to help my back spasms, wanting to look good, feel good, and be healthy.
    I’m almost 70 yrs old
    God Bless, I’ve been looking for a Christian Alternative for yoga, and could not find anything. This is much needed

  29. Hi Laurette, I am Aireen from Quezon City Philippines. I am very much inspired with PraiseMoves and am interested to be a CPI here in our area. I have a regular children’s ministry in our community and Ive been planning to learn about Kids yoga and offer it as part of our program, BUT I cant find peace about it as i feel there’s something in it that doesn’t agree with my Christian principles. SO I thank GOd for His guidance that He lead me to your site. I never had any bit of idea that there was such thing as PraiseMoves and I was really blessed to have found the whole program which agrees exactly to my Christian belief and what I am hoping to offer to our community. I was also looking for ways to connect to the mothers in the area and I believe health and wellness is one of the best way to go, so I am relieved to have found your programs which perfectly suits all my needs to serve my community better!
    I believe this is the best place to start getting oriented with the whole program and right now Im already completing my application and hoping to be able to send it to you soon!
    God Bless you ministry!

  30. Hi Laurette,
    I am from Michigan and I am looking forward to increased energy so I am ready for whatever God has in store for me, sleeping better at night, and feeling better about myself.
    May God turn his countenance towards you and give you peace.

  31. Hi Laurette,

    I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand. I attended a yoga class last week with a friend and really enjoyed being able to still my mind. I also tried to use it as a way to praise God and connect with Him. Since then I’ve been looking into Christian takes on Yoga and want to be able to make it a part of my life to slow down, stop, and focus on God. Plus I’m a fitness addict so love the flexibility it provides! πŸ™‚ Excited to see what I can gleam from you!

  32. i am from texas. i am 52 and started a yoga class about 6 months ago and absolutely love the good things it has done for my body. to make a long story short, i thought that the spiritual aspect of yoga was something that would never be introduced into our class. i had no interest in that aspect of it, i only wanted the physical benefits of yoga. recently, the yoga instructor started introducing meditation into the end of each yoga practice. that is when the Holy Spirit pressed on my heart that it was time for me to find an alternative. so, here i am!


  34. Greetings from Oshawa Canada.
    I am looking forward to starting the program. My weight is good, and I walk daily, but have neglected my stretching and suffer with some joint issues.
    God Bless,

  35. Hi Laurette, I am from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, I am looking forward to using your exercise programme to get fit. Haven’t found anything that suits my fitness level, hopefully with this Praise Moves all that I want in fitness can be achieved. Looking forward to you teaching me.


    Jennet Pereira

  36. Hi! I was a former yoga participant who went as far as training to teach yoga and taught a beginner’s class for 1-2 years.. I never did the chanting or even really followed the other religious or introspective part of yoga. But as I reaped the benefits of the exercise, I found myself conflicted about the program. The more I thought about it, the less I felt right doing it. I used the savasana or end of routine quiet time for prayer often. But still, it just didn’t feel right to the point I quit doing yoga. Quite the surprise to many, including myself. I have missed the flexibility, the strength and the motivation that the exercise gave me and when I saw this program, was very pleased to think I may be able to have my healthy feeling again without the guilt or uneasiness! I believe God was guiding me out and I am happy to believe he is guiding me into this! Thanks!

  37. Hi Laurette.

    I am from Birmingham, AL. I am very interested in trying a spiritual fitness program. As a wellness coach, part of my new focus is on spirituality and the scriptures. I have been interested in trying a form of yoga (which I don’t currently practice) to become a part of my fitness routine. I’m more of a fast paced athlete. I find that I’m looking to slow down my movement. Maybe age has something to do with it :). I want God to use me in ways to reach out to people in his kingdom and to create optimal health, the way he intended from the beginning.

    God bless.

  38. I am a missionary living in the Philippines. I am excited to get started praising God and exercising. I think this will be an excellent way to give our women’s group another avenue to praise the Lord!

  39. Hi thank you for offering Praise moves. I am currently in a health & wellness group with my church and I would love to become a certified instructor for seniors and children also because we have a children’s ministry.
    I currently stay fit through weight training, yoga, pilates, spinning and cycling I want to stay physically fit and teach others to do so with Praise moves.

  40. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. I had bilateral mastectomy and chemo. I am so thankful that Yahweh has blessed me with many more days to promote His Kingdom and proclaim salvation through Yeshua our Messiah. But in this body I have been miserable since breast reconstruction. I have a great deal of daily pain. All my doctors say I need to do Yoga. Yet I really don’t want to get into the mixing with pagan god worship in yoga. But I need to stretch and I really don’t know what will help me. I am planning on having my implants removed. My body has just never accepted or tolerated them. That will be in January 2014 hopefully. Until then, I ran across your web site, just because I was looking to see how believers in the One True God viewed Yoga. And your site popped up on Google. I’ve ordered the DVD with the Alef Bet on it first, since I am studying the Hebrew language and just thought it would be a nice way of honoring Him. I may need something else. I will look forward to your advise. I feel like I am struck with a very debilitating illness, both in body and mind. I don’t want to live like this, yet, I am willing to, because to live is Yeshua! And if I can have one more day to proclaim His Love and Redemptive work, then I want to do it no matter what this body of clay must endure! Thank you for listening and thank you for providing a DVD like this! I am looking very forward to receiving it! Hugs!!!

  41. Hi, My name is Amanda and I am in Southeast Texas and wanted to find an alternative to yoga. I get invites for yoga classes and have wanted to teach it in the past before. Since learning the history and origins of yoga I have wanted to find an alternative.

  42. Hello I’m from Washington State & i just happen to run across your facebook that was being recommended to someone on my friends page. I am 55 and I have have several issues due to old work related injury & fibro and now am over weight. I find doing any kind of bending or stretching nearly impossible & I tire easy . I am hoping your program might be geared to at least limber me up and get some strength back so I can once again keep up with my very young grand babies .I am really thrilled that your program is geared to praising our Lord & Savior!!

  43. In order to fulfill a gym requirement in college (back in the early ’80s), I took ballet and loved it! Throughout my life I have always gravitated to the stretches and movement I learned there. Despite attempts from family, friends and society I resisted yoga until last winter I enrolled in a yoga class here at the university I work at. I enjoyed the class but was a little disappointed to learn that all the stretches and movement I enjoyed in that ballet class were actually yoga moves…she never mentioned yoga! In the meantime I googled “Christian yoga” and found PraiseMoves! I’m thrilled that I can now combine my favorite form of exercise with memorizing scripture and listening to Laurette encourage me in my walk with the LORD! Now in my early 50s, I’m grateful to have PraiseMoves to motivate me to get up at 5:30 a.m. to get myself going and physically, mentally and spiritually!

  44. I heard about Praise moves from a relative. She was really excited about it and I could see where it had such a positive effect on her life. I decided to give it a try.

  45. Hi,
    I am interested in health & getting back to work. I will look for a DVD from the library untill I can buy one.
    This sounds like an excellent program. I found it when I searched for an alternative to Yoga. Just thought, good for them, what do Christians have?
    I will be looking for a program in Akron, Ohio & I am considering getting certified since I don’t see anyone else in the Akron area.
    thank you,
    Akron, Ohio

  46. Hi! I’m Teresa, I’m from Valencia, Spain!

    I have been practising yoga for three years and I have always had that doubt about God and whether it is OK to be christian and do yoga at the same time… So I’m glad that I found you!

    I hope I will fit my body and I will relax my mind and calm my anxiety and stressful life while I connect with God. My ideal class would be that: connect my body, spirit and mind alltogether while I pray or meditate about Jesus and God.

    Thank you very much for doing this Christian alternative!

  47. Hi, I am from Southern California and I am so glad to have found this. My daughter got me doing some yoga, but I never felt comfortable with the spiritual side of Yoga…what I call the “Uuuuhhhmmnnnn” side of it, with your finger and thumb in that certain position. πŸ™‚ Anyway, I am so glad to see that we now have a Christian alternative to Yoga, which I do believe is so good for the spine and to help get me a bit limbered up. That is my goal, to be more limber and feeling better with the stretches and praise and worship to God!

  48. Hi! I am from Union City, Tennessee. They say after doing something consistently for 21 days, it becomes a habit. So, I am looking forward to creating a habit of eating right and exercising while praising the Lord. WOW! What a concept!

  49. Hi I’m Jackie Knox from Rio Vista California. I’m 65 and want to stay limber and also to firm up and secular Yoga was not for me as I know they tie into the spiritual realm that Christians have no business being in. I’m very excited to do yoga to christian values and music. I did find a site that does it to scripture and they posted your ministry on their site and that is how I found you.

    Praise God for Christian yoga teachers

  50. Hi, I was recently convicted in the Spirit about practicing yoga even though I’m a Messianic Believer. I had to read & study what “yoga” is and realized, that there can’t even be a “christian yoga” because there is no such thing. It is still mingling our faith with paganism. However, the spiritual counterfeit article & teaching led me to “Praise Moves” because a reader asked: “What is a Beleiver to do for stretching, strength training etc, if you shouldn’t practice yoga?”. I liked Praise Moves website and the belief of prayer, scripture and exercise. Also, the very fact that Israel & Jerusalem was mentioned and the DVD on the 22 letters of the Hebrew aleph/bet made the deciding factor for me to order 3 DVD workouts to try.

  51. Hi I’m Dee from Canada, I have always been a bit skeptical about yoga because I do come from a polytheistic background even though I am now a Christian. I am always reading on different ways on how to have a closer relationship with God and to bring awareness to others as well about the dangers of yoga.

  52. Hi Laurette

    We are a tennis family with a girl 11 years old with big dreams. Her tennis coach recommended starting with yoga and I wasn’t happy at all of what it involved(P90X). I started doing research over internet and am very glad to see that you have mostly the same with giving praise to the Lord! I have ordered power praisemoves and look forward to start. Hope that we can spread the word in the sports world where we live. May the Lord bless your work.

  53. Hi, I’m from Chicago and they are teaching my little girl Yoga in Kindergarten. When she started showing me poses that she had learned in class I decided to research about the dangers of Yoga and found your story. Praise God we ran onto your website. I have ordered your DVD for kids so that we can work out together and give God the glory.

  54. Hello Laurette,
    My name is Wendy and I am from Canada, Calgary Alberta to be specific. I am so looking forward to the fall detox that I signed up for not only to feel healthier but to move into a different level in relationship with God.
    I have been a Christian believer now for over 30 years and have always looked at Yoga as very new Age and something that we are to stay away from as born again believers. Imagine my surprise that you are sharing a Christian alternative to something that I tried to stay away from for years. Now I so enjoy it and look forward as I say to the next level.

  55. Hi! Laura,

    I had practiced yoga in the past, and I really enjoyed its benefits, however being a Christian it clashed with with the core beliefs of Christianity and I stopped practicing. However I believe the physical exercises were beneficial and as a Christian we should not be deprived of them. I look forward to receiving the DVD so I can start again from a Christian perspective and also get my family involved as well.


  56. I’m Paula from Maryland. Looking to giving this a go. So pleased for the Christian alternative. Checked out a DVD at our local library and loved being washed over w/ the scripture as doing the moves. Beautiful.

    Thanks for this.

  57. Hi, I’m from Louisiana. At 65 years of age, I find myself getting more and more out of shape. I have attended Yoga classes before and enjoyed the stretching exercises and the attention to the inner self. It would be great to incorporate a closer relationship to God while getting physically fit.

  58. Hi Laurette! I’m from Southern Utah and I’m so glad to discover your site. Just reached the big 5-0 and wanting to keep myself trim and in shape without doing more damage to some already sore joints. I started Yoga a few weeks ago and something just felt off, and I really couldn’t stick with it. I’m looking forward to PraiseMoves, worship and exercise all rolled into one! Yippiee πŸ™‚

  59. Ga’day Laurette,
    I live in a beautiful tropical part of Northern Australia, Cairns, Far North Queensland. Where we only have two annual seasons, the dry and the wet. The area is ecologically diverse as we have rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.
    I have decided to take on your program as I have been doing Pilates for about 14 years and love it, but I also love the idea of exercising whilst incorporating praising our amazing God.
    So thank you for this wonderful opportunity to combine both.
    Hooroo and blessings from Debby, Downunder in the great land of Oz πŸ™‚ x

  60. Hi Laurette. I’m from central Nebraska. I have been attending a yoga class for the past 6 months. At first I just enjoyed the physical benefits I almost immediately felt. But I have attended 2 weekend workshops, one Ayurveda the other yoga. The Hindu core really comes through when you attend these types of workshops. I was so convicted I have yet to return even to pick up my mat. I must admit that I miss the workout from the yoga class and am looking forward to learning your program.

    Thank you for bringing an alternative to those who love Christ!

  61. My youngest has Down’s Syndrome. I love the Lord and have tried to be a good teacher. We’ve been through a lot and she is experiencing a lot of confusion. She is confused about relationships, her body, sex, etc. and all at age 12. Now her father is taking her to yoga. We aren’t married anymore and he bulks at anything I talked to him about (ie I told him the dentist wants us to brush her teeth. He won’t). I have prayed and prayed. I am hoping your PraiseMoves will be outshine yoga classes. I am also putting her in music therapy. She loves music and dance. The WORD will not come back void. Glad I found you.

  62. I am in a running group and need to do more stretching and strength training. I didn’t want to do the regular yoga, so I am trying this. It also will give me more time to worship God in the morning

  63. Laurette,
    I’ve been praticing Hatha Yoga for over 10 years. As a Christian, recently I have been warned by other believers of the dangers of practicing yoga and allowing Hindu principles to seep into my life. I’m a woman in my late 30’s striving to teach my daughters what it means to live a healthy, fit, Christian lifestyle. My goal is to be physically, emotionally, and most importantly – spiritually strong! I’m really looking forward to learning more about PraiseMoves!

    Nashville, TN

  64. I was reading the book,” faith seekers,” and came across your story. I’m 58 years old and a grandmother of 15. My 90 year old mother lives with my husband and me. I also work full time as LPN . So as you can see I live busy life just like everyone else. So anyhow, my husband and I decided to try to get our health in in order a few months back by following the book, SOS by Dr. JAMES SURRELL. It’s been working great but I need to add some exercise to my life. I just haven’t had the time or desire to do it yet. I’m hoping this will be the ticket since I’m a yooper and we’ll soon be averaging our usual snowfall of approximate 300 inches. So as you guessed it I’m in the house alot in the winter. I would also like to share this with our kids & grandkids. Yoga is very popular to all ages & if I can find a Christian alternative for everyone this would be great. Thank you for this opportunity .sincerely, bevyjean

  65. I am from.a small town in southwest Kansas. I am 51 and in terrible shape. I have compromised knees. I am the furthest thing from graceful you can imagine. But I have 3 young grandchildren and I want to get on the floor with them. And also to strengthen by core and get into shape. Maybe if I work this program I will regain some energy and start to feel like living again.

  66. Hi Laurette,
    I am from California and I love your DVD praise moves. I have always wanted to do yoga but spiritually I did not feel right about it. I had heard its not good. I am thankful that you incorporate scriptures and worship with exercise. Its the best! I want to become more flexible and stay on a workout routine. I went to the gym for 3 years and now am trying do this from home. I worked with a trainer for a year. I now have some friends joining me at my home. I am excited about this new adventure and most of all meditating on the Word! God Bless You for all that that you do and teach!
    Blessings, Patty
    Antelope, CA

  67. Hi, Laurette! I am so excited to find you and your material. I have been looking for a way to keep fit body, soul, spirit and mind, in a way that would be honoring to God. Your exercise methods are wonderful, but even more wonderful is the Scripture and spiritual refreshment/accountability!! I know this is going to make a huge difference in my life. My boys, 5 and 7, were exercising with me (and you!) this morning here in eastern Iowa. Thank you! And blessings to you! Joyfully His, Sara

  68. Hi Laurette. I’m interested in PraiseMoves first of all to become healthier physically and spiritually while praising the Lord and honoring Him with my body. I’m also interested in possibly gathering with the women of our church to start a group together for the very same reasons in the future. I think it would be a great way to add fellowship, accountability and relationship building as well. I’ll be praying about that! God Bless!

  69. Thank you for this, i was just about to start yoga when i found praise moves and thank God for that.
    I am a Kenyan and my goal is weight loss and total health.

  70. I am from Mississippi. Since I am older (63), I am finding my balance and flexibility need some help. I have taken a few yoga classes. While I found it to be very helpful, I just have a problem

  71. Hi Laurette

    I’m a South African who immigrated to Australia 6 years ago. I would love to become a CPI for Praisemoves. There’s a lot of wonderful benefits when doing Praisemoves. With Praisemoves I will be able to praise God with my whole mind, body and soul.

  72. Hi I’m Jeane, from Harare, Zimbabwe. I came across Praisemoves in an article on BBC News and decided to google it. I have always wanted to do yoga but was not sure if this was the right thing to do for someone who is a Christian. Thanks for allowing God to use you this way.

  73. Hi, Laurette:
    I’m grateful for your including God’s Scriptures that I’ll be listening to as I stretch and gain more flexibility, which I hope will reduce all the pain in my body from fibromyalgia and 3 car accidents! I was always leery about participating in any yoga programs, and I’d always praise Jesus and call on His Name and pray to my heavenly Father when the instructor was babbling on about Eastern Ohms or whatever. I even told one instructor that what she had just taught us in her class was opening her and all of us to the demonic and that she shouldn’t be dabbling in anything like that and how dangerous it was. That was the last class I attended! So with PraiseMoves, I’m free from all that and blessed to be focusing on Him! Halleluia!!

  74. Hi I’m from California. God has blessed me with miraculous healing. I need to be more diligent to strengthen this body He has so blessed me with. I am an herbalist and holistic wellness professional and my practice is from a biblical perspective. My goal is to eventually become a Praise Moves instructor to add a physical aspect for my clients.

  75. hi. I am from Richmond VA. I am in serious need of loosing weight and getting healthy. The Bible says that our body is a temple and I have not been treating mine as such and so am starting to suffer medically because of it.

  76. Hello I’m Corinne from South Africa. My hubby and I are missionaries teaching children God’s ways. We live in an area far from Christian booktores and since we don’t have credit cards we cant buy offthe internet unfortunately but am looking to know how to tell people yoga is not good and have become lazy in exercise so looking for something calm but energizing. Thank you.

  77. I’m in Oshawa Ontario Canada and as a born-again Christian don’t believe in the pratices of yoga, although their exercises seem to be so good for the body,mind and soul, as does Tai Chi. I happened upon this site by Godsidence, So I look forward to checking out Praise moves since I need to tone up.

  78. I am 59 and a steward at my church. God has convicted me that being an unfit overweight child is not His desire. It is amazing that Christians are quick to call a “sin a sin” but Just as quick to make sure overeating is not on the list. It might impact all those church dinners where so many of us indulge. And we just don’t move consistently very much as we age. We need to move on our good days and on our bad days. Having confessed this to my Christian peers….they glossed over this confession as if I were making much of nothing. NOT SO! Poor nutrition and the failure to move enough are major causes of bad health and disease…..just other ways of defiling the body that belongs to God. Our church prayer list is full of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. I am a breast cancer survivor myself. So I am serious in looking for a partner in exercise and healthy eating……happy to find this program.

  79. Hi Laurette I live in Minnesota and was looking into yoga as a form of exercise to start but was uncomfortable with the spiritual emphasis and origins of it. While doing a web search I found your site and am excited about this Praise alternative. This feels so much more ‘right’.

  80. Hi there! I strive daily to follow His plan instead of mine, through prayer, Scripture and by doing activities that are in His favor. A year ago I had filed for divorce and my husband and I were living in separate homes. I had filed because I had convinced myself that this was the best decision for us both, and that I needed to have peace of mind. He asked me to give counseling a chance, and at first I didn’t want to, but later agreed under the condition that I go to my own counseling, which turned out to be the best thing for me, as my counselor was Christian and at my last session we prayed. And the closer I got to finalizing the divorce, the more miserable and lonely I felt. God revealed my own errors in the marriage, and for once I wanted to get on the right path. I dismissed the divorce proceedings in February of this year, and my husband and I are communicating so much better, and have found the love that was lost. I mention all this because since 1999 I’d been a yoga enthusiast, so now I want to immerse in God’s glory in EVERY aspect!

  81. Hi Laurette, I feel that God has led me to PraiseMoves. Over the years I have tried Yoga classes and videos/dvd’s but never quite felt comfortable. A few years ago I was having some health struggles and through prayer realized that I had not been eating the way God intended. I focused on real, whole foods and the change was amazing. I was led to become a Health Coach (graduated in July) and have a desire to include my faith and a biblical perspective in my practice. Several months ago I googled “Christian Alternatives to Yoga” and up popped your website. I have looked and there do not seem to be any classes in my community. I have been praying that my path would be revealed to me and though I haven’t even done PraiseMoves (yet) it has been put upon my heart to step out in faith- God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. So here I am πŸ™‚

  82. I have loved yoga, but felt it was missing Christ in it and wondered if there was a Christian Yoga.. and found that the two didn’t go together no matter how hard I justify it. I love the moves, and look forward to finding out more about PraiseMoves. Thank you
    Meg from Virginia

  83. Hello, I pray that God helps me to learn how to calm my mind and body. I love Him very much. Turning 40 has given me some surprise struggles with hormone imbalances. I pray that while I am getting those aspects under control, I can do some “praise moves” to keep my mind and body healthy.

  84. I recently was talking to my employer’s physical therapist about some exercise regiments and lifestyle changes I should start be implementing. My life is currently in flux, with a new job, a new city, and a first child all within 6 months! I have always been overweight, and I was a truck driver for most of my adult life, which limited me from having a “normal” life at home. Now that I am off the road, I am ready to plan the next chapter of my life, including losing this weight and improving my usefulness to my family.

    My PT said that I should look into exercise that I can see myself doing, but I have always hated traditional workouts like jogging and weightlifting. I heard that yoga could be used as a good beginner’s exercise for strengthening and improving posture, blood circulation, breathing, etc. As a Christian, I do not want to get involved in anything that detracts from Christ at the center of my life, and I have seen much evidence that yoga has an unbreakable bond to Hinduism. However, those benefits in stretching and strengthening my body, as well as taking my meditation with the Lord to a level never reached before, are why I am so excited about PraiseMoves, but I just do not know where to start! I look forward to beginning this journey, and hopefully introducing it to my wife if I am able to get any results from it in my life. Thank you for this ministry!

  85. Hi. I’ve enjoyed the physical benefits of yoga for several years, but have always kept my spiritual self at a distance because I know of its Hindu roots. I’m curious to see what kind of program you’ve developed and if I can successfully do this at home (I’ve never been good at exercising alone at home).

  86. Hello Laurette,
    I am Corey from North Carolina and, I had bought yoga DVD’s then started doing research and found out from you that as a Christian I really shouldn’t be doing yoga so I came to this site. I would love to improve my health and experience a greater spiritual connection with the Father.

  87. Hello,

    I have many ailments and exercise is difficult. The Lord placed on my heart to find something other than yoga because of the many prayer postures. I am excited to learn all that I can and become certified to teach. I pray that my body will benefit greatly from this ministry. I love the Lord and He heard my cry I’m tired of the pain of working out and the extra pounds around my belly when I don’t work out. I Thank the Lord for you and the Holy Spirit for directing me to search for something other than yoga. I met with my leaders tonight to receive Godly counsel on pursuing certification. I’m pleased to say, I have been given the green light however there is still some research to be done on my part.



  88. shalom!thank you for praise moves!i am writting from SWITZERLAND but normally i am between FRANCE and AFRICA. I was taking ancient hebrew classes with PRISCILLA from THE book of FRANK SEEKIN .MY GOD is so faithfull to 0pen the opportuinity with you.its an answer to my prayer during this 9 month of a big spiritual walfare!hope to share more and be able to become an instructor .be blessed for all the researched sharing .

  89. Good Morning! Jim here from Gardner, Massachusetts. I am currently working with our Pastor to create an 8 week get fit program for our Church Members! I came across your site while doing some research!

  90. Hello! I’m from Michigan and just learned of this program. I’m enjoying looking around your site and learning! And I agree with your assessment about yoga!

  91. I am from Laramie Wyoming. I have to loose 15 to 20 lbs by April for health reasons and I cannot think of a better way to begin getting in shape than to start praising our Lord.

  92. I am from northwest Ohio near Toledo. Some of my goals are to de-stress and help lower my blood pressure naturally, get more flexible, strengthen my core and muscles in general. focus on Jesus more and get healthier all around. I agree that Praise moves God and I love to praise Him and look forward to trying this out.

  93. Hi, I am from Edmonton Canada – stay fit and be full of energy. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Php 4:13

  94. Hi I’m from Northern CA and I just found out about your fitness program through an article you wrote about why Christians shouldn’t do yoga. I had a friend wanting to know if she should do yoga and always have wondered myself as a Christian if it was ok fir me to also. Now I am convinced to nit do yoga and am excited to do some exercises that engage my mind and spirit as well as my body. I’m not very self motivated to do exercise on my own, but I’m hoping your DVD’s will be ensuring and help me loss 15-20 lbs. Thanks

  95. Greetings, I am from Manteca, California. I am happy to have found your Christian Alternative to Yoga. I wasn’t aware of the meaning behind the yoga moves and their correlation to idols, until I felt convicted to research the meaning behind the poses. Once I found out the meaning, I began my search for alternatives to yoga and was relieved to find your site. My desire is to become more active, reduce stress and it’s affects to my body and especially to have a closer relationship with the Lord.

    Thank you for finding the way for so many of us to stretch, strengthen and praise the Lord.

  96. Hello: I’m from Colorado. My fitness and nutrition goals are to ease my lower back pain so that I can enjoy tennis and skiing to the fullest and eat foods that my body will digest easily, all with my heart open to God’s Grace. Thank you for putting this fitness program out there for us to find; its a blessing.

  97. Hi, I am from North Carolina. I am looking forward to becoming and staying fit for the rest of my life. I enjoy some forms of yoga and was delighted to find the Christian connection.

  98. Hi! I am Hayley residing in Savannah, Ga. The closest PraiseMoves class that is offered is about an hour dive. I am a member of a huge church and to my knowledge there are no fitness classes for women or men offered there, and eventually when I get certified I think it would be great to get PraiseMoves going. It is such a brilliant God-sent idea Laurette! Thank you for establishing this and your website is so informative! I moved to Savannah from NC a few years ago, and there is a very “new-age” mentality here surrounding the art district. I found myself paying way too much to attend yoga classes when I purchased a month unlimited at a studio that also offered Bare classes which I found is also great for stretching and the leader was playing some music that almost sounded like Christian music for a second, and I thought, “Man, it’d really pump me up to work out to some gospel music and pray” and that’s exactly what I need (all of us) is to memorize God’s word and TRANSFORM our minds not escape into an empty shell of a mind! What good is that? And on top of that I had never actually taken the time to look up what yoga really was but I knew that people really into that lifestyle typically were associated with Buddhism and I found myself becoming interested in new-age approach to things and THANK GOD my friend told me about PraiseMoves and the links you provided sealed the deal. I am so excited for the different ways God can reach people and I know He is moved when we praise Him!!!! Thank you again!

  99. I’m from Sherman TX and have been looking for a new exercise program after not doing any exercise for over a year because of injuries. I have been interested in yoga but was hesitant because of the meditation. Looking forward to meditating on the Lord and gaining strength again. Thank you

  100. Hello all,

    I am from Gore, OK. I feel the call of God on my life to empower Christians with the blessings of health and fitness. I see spiritual warfare occuring in our own churches and communities with the epidemic of obesity and poor health. As a Registered Nurse I see it firsthand and the impact it has on our own testimonies as Christians. I hope to learn how I can make an impact in my community and help others experience freedom from disease and obesity.

  101. Hi, I am from Memphis, TN and just found out about you from a friend wanting to take the 40 day challenge. I am already committed to a new eating plan for life but need to be more physically active. I have never been a yoga fan but thought I would look into this challenge and see if it would work to help me to get my extra pounds off and become more physically fit, in spite of physical limitations.

  102. Hi! I’m from the Philippines. I would like to deepen my faith as a new Christian, to have more of God and to strengthen me physically and spiritually. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  103. I need to build in more exercise into my life. I’m taking Zumba classes and am glad that most of the lyrics are in a language I cannot speak. Sometimes the instructor uses Hip Hop or other music with English lyrics and it is too sexual and worldly for my taste. I live in Los Angeles.

  104. I’m from Chicago, am 56 years old, and have been a born-again believer in Christ for many years. I also have plenty of experience with stretching and deep breathing through the Oxycise program, which is a great non-religious alternative to Yoga that gives me energy and helps me feel better, though I have not lost much weight with the program.

    A friend recently told me about Praise Moves when I told her I was looking for some faith-based workouts, so I thought I would check it out. I don’t have any money to invest in an exercise program right now, however.

    I have been obese ever since my pregnancy with my daughter in 1993. My goal is to lose about 80 pounds and take the excess weight off my joints to decrease my arthritis and asthma symptoms. I would like to feel fit and healthy for the remaining years of my life until the Rapture or my natural death, whichever comes first.

    God bless you all, and Maranatha!

  105. Hi Laurette! I’m from North Carolina and just ordered one of your dvds as I was searching for a “yoga-type” dvd my preteens and I could do together. We’re all at different fitness levels but we all could use regular stretching routine and a scripturally-centered program to promote spiritual serenity. I’m in my early 40’s & recently diagnosed with an significant thyroid problem that will take months and some radioactive treatment to address. It’s hard to exercise when I never know what my energy level will or won’t allow, and it’s been hard on my girls when I don’t have the energy to do physical things with them (outside of driving them to their dance or gymnastics classes). I can’t play at the park or even bikes with them right now, but I could do the beginner version of your low-impact Praise Moves while they do the intermediate/advanced moves. I look forward to the dvd arriving soon to not only improve our overall health, but also spend time together in a way we haven’t been able to do for a while. Thank you, in advance, for being a vessel for our Lord in this way!

  106. Hi,

    I’d like to echo the words that the other Tracy posted on 30 August. I’m looking forward to starting 2014 off with your DVD and reaching my goal of getting fit.

  107. Hi, I’m from Kodiak Alaska. I’m in my early 50’s and like a few of the others have been needing to get in shape for a long time. It’s been a life long struggle for me that I have given up on many times. I believe the Lord has told me now is the time to work toward better health and a better body. It’s a living sacrifice I can make that will benefit me physically and spiritually. As well as benefit my family and the people around me as I seek to minister to those in my home, church and community. Also I have an 11 year old daughter that will especially benefit from a more fit lifestyle in our home. Thank you for answering the call to fill this need in many people’s lives.

  108. Hello! I’m from Philadelphia, Pa and am so glad to have found your ministry! I used to practice yoga extensively when I fell away from The Lord into the New Age movement. God faithfully called me back to Him, I repented and ran to His open arms. I don’t feel right practicing yoga anymore since so many of the postures are named after Hindu gods and instructors often teach their mythology while doing those poses as well as instructing students in new age/Hindu metaphysics. I did miss the stretching and gentle muscle strengthening of the exercise, but did not want to go against the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I’m hoping to grow closer to God and to enjoy the stretching and strengthening! Thank you for this amazing ministry!

  109. Hi!! I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and my husband and I pastor a church. It is my desire to get in better shape and so I ordered the DVD to help me in this effort!!! A New Year – New Outlook!! GOD Bless You!!! Thank You So Much!!!

  110. Hi Laurette, thanks for praise moves. My goal this year is weight loss and wellness. I’ve been inhibited so much by by self image that it has affected my self esteem and confidence and I was to loose weight Gods way and look good for Gods glory also to be able to help others to find their way to fitness and ultimately to Christ who makes all things possible. ive been procrastianating and fast forwarding my weight loss goals for too many years now. i believe i need to develop the character to achieve this goal this year. thanks Laurette fir being used to of God to transform our lives. I’m from Kent in England, United Kingdom.

  111. I am looking for something that combines fitness with worship. If we could get making music in there someplace, it would be perfect since I am a musician and have no problem with the discipline of musical practice. The discipline of physical exercise is another thing! Combining exercise with devotion and worship sounds like a combination that will be successful for me. I have done considerable research into energy medicine and am very glad to see the Christian world becoming more aware of the importance of using our bodies and the energy of our bodies to worship. Thank you for giving a Christian alternative to yoga so that we can use the technics without compromising personal faith doctrines. I am from Havre, Montana.

  112. Hi Laurette, Charles here from Pretoria, South Africa!

    I envision first getting myself back into shape, then my family (wife & 3 boys) and then offer help to my spiritual family

    Thanks for your ministry and help offered.

    Bless you!


  113. Hello Laurette,
    from Ontario, Canada.
    Finally someone is providing an alternative to Yoga !
    I would like to get some DVDs.

  114. From San Diego CA and residing in College Park, GA.

    I envision being an active member of the PM’S Fitness Ministry in my home, my community, my church and my work in global missions and healthcare/wellness.

    God has been weaving together my life just as his word says. He combines the good and bad to create masterpieces for his Glory.


  115. Hello. I live in eastern Montana and am in nursing school. I also work nights at the local hospital. This means a lot of sitting to study. I am hoping that this program will help get me on a schedule that I can maintain through the coming semester. I have some of your videos and love them. They help me to not only get some exercise but more importantly they really help me keep my focus where it should be, on God.

  116. Hello! I live in Central New York. I grew up a dancer and doing aerobics. Since becoming a Christian 15 yrs. ago, I have had some opportunities for worship dance, which I love. About 4 years ago, I was looking for a good form of exercise to build my strength, balance and flexibility as I approached 40. I’ve been doing yoga, first at the YMCA, now at home. But lately God has put on my heart that even my exercise needs to be Christ-focused, and there are certain aspects of yoga and it’s history that are contrary to what I believe. And, now, some other homeschool moms have asked me about leading a “Christian yoga” class. Did some research and found you! Thanks!!

    1. Hi, Jennifer – You can certainly work out to PraiseMoves DVDs with your friends — and, as the Lord leads, apply to become a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor. We’d love to hear from you!
      Learn more about the Online and Live certifications here:

      Thank you for sharing with us. There’s nothing like being able to “Transform Your Workouts into Worship” with PraiseMoves! πŸ™‚

  117. Hi, for this year I need to find the right kind of movement to be more effective in my daily life.
    I have hypothroidism and would love to finally have more energy and improve my spiritual life as well. Thank you for making an alternative to something I was told to do for my conditions.
    God bless and richly pour out more good ideas to help us who can’t function properly.


  118. Looking to challenge myself with the praise moves and get fit in body ,mind,and soul. Perhaps taking this farther as an instructor. We will see where God leads my path.

  119. Hello! I am from Santa Fe, TN. I quit smoking in 2004 and switched my addiction to food; gaining over 50 pounds over the last few years.
    I was looking into yoga when I ran across your article in Today’s Christian Woman. Of course, I immediately changed my mind about yoga!! I will immediately check out your DVDs.

    Thank you and God Bless.

  120. hi Laurette, been a fan and follower of your program for a while but have been busy with full time work and school. now that I have finished my degree I am anxious to ‘deprogram and reprogram” my health and fitness routine (or the lack there of). it’s freezing here in the suburbs of Detroit!

  121. I need a change in 2014 to change my life for good! I am recovering bulimic and have been struggling with weight my entire life. I hope the 21 day will provide motivation for me. I hate exercise and am addicted to sugar. Going gluten free has helped a lot. I am looking forward to your 21 day program!

  122. Hola! Dios les bendiga, soy de Puerto Rico, reciban saludos y muchas bendiciones. Su programa es algo maravilloso pues nos fortalece el Espiritu, alma y cuerpo los cuales deben ser guardados irreprensiblemente para la venida del SeΓ±or. Dios te bendiga Laurette!

  123. Hi Laurette,

    Remember me, friend of Linda in Richmond, VA. So excited about the 21 Day Challenge; very much looking forward to the webinar. You asked to share what I would like to get out of this cool event…I think I just want to continue maintaining the healthy path I am on….and maybe lose 10 pounds and get back down near my used to be model-body….I am in my 40’s now and don’t like at all that band of thickness around my waist…yuk, yuk, yuk! I want that thing GONE! LOL Be blessed!

  124. Hi Laurette,

    Thank you for your commitment to God and in showing us how we can praise God with Praise Moves.. I want to get healthy this year, I want to be able to grow in my relationship with God much more. I live in Northwest Indiana, Gary, Indiana to be exact. God Bless you.

  125. Hi Laurette,

    Happy New Year! I live in central Florida and I want to get FIT! In my body, spirit, emotions, and finances. I know my God is able but I must avail myself in order for this to manifest in my life. Looking forward to linking up with you in the spirit and in your plan as you outline it to assist me in reaching my goal so I can serve out God’s purpose for my life. Many blessings to you and your ministry.

  126. Hi Laurette! I’m from Va and I want to lose weight and take better care of the my temple. I also want to spend more time in the Word this year.

  127. Hello Laurette, I first discovered PraiseMoves when my husband was stationed at Fort Belvoir, VA. I LOVED my instructors, Cynthia, Annette and Kay. Through their teaching and prayers, I was totally transformed mind, body and spirit. I am now living in W. Washington and with my schedule and routines changed, I have not been active in the program. I am excited to get back on the “mat” and transform my body, mind and spirit again! Blessings to you and your ministry!

  128. Hi I am from Rhode Island. I am the leader for our TOPS(Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Chapter. My goal for 2014 is to lead my chapter to a good weight loss and for me personally to finally start an exercise program so that I can be healthier in body, mind and spirit.

  129. Hi Laurette…..I am from Ontario Canada. I have enjoyed your DVD’s for the past year or so and when I am consistent with my exercise it is a blessing. May this year be a year of abundant health for each one of us that joins you in your ministry.

  130. Hi, I am new to PraiseMoves and looking so forward to getting certified and teaching. I am from Connecticut and want to grow in the word of God and share His message with those around me. Thank you for the gift and all you offer.

  131. Hi, Laurette!
    I still love to PraiseMove and have loaned out my DVDs to a friend (but I think she intends on keeping them). So I need something to help me get back into a regular worship/workout time and this challenge looks to be what I need. Plus I am embarking on a new health & wellness program/business and what better way to combine the two than to do this challenge! I am looking forward to the new year with expectations that God’s good and amazing Grace is here for me to receive and to share with others! Having a fit and healthy body is one way to give Him praise and to be an example to others! Thank you for your dedicated heart to Him and to healthy fitness! God over abundantly bless you.

  132. Hi,

    I’m from Indiana and am 56 years old. I would like to lose 10 pounds and tighten up, but also need to regain some of my flexibility that I seem to have lost. I do work out at the Y, but sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow me to get there, so I want to be able to work out at home.

  133. Hi. I’m from Georgia. Just having some health issues and need some encouragement both physically and spiritually. Thank you. πŸ™‚

  134. Hello everyone! My name is Heather Bayless and I live in Newcastle, OK. I have been a certified PraiseMoves instructor for several years now and have given private lessons, but would like to be more motivated to start teaching a public class at my church and possibly in my office building in 2014. I am going to ask other ladies at my church if they would like to take this 40 day challenge with me. Looking forward to it! See you Thursday at the webinar!


  135. Hi I’m from Des Moines and I’m looking for a deeper relationship with God, get back on track with healthy eating and to lose weight.

  136. Hi Laurette –
    I’m from Bethlehem and have almost all of your CD’s, but sure could use some encouragement from my Sister in Christ to get motivated again after this past year. Mom is terminally ill and I need to incorporate some balance in my life this year as we care for her along with all of life’s other responsibilities.

    Thank you for the gifts God has given you to use for HIS glory!

  137. Hi Laurette,
    I’m glad to see there are many people 50+ years old on here! πŸ˜‰ I am 51 and my stiff joints make me feel older than I want to feel! I’m a nurse for a clinic in Vermont, and due to the distance I travel, am gone 12 hours or more daily, Mon – Fri. That leaves little time for all the things I feel I need to get done at home, so exercise has been nonexistent. I am hoping that if I commit to this and have a team doing it with me, that maybe I can make the time and develop healthier habits. I love worshipping, so am looking forward to an exercise program that will let us offer our exercise as worship! Thank you for making this available to us!!!

  138. Hi Laurette – I have become greatly interested in fitness over the last year or so. It started with being challenged to run a 5K and it took off from there. My primary goal as a Christian, is to take care of the “Temple of the Holy Spirit”, feeling good inside and out. As my love of fitness grew, I wanted to help other women achieve that same thing. I went on to become a Certified Personal Trainer and currently instruct a fitness bootcamp in Sunset Beach, NC. I have wanted to learn yoga, primarily because of the flexibility and strengthening but was always leary of the word “yoga.” As a Christmas gift I received a beginner set of DVD’s for it. In the meantime, my husband looked up Christianity versus yoga and found your website. So here I am, wanting to try this out. I ordered your DVD and hope to learn a lot from it. In Him, Ginny

  139. Hi Laurette, Thank you for having prayed with me this evening. My prayer is that I will have Closer walk with God. I also wish to respect my body, The temple of the Holy Spirit. May God richly bless you.

  140. Yahweh’s Blessings to you!
    Thank you for the free gift. I am interested in Christian Body Building through natural and holistic ways. To share a testimony, Yahweh LORD Almighty blessed me to finish my first half-marathon last December 2013! The half-marathon taught me more than physical, but also spiritual lessons from the Holy Spirit. With the help of Yahweh I hope to run my first ever full marathon the end of this year 2014. What type of endurance fitness, nutrition, and stretches may assist me to reach my goal of running a marathon? Thanking the Most High and Exalted One for His Hand upon you to share His ministry through you to others. Radiant Health and Wellness for all, and His Peace to you, Virginia.

  141. I am very excited to be able to join this webinar! I live in NE Ohio, where there are no PraiseMoves classes less than an hour drive from me. ;-(( But I’ll be Watching the webinar from Florida. This is my 1st year as a “Florida Snowbird”.
    My goal is to Teach PraiseMoves @ our local YMCA. ( I know this will be possible – through God & because (over an hour away) There are MULTIPLE PraiseMoves classes available at another YMCA!!
    I want to learn & to teach PraiseMoves because it is God who gives us our breath & life! I want to honor Him IN my every breath & in all parts of the life He gives me.

  142. Hi! I’m from Connecticut but will someday retire to some place warm — Tucson, Arizona here I come! I have been exercising regularly for almost 2 years — elliptical, bike, walking, hiking, free weights and bands, but I am VERY tight and have suffered with a sciatica like condition on the back of my right leg for months. My chiropractor suggested yoga since she believes the nerve is being inflamed by too-tight muscles. I would love to have that healed, become more flexible and sleep more soundly. Thanks!!

  143. I’ve been using the Praise Moves work outs for over 5 years. continue to tell friends about it and even did the work out with a co-worker.

    It’s a great way to start my day! Thank you.


  144. I am from Indiana. I have been doing a little yoga for a leg/back problem with much help but found as a Christian, a little uneasy. I googled Christians doing yoga and came upon your website. Thank you for your information. I am excited to get your program….seems like many of the stretches are similar, but I will enjoy the scriptures and praises. I am looking forward to using this to continue to heal in Him.

  145. Hi Laurette!
    I am hoping in the next couple of weeks to happily partner with Willis Ministries!
    I have been busy working on a manuscript for people on welfare to improve their fitness and health, and I feature PraiseMoves in my material =)
    My PraiseMoves classes, God has enabled me to offer for free, 3 times per month, all this year!
    Tomorrow I am doing some direct marketing, and just want to Praise God for this awesome opportunity and for the privilege of being a CPI!
    Very excited!

  146. Hi Laurette!

    I am looking forward to becoming more disciplined spirit, soul and body! Desiring to seek God more in 2014; lose weight and incorporate exercise into my daily routine. Thank you!

  147. Hi, Laurette,
    Thank you for being an inspiration! I am a Music Minister and a private teacher of Praise and Worship music, on the piano and keyboard, living in Mesquite, TX. Is there presently a Church, locally, holding Praise-Move classes? If so, I’d like the name of the church and the schedule, if possible? Thank you so much. Have a successful “Praise-Moving” year! Happy 2014!
    Blessings, Tawny

  148. Hi Laurette! I discovered your site some time ago but have not been able to afford the products. Currently unemployed. Tried to contact trainer in my area….I am in Lansdowne, PA–Southwest of Phila, PA. The PA lady never responded and the Jersey one would do private lessons but too far for me. I look forward to hearing the seminar tonightand thank you for the free 21 day program. I can do to my own praise music!

  149. Hi! I currently live in Duluth, GA. I’m 27 years old and my husband is in the pastoral ministry. Over the past two years, we have been through an extremely emotional and stressful time, brought about by difficult experiences at a church we were serving in. We have moved to 6 different homes within that timeframe as well, and now we are back in GA (after being in S. Florida for a year and a half), and I am back working full-time, sitting in an office and staring at a computer all day. I’ve been having major issues with back/neck pain, and I also know that all the stress has accumulated in my body, even without “feeling” stressed all the time. I’ve also started having symptoms of being very tired, shaky, etc., which are possibly coming from my thyroid being out of balance. I had started looking at possibly doing yoga to help relieve some of the stress, but became wary of that after some research. I’m so glad to have found praise moves and love the idea of redeeming things for the Lord. He, after all, is our Creator, and knows our bodies most intimately. I’m looking forward to learning more about praise moves tonight, and being able to get started! I wish I had some praise moves classes close to me! Thank you!

  150. Hi, I’m Regina from the western side of Texas. My husband and I live on a farm and I teach 1/2 days and take care of my MIL. Even though we grow a lot of our food, I still find myself eating the wrong things and not exercising. Yes, we work hard but I can feel a difference in my body and am not able to do as much as years past. I’m hoping to not only build strength, but to be motivated enough clean up my eating habits. I’ve visited your site and like the idea of building my spiritual strength at the same time!

  151. Hi Laurette!

    My desire is to prosper in every area of my life, but I often neglect my physical body. As of today, that will no longer be my story. πŸ™‚ I was in a car accident in 2012 and a lot of people suggested that I take yoga. I didn’t feel comfortable with that and came across Praise Moves. I’m excited to become a Praise Mover. πŸ™‚

  152. Hi,

    I am 38 and from Rochester, NY. In Christ I can do all things! Praying the Lord motivates me to continue as I started the PraiseMoves DVD in my home had a lull and now am trying it at church. My goal is to work on regulating chemicals, and strengthening mind, body and spirit. Praying we all surrender to the only one that can make it happen, our Lord, Jesus Christ. May God bless you.


  153. Hello from Arkansas!
    Time to get back in shape after the holidays with careless eating and not much time for exercise! May God direct our paths as we commit our ways to Him…

  154. Having been blessed to release a significant amount of extra weight in the past year and a half, through making better food choices, I’d love to strengthen and tone my muscles and skin, and maintain the new weight the Lord has allowed me to achieve. I haven’t been much for exercise since high school Physical Education classes more than 25 years ago…

    I love your Biblical concepts within the exercise programs you have designed. Exactly what I need, and I hope I can incorporate them into my life. Thanks and God’s Blessings!

    I’m from central California.

  155. My wife , Betty and our autistic daughter, Amy have begun the 40 day fit and fabulous program. They have been enjoying am and pm praise moves, thankyou for all your efforts We are from Oak Hill West Virginia.

  156. Hi Laurette!
    I have actually owned a couple of your DVD’s for quite a while and literally just broke out “The Christian Alternative to Yoga” yesterday. After going through the workout, I decided to see if you still had a website and found this page which ultimately led to my attending your webinar earlier this evening. I have been cautiously curious about yoga and meditation for a long time as it has been recommended to me over and over. What little I have done with yoga(mostly Giam and once with an Element DVD) has intrigued me and I enjoyed it, but always had an uncertainty about its spiritual side and others including my husband warned me of how easy it was to be slowly indoctrinated in. I am really excited to re-discover Praise Moves as I learn more and hope to not have to be hesitant about bad implications. I hope to reduce stress, lose weight and grow in my relationship with God. Thank you so much for continuing this ministry and for your servant heart!

  157. Hi !
    From Jenks, Ok, I would like to buy DVD Power Moves, but don’t see it ( ? ). I would like to try and lose75 lbs. Bought e-book Maker’s Diet Revolution already. I need to exercise, but can’t stay motivated since I quite Yoga. All I do is eat & sleep !!!!

  158. Kia ora (Hello – ‘be well’) from NEW ZEALAND.

    I am 37, a school teacher/personal trainer and 2 years ago I had a full left hip replacement and just getting back into my own fitness and seeing what I can do.

    I have over 12 years of experience as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer and hope in the next 18 months to convert my ‘games-room’ at home into a fully equipped exercise studio. I’d like to leave teaching and return to helping people ‘be well’. I will look into your certification and on-line courses as this could be a good programme I would love to deliver.

    I had also previously attended yoga classes (over the years) and enjoyed the physicality but not the philosophy so interested in trying your programme out. Once I looked at a few web-sites and stumbles across yours I immediately knew and was convicted that I should definitely put the Lord first and stay away from traditional Yoga classes despite the parts I liked.

    Thanks for your work!

  159. Hi Laurette!

    From Olathe, KS. I have been diagnosed with a disk degeneration disease and the recommended exercise has always been YOGA; however, a close friend brought to my attention the background of YOGA and how it isn’t of GOD. I also have a severe anxiety disorder and have been seeking a means of stress relief in the form of exercise.

    I am very excited to have found your website and Praise Him for leading me here. I’m looking forward to losing weight to aid in my back pain all while worshiping my Lord. God Bless!

  160. Hi Laurette,

    I’m a Kansas sunflower grandma of 72. The ol’ bod is drooping and needs toning, reshaping and the loss of some extra pounds that are doing me NO good! Our precious Father is giving me some wonderful ministry opportunities and I need to be spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally fit to serve Him well. Exercise is not my favorite thing, but maybe after these 40 days it will rank a lot higher. May He continue to anoint your work for Him.

  161. I live on the beautiful Outer Banks of NC.
    The global response to your program is awesome! I’m looking forward to all of the components of the Challenge. I think the accountability aspect is going to be most beneficial. I also appreciate the connection btwn body, mind and soul and your passion and dedication to our Lord and Savior and your willingness to do your part to get your sisters/brothers in SHAPE!

    Just read Jo Ann’s, our Kansas sunflower grandma’s response – she will be my inspiration!!!

  162. I live in Scottsdale, Az πŸ™‚ I am still a little confused how Christian yoga is a problem. Is it the word “yoga”? Just as if a non-Christian group were to start calling them Christ followers when their actions have nothing to do with Christ? Or is it the stretches/poses that are the issue/ or both? I find that I am so centered and relaxed after yoga….it feels just like exercise to me.

    Thank you for your dedication to your work and helping us understand yoga and exercise πŸ™‚


  163. Hi ~ I’m from Texas and in my mid-fifties. I love the idea of yoga, but have never been comfortable with the spiritual aspect of it. This seems to be a great alternative.

  164. Hi Laurette, I live in South Orange, New Jersey. I am interested in the 40 days challenge. I am at a stage in my life where it is important that I change my eating and exercise habits. My participation with other Christains would be a great way to begin this challenge.

  165. Hi Laurette:

    I live in North Carolina. I was finishing another book on health issues; that happen to recommend yours. Looking to start back exercising this year. Thought this was something I could also share with others. Thx

  166. I’m from Texas. Wanting to feel closer to God daily and removing food as my stress release. I eat when I’m stressed and bored. Praise sounds like a good meal replacement. Looking forward to your program’s help.

  167. from alaska, a friend introduced me to your site and i am excited to join her in trying your program out. am especially interested in the scripture and in the accountability. (i hate gym style fitness-boring!) i need to lose at least 15lbs and have recently experienced some joint issues. also would like to avoid the family history of high cholesterol , blood pressure and diabetes. thanks! anxious to start

  168. Hi,

    I’m looking forward to a new me. One who is being transformed in body, soul, and spirit. I have read your book “Basic Steps to Godly Fitness” even downloaded it to my iPad to use as reference.
    I learned many things and am looking forward to putting them into practice. Thanks for all you are doing, Laurette, to help women like me who need to lose weight and draw closer to God.

  169. hello I am doing this for my wife she can not do a lot to loss weight due to her very bad back and pain she is in. I love and pray for her every day I hope and pray this helps her. Our sons and I will be doing this with her. we are from West Plains Mo we will be starting program 1st of Feb. thank you and God Bless

  170. I live on a farm outside Macomb OK! I want to walk closer and closer to God each day and I want to become healthier as I do! I am overweight and have some minor health issue and I want to lose the weight and improve my health by learning to eat right and exercise and stay in Gods word.

  171. Hi , I live in Saint Joseph, Michigan. I have been ill. I started doing yoga at the y. God convicted me and my friend at the same time. We have both been struggling with what to do because we really did feel better from the yoga. Or we thought we did. I am excited to try this. I am a Christian and do not want to be offensive to God or lead others wrongly. I wish there was a class at the y.

  172. Hi – I’m from Louisiana and just stumbled on your website while surfing the internet for info about Christian exercise. Never heard of PraiseMoves, but love the idea of Christian exercise DVDs. Years ago, I attended Christian aerobics classes at a nearby church, done to contemporary Christian music and loved it. Nothing similar in my area now. So…am looking forward to seeing what PraiseMoves is all about.

  173. am from Grand Junction Colorado. I am a 59 year old male and a new Christian looking for flexibility without hindu yoga as well as realizing my body is a temple and i want to take better care of it. Thanks.

  174. I’m from Atlanta, GA and my goal is to become healthy and fit while growing closer to Jesus.. I would also like to eventually teach PraiseMoves to others.

  175. Hello there, I am a former yogi from Chesterfield, Va area. Recently, the Lord opened my eyes to the fact that yoga does not mix with my Christian faith. I prayed that He would provide an alternative, as I do not believe that Father would want me to give up the stretching and strength building benefits of yoga. While doing research, I discovered PraiseMoves and saw it as an answer to prayer. I would love to continue to enjoy the benefits of stretching/strength building, with the added bonus of meditating on my God and HIS word. It’s a perfect combination, working on mind, body and spirit all at once! My ultimate goal is to be all that the Father has created me to be and to do the work HE has prepared beforehand for me to do. Eph 2:10

  176. Hi Laurette, I am from Amarillo, TX and I was thrilled to have stumbled upon PraiseMoves. I recently started doing yoga but felt uncomfortable about some of the things happening during instruction. I am so excited to begin the DVD and feel good all around. Thanks!

  177. Hello! I live in Orlando, Fl. I would like to become healthier in all aspects of my life. I have never done yoga, I am a Praise and Worship Dancer for the Lord. I was born to dance. I always considered yoga, yet never tried it and have no desire now that I know about…PraiseMoves. I am rejoicing that this exist. My goal is to share this with others…and allow it to be a beacon of hope in many aspects of their lives.

  178. Hi, I’m from Bakersfield, CA. I have problems shutting my thoughts down at night leading to insomnia and/or interrupted sleep almost nightly. My doctor recommended yoga and guided relaxation, but I didn’t want to go that route. I found you in a Google search for a Christian alternative to yoga, and I am so thankful! I hope to find a way to channel my thoughts from worry to meditation (as you’ve noted), to gain lost flexibility and lose weight, too. Not too much to ask, eh? I’m so thankful for the path you’ve walked and pray I will be a path for others to follow as I find victory in Jesus. God bless you!

  179. Hi from Ohio. I need to start an exercise program to improve both flexibility and weight. Finding one that can also improve my daily walk with the Lord is an added bonus! Thanks!

  180. Hi, I love to worship my Lord, and I think is awesome to work out with worship songs, it is our spirit, soul and body, as one to praise Him, plus we need to take care of the temple of the Holy Spirit <3 . Thank you sister

  181. Hi Laurette

    I bought your video with the 20 minute praise moves (PM) just over a year ago. I was prompted in my prayers to take it out and commit to doing PM 5 times a week starting January 1, 2014. I have exceeded that so far and the benefits to my spiritual life and peace have exceeded any expectations.

    God is the God of surprises when we obey:)I am from NH and have been praying about what to do in retirement; praying for a purpose. I have been a HS science teacher since 1976. I think I may train to become certified to teach PM and become an itinerant teacher around the NH (Nashua specifically) area. I have been a certified fitness trainer and aerobics instructor since 1985 as well.

    If I do decide to train I will come to OK because one of my best buds lives there and I think I could stay with her or at least visit her, and be trained in person. But who knows, you may be in this area at some time to do face to face training…

    My goal/wish is to obey God, listen to what He wants for my life. PM has quieted and MOVED me in ways to hear God in new and deeper ways. I want to spread the NEWS and Praise moves.

  182. I am from Marshall, TX and I have NEVER enjoyed exercising!!! I am not over weight, but I wouldn’t say I am healthy either. I recently visited 3 yoga classes and I TOALLY enjoyed the strecthing/exercises….however after researching the origin I just can’t cross my conscious and “begin practicing”….I searched the internet for alternatives and foune you. I really want to increase my flexibility, decrease stress, etc.

  183. Hi Lorette, I’m living in Northern Canada, so happy to find your web site, (especially suited for praying Christians). I’m an 85 year old Mom of eleven adult children, who is looking forward to perfecting my health ( body and soul ) more and more.

  184. Hi, I am a believer in the LORD Jesus Christ and am from Rio Rancho, NM. I’m 54 and have been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome and other tension issues for a long time. My doctor has suggested yoga for several years and I’ve not wanted to deal with the pagan issues of yoga, so I was very glad to find out about PraiseMoves.

  185. Hello! I’m from Southeast Idaho and am excited to get into Praise Moves. I’ve been very ill for the past few years, misdiagnosed and on a lot of toxic medications that only made me worse not better. Needless to say, I’ve gained weight and lost fitness as a result. I’ve finally found a health practitioner I believe is truly going to help me – there’s a long road of physical healing ahead of me. I’m hoping this program will help me regain some fitness, manage my fibromyalgia-like symptoms, and at the same time draw me closer to the Lord.

  186. Excited to challenge and strengthen my spirit, soul and body for the glory of Yahweh! I need to increase discipline in my life and I believe the Holy Spirit will use this challenge to do just that!

  187. Hi! I am from Waycross, Ga. Since turning 51 I have had recurring low back pain and have gain about 25 pounds. I used to powerwalk 4 miles a day; however, all exercise stopped when I started having back pain and seeing a chiropractor. In the last 6 months I have decided that I want to get back in shape. I’m going to start a cleanse eating system andget back on a schedule of exercise. I look forward to incorporating Praise Moves into my days when walking is not available.

  188. Hello, I’m from Alaska. I’ve been taking a yoga class for some time now (I have a friend who’s really into it) and enjoy the health benefits of it, but it also makes me really uncomfortable that it may not be a Biblical thing to do even if I focus on God during the practice. I hope to get all the health benefits of yoga, without any of the yoga spiritual stuff.

  189. Hello! In 2011 I had gastric bypass surgery due to my ever failing health and have lost 140 pounds since. I want to keep it off and also lose about 25 more pounds as I still have a bmi of 27 and would like to get it down to the 20-25 range.In December, 2013 I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and had a lumpectomy. The doctor was not able to it it all and now I have to undergo a single massectomy and reconstructive surgery. This will take place in the next couple of weeks. Praise God that it is localized in one breast and no lymph nodes are involved, and I had a BRCA test which came back negative. I have done extensive research and found that yoga is very good form of exercise for this cancer, but being Christian wanted to find a alternative for it. I also found that diet is also very important and have been making lifestyle changes, again wanting to do it God’s way. I also have a deep desire to help others who are in the same boat I was in a couple of years ago so that they don’t have to go thru what I went thru. Other than the cancer I am very healthy now and I know God didn’t help me to get healthy just for me to get cancer, but is also giving me another group of people to minister to as I go thru it as well. So for now my main goal is to get and stay healthy. Because I can do all things thru Christ Jesus who Strengthens me. And because God’s people are hurting in their bodiy, spirit, and soul.

  190. Hi Laurette,

    I live in a suburb right outside Portland, Oregon. I am so excited to be receiving your DVD soon. I am 53, have fibromyalgia, and have just applied for full time disability. I have worked full time since I was 18, and have reached a point where my body and memory can no longer work in a traditional job. I feel as if the Lord has directed me to you. When I was in my 20’s, I absolutely loved the yoga classes I attended. However, in my spiritual journey over the last 10 years, I have come to know in my heart that yoga was not a practice that honored God, but instead focused on spiritual practices in opposition to His Word. Finding your program is perfect for what I am looking to do at this point in my life. I have stopped (almost completely) eating processed foods, and am focusing on eating what God put on this earth for us to eat. I have lost 30 lbs. so far, and am looking to loose about another 20. I know that the physical aspect of stretching (yoga type poses) helps you to become more aware of what is going on in your body. Through this program, I am hoping to become more flexible, create more strength, to get my blood flowing, and continue on my road to loosing more weight, helping with the pain in my joints, especially my hips.
    Thank you for listening to God’s will and plan for your life. By your willingness to listen and courageously step out to create this ministry, you are touching many lives. You are helping people with the bodies God gave them, and at the same time bringing them into a praise and worship relationship with Him, our Heavenly Father.

    God Bless You,

  191. Hello! I am excited to try this, as I used to do yoga, etc., but want to get fit and strong in a Christian way. I will be 56 soon and just moved back up to MN. Would like to achieve flexibility and strength. Thank you.

  192. Hi from Kansas! I love the way a yoga practice makes me feel but not what it is. As a busy woman it is also hard to find time for exercise and quiet time with God. This sounds like the perfect fit! I can’t wait for my video to arrive!

  193. Hi Laurette.

    I live in Birmingham, AL and I am about to turn 50 years old.
    I am an exercise physiologist who has been teaching group exercise since 1986. I not only have a passion for teaching others about exercise and a healthy lifestyle but also have a passion for praising God through worship songs. For several years now, I have wanted to start a ministry through my church using praise music to teach exercise classes but have not had the time because of my busy lifestyle with work and family to get it all together. I teach 12-15 group exercise classes a week as well as swim lessons and personal training, plus have a family of 3 girls and a husband to take care of. I was so excited to find your program because you have just made my job much easier and now I don’t have any excuses to wait to get started. I have had a friend from church also approach me about getting an exercise program started at the church. I am excited to see what will become of it. I am interested in all of your programs because I work with people of all ages and abilities. I look forward to finding out more about your programs. Thanks so much!!

  194. hi! I am from the Paducah,Ky area. I have been a personal trainer for 7 years and would like a way to turn my job over to the Lord. I am glad I found your website and look forward to learning from you!

  195. Hi Laurette!

    I am from Noblesville IN. I have been interested in the benefits of yoga – the stretching, balance and calmness – however I didn’t want to the beliefs that go a long with it. As a Christian I just didn’t feel comfortable opening myself up to anything. I am thrilled to find Praise Moves and cannot wait to try with my daughter.

    Thank You!

  196. I’m a 56 year old woman looking for an exercise class that motivates my soul as much as it might exercise my body. I want to enjoy exercise, and there is some great Christian music out there today which is just perfect to dancing routines. I watched your video clip for the song “Shackles” – love that. I’ve looked at zumba, but it’s a little ‘too much over the top’ for me. I’m currently in a jazzercize class which is great, but the music is borderline hip hop rock stuff and mostly I can’t understand a word they are singing. I love to be motivated by music to get me on my feet. I am on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, next to Delaware.

  197. I have been doing yoga for a few years and have gotten much benefit from it; increase in strength, posture, flexibility and balance. I am 63 years old and have been a Christian for 37 years. I have always been interested in exercise and throughout the years have done numerous type of workouts from step classes, weight training, ect, but the most all over benefit has been yoga. Being a Christian, I wanted to find a way to combine my exercise with devotion and praising the Lord. My goal is to become a certified teacher to share this blessings with others. I am presently leading a small group of ladies from my church one day/week. I would like to know how I could take an exam for my certification. I have been working in a medical field since 1975 and have my CPR.

  198. Hi, I am from New Mexico. I am the director of a child development center at our church. I was looking around for a Christian fitness program and came across an article about PraiseMoves on the CBN website. I look forward to trying your program. I need to get back into a regular exercise program and the fact that yours is Christian is perfect for helping me stay healthy physically and spiritually!

  199. From Calgary, Alberta. Wanting to worship and stretch especially my iliotibial band syndrome which has been causing much pain in my hips and seriously limiting mobility. Yoga is bad bad news but why not combine stretching and worship – wonderful!

  200. Hi, I`m from Norway.
    I`ve recently tried yoga, and it worked very well, but I have now read several articles and clips on youtube that warned me against it.

    Now I`m trying your program and I hope it can improve my health (stress etc.) and my faith in Jesus Christ! Amen

  201. Hi, I’m from South Central Kentucky, but now live in South West China (foothills of the Himalayas). I managed to stay fit with the first four babies, but after the last two I’ve been in survival mode between homeschooling, living in a different culture, helping my husband with the work to which the Lord called us overseas, cooking meals from scratch, and just general housekeeping. I would love to become more fit so that I can serve my Lord better!

  202. Hi I’m Rita and I’m from Saint John New Brunswick. I am looking forward to trying your program. I need alot of guidance and perservance as I tend to get off track very easy, so hoping this program keeps me moving both physically and spiritualy.

  203. Hi, I am from Mississippi. I am a retired school teacher, age 62, who suffers from fibromyalgia. Yoga is always the suggested exercise due to the stretching. However, as a believer of Christ, I have never participated because I do not want to practice idolatry. I am very excited to find a Christian form of stretching exercises. YAY!

  204. Hi! We currently live in South Texas, but will be moving to Washington state soon. I have been doing a fabulous fitness program and am looking to diversify. I don’t know much about praise moves, but I am eager to learn about your program.

  205. Hi, I’m from Brentwood, CA (northern CA). I’m finding that at 62, I”m more fluffy than fit. I’m hoping that PraiseMoves Gold is the fitness program God has designed especially for me! Thank you for thinking of the seniors.

  206. Hi,

    Thank you for your obedience to God’s call to develop PraiseMoves! I’m from Minnesota … Brrr πŸ™‚ I’m 53 years young (about 1/2 way through my journey on this earth) and am so pleased that God has directed me to your website. PraiseMoves directly confronts my deep concerns about yoga, and with God’s truth, it enables us to transform our minds with the richness of His word … Yes, Praise moves God!!

    I am planning on implementing PraiseMoves in a fitness and nutrition club that is targeted to open this summer. I like that PraiseMoves reaches every age group from children to senior adults … THANK YOU!

  207. Hello! It’s crazy how I learned about you all and decided to start this program, and it’s so cool to see God work to keep us on the right path.

    I was watching TV the other night and saw a demonstration for a yoga program and thought it would be great to start doing some kind of program that I can do from home, since I have long work hours and don’t want to have to go to the gym in my free time. So, I started looking other yoga programs and typed in something about Christian yoga, and saw different articles on what yoga really entails, including the pagan worship.

    Then I saw Praise Moves and looked into it, and couldn’t be happier! I am really excited to get started!

  208. I need to get started moving my body. I haven’t been exercising for a long time. I need a lot of stretching, have a lot of aches and pains. Want to feel strong and healthy again. Need to make dietary improvements as well.

  209. Hi, my name is Helen and I am from shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I was looking for an alternative to Yoga and I found it!

    I am 51 and notice that my body is getting really inflexible and I am gaining weight. My hope is to change my flexibility and maybe drop some punds whle I am doing it.

  210. Hi,
    I live near Atlanta, GA (Dunwoody) and am in good shape. I have been taking Yoga classes and listened to the Webinar the other night. Awaiting to see if God has a ministry here with PraiseMoves for me to lead others…..

  211. Hi Loretta! I live in south Alabama and lean toward a healthier lifestyle! Thank you for all this valuable information! I was able to watch the Truth about Yoga webinar and now look forward to this health and diet webinar! Very excited to have this online learning program! PTL!

  212. Hi i am from New Zealand always been interested in yoga type exercise but always haven’t done it because of the spiritual side of things so happy to have something like it and being able to praise God.

  213. I just completed the CPI program and desire to lead people in Fitness and in growth with the Lord. I am 61 and about to retire, or at least cut back to 3days a week from my job. I see fitness as a ministry first, (as a witnessing and ministering tool). My desire is to lead people away from secular gym unto a more godly exercise program. What a great tool PraiseMoves ™ is … to aid Believers in both physical and spiritual growth, and to open church doors to unbelievers who might not otherwise come in.

  214. HI – I am from Lake Mary, Florida just north of Orlando. There are many things I am looking for… learn more scripture, worship God thru movement, grow stronger and more agile physically, spiritually, mentally. And.. someday, I would like to be an instructor… Thank you for this… MMM

  215. Aloha from Hawaii!!! I am so pleased to see a workout exercise video giving praise to God. I love to praise dance. This is so refreshing. Thank you! I am a graduate student completing my masters in media studies and my thesis project is a Christian fitness video. I would love your or any instructors input/collaboration/advice. This is so inspiring!

  216. Hi Laurette, I am from South Africa. I am 53 years old, married and the mother of two teenage girls. I am a Christian who has been looking for an alternative to yoga. I have never done yoga because of the spiritual side of it but have seen in friends and family the benefits of the excercises. I also love the idea of praising God in and through my workout! So… I am keen to get started with the program and my long term goal is to get qualified as a PraiseMoves instructor. Kind Regards, Alison.

  217. Hi, I am from Virginia. My goal is to get a fit – body,mind and soul. My friend Dawn introduced me to the program and I am going to try the 40 day Challenge for Lent.

  218. I am from Kansas and am looking for something gentle on the body, but did not want to participate in Yoga due to many of the spiritual poses that represent worship to Hindu deities. I think many Christians are also unaware. I love all friends from every background and religion, but this was not ok for me. Thank you for an alternate that is also safe for our joints and does not overextend or injure our bodies, This was also important,

  219. Hi, I’m from KS and I recently was thinking about doing yoga and went so far as to by a DVD. My pastor was teaching a class on Revelations and the subject of yoga came up. I talked to him about it, how it was spiritualism and it was not God centered. I did do the yoga DVD once and some of the poses conflicted with my own walk with God so haven’t done it since. I am so glad I found your website and learned what yoga really is and am looking forward to starting your program.

  220. Thanks for developing this! I’m from San Diego, CA, a 46 year old runner and looking for a way to stretch and relax. I love the idea of incorporating more time with God with caring for the body He gave me.

  221. Hi! I am from Iowa. I have had some health issues with my adrenals. Better food choices and a lot of prayer have helped, but I feel it is time to get moving again. I need something gentle like yoga, but knew there was no way I was going to do yoga because of the spiritual aspect. I am glad there is an alternative! I am looking forward to see how God will use Praise moves in my life! πŸ™‚

  222. Hi! Im from Elon, NC. 19 year old College student, I was really excited to find this program since I was looking for a different more inspirational and motivational way to exercise and stay healthier. I was starting to look into Yoga, because I am currently dealing with depression as well as a lot of physical pain and stress from school and work. I didnt know the dangers of it until I had a friend warn me about the dangers of Yoga as a Christian, I was doing research when I ran across this program and really liked the concept and idea of it! I figured why not give it a try?! Its the perfect combination of spiritual, mental, and physical exercise! and what better way to deal with my physical pain and depression than to put it all in Gods hands? Im really excited about this and being able to grow closer to God through it as well!

  223. I injured my back at work, went thru physical therapy and got only minimal improvement. I was ready to take an early disability retirement. I started doing yoga (no meditation, just exercise) and the yoga exercises got me strong enough to go back to work. I was doing the exercises while listening to Christian teaching or worship music. Then a few years ago, I went to a Be In Health conference and they railed on yoga, occult. I was upset, cuz I didn’t want to quit doing what worked better to keep me in shape than all the other work outs I’ve ever done. I could do 20-30 minutes a day and stay in GREAT shape. I quit doing the yoga, repented and renounced any ties to the occult and tried going back to The Firm aerobics with weights (which is what I was doing before I got injured). I’m 61 yrs old now and my joints can’t handle it like 20 yrs ago. So I just walk on my Health Walker, but I’d like to do more weight/core strengthening exercises. I’ve gone from size 5 to size 8. I go to a Be In Health “walk out” meeting every week, and the Pastor sent me a link to your website. From the pictures I see, the poses sure look like yoga (with different names to the poses) to me, but I ordered your am/pm and slow motion videos. We’ll see how it goes.

  224. Hi, thank you for the free 21 day offer. I am from Minnesota. I have been teaching yoga for five years in April. I really enjoy it, but have had some questions whether it is Christian. As I walk deeper with Christ He has revealed to me that it is in my intensions. My intensions are exercise based…assisting people in proper positioning, injury prevention, and educating. Back in 2010 I was introduced to Holy Yoga. A friend of mine encouraged me to enroll. Last year I was introduced to Devotional Yoga. I didn’t enroll in either of these. I felt that if God wanted me to intercede and plant a spiritual seed He would bring to mind His words. I still feel this way. Last month, I was asked to teach yoga at a church for 11 weeks and possibly beyond. A week later I was asked to speak about Yoga, the mind-body connection, Meditation, the importance of proper breathing and give a shorten yoga class to the community. I give this speak tomorrow; so I was doing a little research today when I found your website. I honestly am not sure what will come of this; because if it is God’s will, then whatever goals I set will be far outstretched by the Lord. Thank you for all of the time and effort placed in Praise Moves. God Bless, Wanda

  225. I work at a fitness center doing aquatic aerobics and would like to do some kind of stretching exercises for arthritis individuals, I have rheumatoid arthritis and was doing yoga for many years and it helped my condition greatly. I am not able to call what I do “Praise Moves” although I want to do what I hope to do and honor God in the process. It is a public facility and so naming it would be up to me as I would be the instructor, can I become certified through your organization and call it something generic like “Healing Stretching”? I live in a rural community in Montana so I am thinking that I would have to participate through the internet.

    Thank you!

  226. I live in a small city south of Birmingham, AL. It is my desire to lose weight and become healthier. Rarely do I sleep more than three straight hours a night. I, too, was diagnosed with fibromyalgia years ago but I just keep on going. Having been slim all of my childhood and young adult years, it is very difficult to lose weight. I’m 63 years old and have absolutely no hormones left:-). All of my weight problems started going south when taken off natural HRT abruptly; no sleep, brain fog, weight gain, etc. I’ll need a tremendous amount of encouragement as I have a husband who can and does eat everything and does not have a weight problem. God bless you for what you are doing to try to improve other people’s lives.

  227. Hi there. I am a new resident of beautiful northern Panhandle of Idaho. God has created so many beautiful places in this world and I am so fortunate to be here. I have mobility issues due to arthritis and ankolosing spondolytis and knew that I could benefit from yoga, but the Eastern mysticism aspect always bothered me. I know my strength comes from The Lord, and after researching on the internet about the true aspects of yoga, I was so thrilled to discover your alternative. I love the fact that the different poses will help me reflect on different Bible verses and the true giver of life and strength. I am very excited to get my first DVD and get started. Thank you for meeting this need for myself and so many others,

  228. Hi, I’m Cindy fron Northern IL. I need a jumpstart to get back to good eating after the holidays. I get bloated and have digestive issues. Thanks

  229. Hi Laurette,

    I got on your website because my daughter is all of a sudden deeply into Yoga. She says “Mom, there’s nothing to worry about” My faith in God is strong and this doesn’t sway it”. Then she proceeds to tell me how much “IN TUNE” yoga is with God! I’m in a panic! So, I came on your webpage to help me AND my daughter find answers. Thank you for the gift. I pray that I can get in better shape AND gently move my daughter to see the truth about yoga. THANKS!

  230. Hello and Shalom, Laurette!

    I am a 39 year old mom of two beautiful girls and we live in Ontario, Canada. I am a born again Christian who has done yoga and pilates in the past and enjoyed the physical benefits of it. I would like to get back into an exercise regime again and found that the pilates/yoga exercises fulfilled my needs moreso than endless cardio and weight training programs. As a new believer though I have been hesitant to do yoga anymore even though I can justify to myself that I’m only doing it ‘for exercise’. I was thrilled to read about your alternative in the book Truth Seekers and immediately checked out your site. I am also concerned about and seeking God’s guidance on how to deal with the fact that my daughters’ school is starting yoga with them now. I would like to simply tell my girls to skip the sessions but I know it will make them feel left out as well as incur questions and comments from classmates. I am hoping that a resource on your site will prompt me to approach the school on this matter.

    I thank God for His guidance in your life and wish you every abundance in life.

  231. Hi, I am from Zambia. I am looking forward to learning a lot from You. I initially started doing some Yoga exercises but i was not too comfortable with it. I look forward to growing more stronger physically as well as spiritually. God bless.

  232. Hi, I am in Central Florida. I am semi retired. I am a nurse by profession. As a Health and Weight Management Coach, I work with individuals in developing and integrating healthy lifestyle options into their everyday life. It is also important that I can educate on and integrate exercise into their lives. Even though I have clients that do yoga, I also have Christian clients that are looking for an option. I can now introduce them to Praise Moves. Thank you for making this available.

  233. Hi, I am from Australia, looking forward to the stretching exercise my cardiologist suggested was best for me.
    On reading all about Yoga I realize that I am unable to attend that class because of my Christian beliefs.
    Thank you for having such a wonderful program to help me both physically as well as spiritually.

  234. I live in (on) Signal Mountain, TN, just outside of Chattanooga. Thank you for your gift of Praise Moves. It is just what I’ve been looking for. I just didn’t feel right about Yoga, but using my body to glorify God – keeping His temple healthy and fit to serve Him feels very right. I would one day, perhaps in the near future, like to become a PraiseMoves instructor, so that I can be more active in sharing this truth with others.

  235. In 2014, I am on a mission to live more abundantly…I’ve just completed a 12 week bible study that has taught this life long dieter new information that I’m excited to work through to a new lifestyle…I need to lose over 100 pounds but I’m looking at that challenge with every victory along the path. This time, I’m confident in victory because I understand that perseverance is part of the journey. Oh yea…you were interested where we are from…Bloomington, Indiana – HooHooHoosiers! I’ve been a fan of beginner yoga as it was the only exercise I ever did that made me feel so much better when I was done. However, I’m not dedicated to sticking to it…only when I am signed up for the class at my local Y. Interested to see what Praise Moves is all about…thanks for the gift!

  236. From Long Island, NY…I Love the Lord and love to learn about health and the amazing body God created. Diagnosed with B-cancer 2x before age 47. The first time I used conventional therapies and even lost my hair. This time I turned down traditional treatments in order to eat my way healthy. It’s been a longer journey than necessary due to my challenges with sweets, but I look and feel healthy as I am doing juicing, green smoothies, bumped up the daily raw greens, added more exercise and have been working on the spiritual releasing of things that weigh my sensitive soul down :] Moved to 90-95% organic…even the sweets. Making progress in learning ‘how to’ love myself and ‘how to’ treat my body, mind and spirit. Praise God for praise stretches and your ministry!!! :]

  237. Hello
    I’m so excited about your program. I’m from a little area in Georgia, and I belong to a very small church in a very small town. We’re looking for ways to build a stonger and closer group of women and if we can improve our physical bodies at the same time > what a plus!!
    Looking forward for what the Lord has instore!!

  238. Hi, Laurette! I’m Connie from the Atlanta, Georgia area and I’m so excited about starting your fitness program and getting my body, soul, and spirit more healthy. I’m turning 50 this year and in good health but have not exercised and ate as well as I should have lately. Your PraiseMoves class here in the Atlanta area is an answer to my prayers. I praise the Lord for your ministry! God bless you and all your PraiseMove instructors!

  239. I am from Mill Creek, WA. I have been a believer since I was 15. I love the Lord and have the amazing blessing of being able to minister in my career. I have recently had hip surgery after a fall that I had in December. I am a public speaker and certified coach and I am looking for something that I can do as I recover that will strengthen my body as well as my spiritual life. Putting the Word of God and a workout for body together is an incredible 2 for 1. I look forward to learning more about Praise Moves.

  240. Hi, Laurette. I’m from Murrieta, California. Thank you for your eBook and all of the information on your website. I used to watch Hatha Yoga with Richard Hittleman on TV when my kids were small (1979), and the exercises helped me get back into shape. I purchased a DVD on Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss several years ago and did that for awhile, until friends started telling me that Christians should not do Yoga. I didn’t understand why not since I was only doing the physical exercises, but I stopped anyway. I haven’t been doing much of any exercise for the past three years because of foot problems, and I need to get back into it. I wanted to do the Yoga again to stretch out and strengthen my body, so I decided to do some research on why it is not good for Christians. I came across your website and liked that you offer an alternative that is glorifying to Jesus. I plan to get your DVD so I can try your PraiseMoves.

  241. I picked up your book at a local 2nd hand store in South Africa and thought of giving the exercises a try because it is only for 20min. Good surprise to see that I can also learn to memorize scripture through a “move”. Hope to get the DVD one day.

  242. It is interesting that I would happen to see this link today. I just finished my first Yoga session. I actually am trying to lose about 10 to 15 pounds. Everyone says, “You don’t need to lose weight.” Well, I have muffin top along my waistline and jiggly arms, so I thought maybe exercise would be helpful.
    My husband and I expedite in a Sprinter Van. Drivers don’t get a lot of exercise. I have some exercises I can do, but I thought the Yoga would relieve stress and tone my muscles. I don’t see why it can be a problem. I am not worshiping anyone but God. At the same time, I am quite willing to try the praise moves. That way, I can exercise and praise God at the same time.
    I am from Virginia, and would love to participate in your program if it involves videos online. If the videos are sent to me, I will give you my daughter’s address. I have a post office box, but we have not been home since Christmas, so our box is getting full.
    Okay. Well, here’s my story. Thank you. God bless you, and have a great day.

  243. I am looking to connect with a bunch of new people and get fit at the same time. I am very happy that my 15 year old daughter is participating with me. I hope that this brings us closer together at the same drawing us closer to Jesus. Praise be to God for all of the blessings that he will bestow upon those seek his face.

    I am looking forward to being healthy all over, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

    God Bless Tammy

  244. Hi!

    I’m from Michigan, USA. My husband, daughters and I are all looking to get more fit this summer. We want more energy, strength, stamina, and flexibility as well as an overall healthier lifestyle. Looking forward to making some changes and getting fit. πŸ™‚

  245. Hi! I am from Durango, CO. Not only do I want to get more fit, I have recently inherited a Yoga class for kids that I have to teach. I am gradually weaning out the yoga with other “stretching” exercise, but I would love to replace it completely with other stretching and strength building exercises that do not contend with my faith. Thanks!

  246. Hi Laurette, I am from Portland, Australia. I’m looking forward to getting fit while learning these moves in an great way to connect with God. Thanks for putting together this program and I pray you will be totally blessed.

  247. Hello, I am from Bradenton, Florida. I am a Chaplain of a 120 women’s work release facility and have been praying for a Godly alternative to “yoga”. I am in the process of teaching the root of yoga to both staff and clients. Blessing on all you do for Him. Thank you for your programs and I will use them to help the women break free from their past.

  248. Hi, I am from Sartell MN. Placed my first order for AM-PM praise moves today. Looking forward to less pain from Fibromyalgia, OA and Osteoporosis. Most looking forward however to a closer walk with the Lord in memorizing more scripture and praising Him in my daily walk.

  249. I’m looking forward to transformation. its been prophesied over me and i believe this is one of the avenues on that path. Very exited.

  250. Hi, I’m from Sydney Australia and am excited to have found praise moves. I used to love yoga but haven’t wanted to go back to it as I didn’t want the eastern philosophies that are such an integral part of it. As a christian, yoga didn’t feel right. I’m 51 and need to lose weight and get fit but know I can’t do it without God’s help. Praisemoves sounds perfect!!

  251. Hi. I am from Ponte Vedra Florida. So many of my friends in my 50 plus age group are turning to Yoga for heath reasons. I remembered a Pastor once warning us of the origin and purpose of it so although I wanted to be fit, I have resisted the practice. Finding your program is an answered prayer!

    I am an RN and a certified Faith Community Nurse. I educate and bring information to churches on how to start a health and wellness program for their church. I would love to incorporate your Praise Moves into the churches health ministry programs to help the church get healthy in order to fulfill the great commission. I cannot wait to receive my DVD in the mail and try it out.

    Jeanne Damrow, RN FCN

  252. I’m from Louisville, Tennessee. I am a Christian, and I have physical disabilities… but I have never participated in exercise with the word of God.. And I’m excited to do this.. because I know His word is poserful… I also need to lose about 25 pounds.

  253. I am a teacher from Billings, Montana interested in Praise Moves to improve my health. Together with my Christian friends who work at my school, I am excited to learn Praise Moves with scripture. One friend found an old DVD of yours at a garage sale. Since we began working out with it, we are amazed at this talent God has given you to share. You and your ministry is a Godsend and I thank God for you!

  254. Hi I am from Sydney Australia.
    Recently my daughter asked me about yoga as her teacher was teaching a few postures and one of her friends was into it.
    I gave her some general explanations and told her that we do not participate in that and will talk to the teacher.
    I also took my daughters ongoing questions about Yoga that she needed something more than just some glib answers.
    I promised her I would produce a document explaining it as fully as I could. Having almost completed it I have also begun on dealing with the Colour Run (and other corroborating influences) having discovered it was inspired by the Hindu Holika Festival. (Holika is a name of a demoness).
    This is when I came across your site.
    My wife has sought to improve her fitness, (me too) but Heath and Fitness is such a recruitment tool today used by Eastern Philosophy and the New Age movement leading us to a Global Spirituality on purpose that it becomes incredibly difficult to be involved in anything without baggage. (The use of group and community activity is another catalyst for changing beliefs and values.)
    I look forward to checking out you site and what you have on offer that both I and my wife and family can participate in.

  255. Hi Laurette,
    I am from NH and found your website through Wholyfit. Thank you for giving us an alternative to Yoga. I teach Silver Sneaker exercise and have rejected teaching Yoga for many years as I perceived it not from the Holy Spirit. I too have gotten my confirmation to try alternative stretching exercises from Women of Grace on EWTN blog. The good news is that nobody has tried to force me to teach Yoga where I work. I will give your website as a remedy should people ask for alternative places to do good exercise. Thank you for your gift as well. Hoping to always stay in the Lord Jesus and take care of fitness in the Lord Jesus too. My mission is to cause no harm to others and no harm come to me too. God richly bless you and protect you as well.

  256. I am from Montana and am the one who found the your dvd at a yard sale. God knew I was searching for a program would that not only improve my health and my body but would at the same time improve my relationship with the Lord. I sincerely believe God answered my prayer by putting your program in my path! My friend and I are just starting our journey with this program and we are so excited, encouraged, and hopeful! Thank you and God bless you!

  257. I am from New Hampshire and I am interested in knowing more about stretching and moving my body without any Hindu influences. Is 42:8

  258. Hi Laurette,
    I’m from Calgary, Alberta. A friend at work told me about Praise Moves when I told her I was looking for a good stretching program that did not involve Yoga. I’m looking forward to read & watch the videos. Thanks for the gift.
    May God bless you πŸ™‚

  259. I have been runnjng a long time…bu a recent injury required me to put more attrention to stretching. My friend had your video, its exactly what I was lookin for:-). ,

  260. I am trying to maintain/improve my flexibility and tone my core. Here in Vermont yoga classes are ubiquitous, Christian fellowship not so much. I found out about you after searching for yoga alternatives on google. πŸ™‚

  261. Hi Laurette,

    I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I have long been wanting a Praise Moves class to be set up in my area. I did go to one a few times in Dallas but it was so far and time and gas consuming that I couldn’t continue. I loved the class. I will continue checking your website for possible new classes that may come up here. I thought about getting some of your Dvds but because I am deaf and don’t know if they are captioned for me to be able to understand them, I didn’t do so. I am active in exercise 4 to 5 times a week (zumba & water aerobics classes) but really also need the stretching, low impact and scripturally meditative program that PraiseMoves is about (I have a lot of health conditions that my body fights, so exercise is an extremely necessary and important part of my life.). I know the Lord will provide so I will keep checking and looking forward to seeing a PraiseMoves class come to my area.

  262. Hi Laurette, I’ve from North Carolina, but live most of the year in the Middle East. After reading about the dangers of yoga [], I was looking for an alternative to my “Yoga for Scoliosis” DVD. You were quoted in the article I read, and I followed your link here. I’ve ordered a DVD, and hopefully the stretches will provide a good alternative to the yoga positions that stretch out my tight back muscles. Thank you for providing this. Angie

  263. Thank you, Laurette, for the valuable info! I’ve yet to through it as I’m getting ready for work, but I’m definitely looking forward to this. (By the way, I live in Chicago but I’m originally from the Philippines.) Timothy 4:8 tells us, “For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable to all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come. Though godliness outweighs bodily exercise, both are profitable! My goal is to be both spiritually and physically fit. The Lord bless you, and may you reach many more with His truth.

  264. I saw the article on you and Praise Moves a while back in the IA’s Connection magazine. I’ve always been active physically but need more regular muscle toning and strength in my lower back. I saw this and wanted to give it a try plus an easy way to incorporate time for praise and worship! Thanks.

  265. Hi, I’m Nancy from Montclair, VA (a suburb of Washington, DC). I have been exploring yoga for about 18 months. I was wary at first, but loved the stress-relief and health benefits. I attended studio’s Christian yoga class but it was awkward. I have been wanting to become a certified yoga instructor so I could teach Christian yoga, but have hesitated because I suspect I would have to make a series of spiritual compromises to complete the training. I started searching for a better way, because I know I can and must do better for the Lord. I have ordered your DVD and am eager to get to know PraiseMoves. If it’s as great as I think it’s going to be, then I’d like to become certified so I can offer it at my church as a worshipful fitness ministry. Thank you for following the Lord and offering a Christian yoga alternative. What a blessing!

    1. Thank you, Nancy!
      What a joy to receive your comment!
      Here’s some info for you – and please know you can contact us at the office with any questions you may have (918-458-1800).

      If you haven’t already done so, check out Laurette’s Webinar and downloadable eBook “The Truth about Yoga” here: (under the TRUTH tab).

      Please know that if the Lord is calling you to Fitness Ministry, and to PraiseMoves in particular, we look forward to hearing from you!

      You are blessed,
      Laurette & PraiseMoves Fitness Team

  266. Hi. I’m Dottie from New Jersey. My desired outcome with Praise Moves is better health, flexability, better eating to health and a deeper, richer relationship with My Lordnand Savior, Jesus Christ.

  267. I always liked the moves and what I heard about yoga doing for the body, but never wanted to support Hinduism! This is exactly what I have been looking for!!! All the pluses without the negatives! THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!! Now I can do it with a clear conscience for my Lord and Savior! πŸ™‚

  268. Hi Laurette,
    I’m Tina from Missouri and just found your products after coming across a used book of yours “BASIC” ~ love the fact the Word of God is magnified even in working out. God Bless!

  269. Hello! My name is Carolyn Nall and I am from Siloam Springs Arkansas. A good friend of mine introduced me to PraiseMoves recently. I have just started classes in Springdale AR. I feel so refreshed spiritually and mentally after a class. My instructor is really sweet and encouraging. A great group of ladies too. My goal is to lose weight and firm up.
    I just purchased two DVDs one for me and one for my daughter!
    Thank you and God Bless!

  270. Dayton, Ohio. Looking for a Christ-centered fitness program. Ultimately I would like to lose weight but any form of praise to God intrigues me. Thank you.

  271. Hi Ms. Laurette:

    I was referred to your link by my favorite Christian Leader here in the Philippines “Bro. Bo Sanchez” of the Light of Jesus ministry and Kerygma Philippines.

    I was really amazed and happy to have known that there is already an alternative for Yoga for us Christians…. I am very much interested in joining and later on have an accreditation or certification .. I would like to promote the praise moves instead of yoga for fitness of soul and body….

    I hope I can join the ministry and later on set up my own ministry here in the Cordillera (northern part of the Philippines)

    Hoping to hear from you always!!!

    Continue to be blessed….

    Maria Lourdes Deiparine (Malou)

    1. How wonderful to hear from you! Thank you so much for your interest in PraiseMoves.
      Yes, we would love to see more PraiseMoves Instructors in the Philippines!

      We do have online training – here’s info for you:

      You can get downloadable DVDs (instant!) – here:

      And perhaps you can contact our first CPI in the Philippines, Marivic Vidaure:


      Classes: Contact Marivic for information.

      Group and Individual Instruction – Paranaque & Makati areas.

      Manila, Philippines

      – See more at:

      Let us know how we may serve you.

      You are blessed,
      Laurette & PraiseMoves Team

  272. Greetings in the Name of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I am writing to you all the way from Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. Thank you for the e-book in relation to Yoga. I will go through same and will very likely come back to you and write more.

    In the meantime, Be abundantly blessed as you continue to minister through Power Praise Moves.

    In Christ,
    Lynn Perinayegon

  273. Hello, Laurette. My name is Sherry, and I live in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I am interested in learning PraiseMoves for myself for a couple of reasons: One, because I recently lost over 60 lbs., and I am still trying to re-learn how my body moves, and two, because I have been sedentary for a long time, due to the fact that I am disabled. I suffer from Chronic Daily Migraines, and have been trying anything and everything to help ease my pain. I know that a complete healing is in my future, and maybe your program is to be part of that healing process!

    Thank you so much.

  274. Hi Laurette. I am so excited about this new way of exercising. Myself and a friend have started a Bible related healthy life style at our church and found that your workout DVD fits with everyone’s physical level. They are so excited to exercise every week. We specially like shouting the bible verses. I just had to say God bless you for what you are doing.

  275. Found you on a referral from a referral on The mission of that is “Freedom from all things” Acts 13:39 – they teach people to cut out the spiritual roots to problems that they face. (You have to kill the root or the plant comes back with the next growing season)

    There is a very real “connection between the decisions we make in our soul realm (mind, will, emotions) and our physical health” … “the Scriptures say not to make pledges or oaths, we must obey or incur judgment upon ourselves.” (from

    A family member has MUCH spiritual confusion – after only a cursory review of your information, I now more clearly understand part of the root of that confusion.

  276. Hi Laurette,
    I am here in Maine, but contemplating a move to Florida soon. I believe what you are doing is so important in educating people about the dangers of yoga. I have arthritis in my spine and hips and my rheumatologist had suggested yoga as a good way to stretch and help me with pain and stress relief. Had very mixed feelings about the class and didn’t like the Hindu underpinnings. I am looking for a new career and considering many different pathways right now. Keep up the good work of spreading the news about this spiritually hazardous ritual that is touted as physically healthy for many people. More of God’s power to you! JoJenna

  277. I am from Maine and a chiropracter recommended that I do yoga. I’ve been a runner for years and as I get older I am having issues with stiff muscles especially at night time.
    As a Christian I have always avoided yoga but I googled Christian yoga and found your site.
    I would love to just get rid of stiff muscles and have toned muscles but stretched and healthy.
    Thank you for your ministry and God Bless you, Cindy

  278. Hi Laurette,

    I’m from Eastern North Carolina and the ‘yoga movement’ has finally found it’s way here. Knowing that yoga is really Hindu, I’ve been wondering how to incorporate the health benefits of it with my Christian faith. I am 46 and trying to get healthier and shed some pounds. I have tried yoga, but I never felt spiritually comfortable with it. Thank you for providing this alternative and opportunity to offer praise to the Father and get healthy and fed by Him at the same time!

  279. Hi! I’m from Georgetown,TX and stumbled on this website through The Health Watchman youtube videos. I tend to go on rabbit trails and this is one I’m pursuing further. I wanted to thank you for providing this type of exercise and information on yoga! My hope is to establish an exercise routine that will benefit me spiritually. This seems like a perfect fit! Many thanks!

  280. Hi!

    I’m 77, recently widowed and need to improve my relationship with the Lord.

    I also need to get serious about my health and fitness.

    Thank you.

  281. I live in Albrightsville PA at the western end of the Pocono Mts. After trying yoga for several months to keep my fibro at bay I looked into becoming an instructor for my private community. Some info popped up that made me say No Way! And I started looking for an alternative. Came across PraiseMoves and found one instructor close enough to me to go to. I only hope she has morning hours. Thanks!

  282. I have picked up on your website via the book “Escaping the couldron’ by Kristene McGuire. I have sent information about the dangers of Yoga to a friend of mine who is not a Christian and she did not respond positively.

    I also might have more material to warn other Christians who are practising Yoga without the knowledge of its dangers.

    I love my exercise and is a stop-start cyclist. Need to stretch my hips that are affected by overuse of speed walking at Walk for Life. Cycling does not affect it though…

  283. Hi! πŸ™‚ I’m from Gresham, OR taking part in a chronic pain study that incorporates yoga for Seniors and people with limited mobility. I took a PraiseMoves class before my pain started and loved it. (We also own the DVD for children & love it, too!) I’m hoping that you have DVD for people with limited mobility as I would much rather use it than the yoga DVD I was given. I’m doing the exercises in the yoga DVD and praying fervently to be protected from the spiritual influence of the exercises. It helps to remember the Scriptures that you use in PraiseMoves for the different postures. God is so faithful – He constantly brings Scripture and worship songs to mind as I take part in the exercises. Thank you for your ministry

  284. Hi Laurette. It’s Julie here from New Zealand, originally from Asheville NC. I have been doing your Praise Moves PM almost every night for about the past month. I notice when I do it, my whole brain seems different. I go to bed with a lot of peace in my heart and I wake up in the morning feeling so thankful to God and speaking praises to Him. I want to continue on this path and go even deeper, renewing my mind more and becoming radically fit. I have determined in the next 40 days to give God my very best and let Him take care of the results. I believe it is also helping me reduce my Klonapin very slowly on a daily basis. I’m adopted and that name is Julie, but I was given a Hebrew name as well and that name means fit. Thank you so much for this.

  285. I am 61 and getting ready to retire. I need desperately to establish an exercise regimen to help keep arthritis under control, to strengthen and work on weight loss. I do not want to get involved with yoga as I have been warned about its Origin. I also would love the chance to combine scripture and praise during this time. I found your site and resources after researching yoga alternatives. I am so looking forward to the 40 day challenge to start a new stage of my life. Thank you for what you do.

  286. I’m from Kingston, MA and have been searching for alternatives to yoga. I practiced for a while and got completely caught up in everything, to the point I was getting my Reiki I certification. I have been a Christian for 30 years. The night before class, I worked with a stranger who I never met before and never saw again. We spoke about God and life, and I spoke of troubles I was having. She looked at me and told me to research yoga and reiki, that none of it was from God. So I did. I was shocked, and didn’t go to the class the next day. The instructor called me every hour on the hour to let me know it wasn’t too late to join for certification. I did miss the physical benefits and thought I could do a Christian Yoga, but the Holy Spirit kept telling me no…so I thank you and can’t wait to start your programs.

  287. Hello, I’m from Silicon Valley California the home of Yoga!! lol . it is everywhere here
    My husband and I are worship leaders at our church . He started doing yoga about six months ago. I went with him a few times but just couldn’t get passed the feeling this is wrong for me.
    I felt convicted. But there is no alternative for Christians until now. I went on a medical fast for 15 weeks now and lost 30 pounds, I want to continue to loose 30 more but with Christians and honoring our Lord!! I’m open to any information that will help my husband understand why yoga is not a good thing for Christians. Thank you and Praise God with all your heart soul mind and body

  288. Hi Laurette,

    I have felt the Lord moving me to bring meditation back to Christians. We have let the eastern religions take over meditation despite the fact that the Bible is filled with references to Gods people meditating on God and His word.

    I also know that the physical part of yoga – the part that I feel most Americans think is all there is to yoga – I know that those stretches and balancing poses are great for our ‘sit too much’ bodies. The ‘sit too much’ bodies like my own. So I very much wanted to find a way to get the physical benefits without the eastern religion mumbo jumbo.

    So here I am.

    If I find that I can actually do your program (I find most exercise programs have little concept of what beginners really need or how little they can move. I just noticed the comment above mine and that you have a seniors DVD – I’ll look into that too. πŸ™‚ ), I am considering becoming a teacher so I can start a group at our church.

    I just participated in an hour long segment of our church’s 24 hour prayer vigil. I tried kneeling and my thigh muscles are so tight I couldn’t straighten my torso. I tried sitting on the floor and my legs and hips are so tight that I couldn’t stay that way for long either. And then – I could barely get up off the floor. I really need the stretching and increasing my flexibility.

    Thank you so much for following the Lord’s leading to bring the good physicality of the poses to centering people’s minds and hearts on God and His word. πŸ™‚

  289. Hi , I am living in Amarillo Tx and originally from NYC! Love my life and am excited as to what God is leading me towards! I broke 7 bones in a head on collision (someone liked my side ofthe road better)…actually there was a rain storm causing it. God is always victorious and had me in the palm of His Faithfilled Hands, told me I would walk again!….fast foward 8 years and here I am working out as well as working prn …back to work in my field of Occupational Therapy and writing my testimony for others. I am delighted by the Lord leading me to your sight and wonder where this will eventually go! Thank you so much for listening to Gods calling on your life! Jeannie W.

  290. Hi
    Just moved from Kansas to Texas.
    I would love to get some flexibility and a little toning after not exercising for a while because of
    health issues.
    My sister is a trainer and suggested yoga but I was not comfortable with just any ole class.
    I did know a little about the background of yoga which kept me feeling that way about it.
    What a blessing to have found your site and info.
    Thank you for your service.

  291. Hi, I’m from Alberta, Canada. I am currently about 50 lbs overweight as I have not made my health a priority, it is time for change, between the walking and the praisemoves I not only hope I plan on seeing change in my health and my weight.

  292. Hi! My name is Sally, and I have been doing Yoga for 2 months now during the summer. As a Christian and a junior in high school, I would like to witness to my friends about the love of God. As for yoga, I have been questioning myself if this was okay for a Christian to do. I looked more into your videos, and I have seen the big difference between Praise Moves and the traditional Yoga! Praise God for your ministry, and I pray that I will use this as an alternative, to glorify God, and tell others of God’s love. πŸ™‚

  293. Hi. Betty from Indianapolis…..I am 84 (don’t feel it), but need to stretch and increase tone…hope this will help in muscle cramps, also make me more mobile.I am going this program will help in this area. It was totally an accident that I came upon this site and was really impressed with what I found; an accident? Totally GOD!!! Thank you for your help and dedication to this ministry…anxious to receive my order O:-)

  294. Hello, Laurette! I have already been on your site in the past and read (and agreed with!) your explanation about why yoga is not just exercise. My reason for visiting your site today is that my husband and I each need to lose about 100 pounds. Also, my husband has had several serious health challenges over the past four years and we are ready for a CHANGE! I am now very strongly considering becoming a CPI/Mira! instructor so I can lose weight and get in better shape. I also love dance and would love to help other women and men lose weight, get healthier, learn scripture and worship God all at the same time! I live in the Columbus, Ohio area and would love to bring this form of exercise/worship to my neck of the woods. God bless you for all you have done with PraiseMoves and may He continue to bless you and your ministry!

  295. Hi Laurette—a co-worker of mine asked me a few months ago when I was looking to try Bikram yoga if I had heard of Praise Moves and I said no. She said you should check it out and I spent the whole day on your site. I was amazed did not know there was a christian alternative to yoga that existed. I was just about to get really involved with yoga due to knee issues can’t do the now popular zumba although i love to dance. I know i need to do more with exercise. I have always worked out off and on over the years. I recently lost 20 pounds because I was borderline diabetic.(and it worked no meds for me) I already take a blood pressure pill and thought i am not adding more pills to my life. I will be 47 in sept and know it is very important for me to develop some good exercise habits right now to stay healthy. I am truthfully interested in being trained to do Praise moves and will be filling out my application to prayerfully start in Sept. I am in St. Louis, MO. I shared praise moves with a friend of mine and she is thinking about becoming certified as well. Thanks so much for your transparency and all that you do to stay obedient to the dream and ministry God has given you for health and wellness. It is sooo needed. :):)

  296. Hi Laurette, I’m in Washington State. I used to do yoga, now I know what those horrible feelings were when I participated. Thank you for what you do. I have friends who are Christian and are adamant about it being OK to do yoga & be a Christian. After all, it’s just the moves….

  297. I’m a single, homeschooling mom of 5 and a massage therapist in Missouri. I’m excited to see something that combines both spiritual and physical health!

  298. I just received your CD and can’t wait to share it at my churches Senior Fitness Group. Thank you for the information on what yoga really is all about and for creating a program we can all participate in.

  299. Hi!! I am from Kingwood, Texas! Just booked my flight, hotel, and conference!!!!! So excited to become a CPI and teach a Christian Alternative to Yoga, all the while worshipping and blessing our Lord, Christ Jesus!! Thank you for allowing me, and many others, to do so!!!

  300. Hi, I’m from the Jersey – Channel Islands, British Isles.
    I needed to find someone who was promoting the truth about yoga and offering an alternative. Praise God for Praise Moves and the internet. My prayer would be to see Praise Moves flourish all over the Channel Islands for God’s glory. Many thanks for everything.xx

  301. Hello, I’m from IN. I was searching for info about Yoga, (I have a daughter very involved and was questioning it from the Christian view point) then I added ‘Christianity’ to the search and came across your website. My daughter would love for me to join her in taking the Yoga classes, but I’ve been leery b/c of the spirituality aspect. Oh dear, now with just this little bit of research, I won’t get involved. Besides the concern for my daughter, I would also like to lose some weight and get more fit. I see my daughter becoming more flexible/fit, won’t it be nice if she could see me improving with out the yoga? I’m also looking for a program I can do at home.

  302. Hi! I’m from Iowa. I’m looking forward to building muscle, gaining strength, and improving my overall well-being.

    For the longest time, I knew that avoiding yoga was something that I wanted to do, so it’s nice to find something like this.


  303. Hi, I am from San Antonio, Texas, where we offer fitness at our church as our ministry………God’s given us the gift to share with others as a gift. We have been doing Zumba (clean music) for the last four years and we have so many ladies who love it! One of our instructors does Yoga and she incorporates it into her class during the morning. We don’t state it on the schedule as such but I have been so uncomfortable about this……..not really knowing why but I have never liked yoga (at least the religious concepts). After reading your testimony, I see that it is spiritually unhealthy to have this included in our classes. We do stretching in other classes but she, specifically, does Yoga. I am going to talk with her about it and share with her the information from PraiseMoves so we can adjust this class. I so appreciate finding this website …………..thank you.

  304. Hi Laurette,
    I’m a Christian psychologist and I’m looking for balance to my work-life. When you sit and listen all day, you need that physical movement and outlet! Most importantly, I’m aiming to get more energy so I can carry out my ministry to a higher level and to also joyfully carry the burdens that I receive in session. Before I became a Christian, I trained in a yoga-based mindfulness teacher training for six months. We learned the Eastern spiritual basis of yoga technologies, the invocations to various yoga teachers…hmm… I renounced and repented of all this when I converted to follow Christ. I really missed yoga and the health benefits of it too, and bemoaned why isn’t there a Christian spiritual equivalent to the intricate Eastern philosophies of yoga, why can’t I teach a *Christian* version of mindfulness? Imagine my delight when I searched for “Christian alternatives to yoga” I found Praisemoves! I’m letting the other ladies who work here at our Christian counselling practice know about it. I’ll be showing them the DVD when it arrives in the mail soon. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  305. Hi Laurette!

    Thanks so much for the free e-book. It pretty much confirmed why I had such an uneasiness when I visited a yoga class for kids at my son’s public school. Now in his new school (same district) he is being invited again to participate within his class setting for another physical fitness activity with the same instructor. It sounds great on paper but trusting they will not incorporate yoga is making me queasy. So I decided to look into other things I can do since he does not have swimming as an outlet any longer. He needs the Word, we all do, and it is what we need to renew our minds (in Him). Now, in light of taking a Intro to Religion course which includes an introduction to Hinduism and the 4 paths (yogas), I am further convinced that it is not the way for me and my family. Thank you so much for the info.

  306. Hi Laurette!
    I am from Vienna, Austria and have heard already 10 episodes of your Podcast and it’s really super and informing. Now I want to check out your Website πŸ™‚
    All the best and please don’t stop with your great interviews!!!

  307. Hi, I’m from INDIA

    I needed to find someone who was promoting the truth AND FITNESS.

    Praise God for Praise Moves and the internet.

    My prayer would be to see Praise Moves flourish all over INDIA

  308. Hi, Thank you for the gift and this opportunity!! I am from Pheonix, AZ. I am excited to get back into shape with a purpose and true focus. I have been looking for something like this for a while now and am thrilled to have come across this. Thank you so much! God Bless!!

  309. Hi, from Charlottesville, VA. Victor Morris of steered me to you. I’m not really into yoga or other such disciplines, but I appreciated your and his counterpoints on yoga. I walk or swim 30 minutes a day, when I’m not doing gardening, landscaping, house remodeling, putting up a 40′ TV antenna on my roof (I fired cable), or other such activities. I may have to slow down when I get old, but not sure when that will be. I’m 77.

  310. Hello! My name is Shena Gibson from Upstate part of South Carolina. Just wanted to get more information about this topic. I’ve looked in yoga about a year ago, but decided not the participate because of its religious origin. Then recently, an evangelist that I met told me some more things about the origin of yoga that I never knew about and it has sparked my curiosity even more to do my own due diligence to seek the truth for myself- not to participate, but just to know the truth for myself instead of taking someone’s word for it. I look forward to looking over the information.

    Your program seems interesting. I must say that I was a bit cautious because even so called ‘christian’ yoga being that they play christian music, still may not be a good thing because from what I was told, it is the postures/postitions that matter as they have meanings that people may not know about. And Lord knows I don’t want to open myself up to something that is not of Him and is possibly demonic. I could be wrong in saying that, but that’s why I’m wanting to find out the truth so that if someone inquires me about it (as a Health Coach), I’ll be able to give them an educated answer. Thank you!

    God bless!

  311. Hi! I am from Philippines. i have friends who are doing yoga and even argue that they are doing the Christian yoga or just using the moves. I have been searching for reading materials about Yoga to confirm my conviction. A friend shared to me an article which features your book. Praise God! I hope I could get a video of praise moves. I cannot afford to buy for now. I am praying for God’s provision. God bless your ministry.

  312. Hi, Andrew from India. I wanted to know the answer that, Does christians practice yoga? This question is running in my mind for a long time, I joined in a yoga studio recently. Even after joining there still that question runs in my mind. All I want to know is, Can I being a christian go for yoga??

  313. Hi. I’m from Rosthern , Saskatchewan, Canada, I have many health problems were weight lose would be a great help. I believe that throw Praising my Abba Father (Daddy) who only wants good gifts for his children . To draw ever closer. Thank – you

  314. Hi! I’m from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia by way of Tulsa, Oklahoma so we were almost neighbors for a while! πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to gaining a consistent personal devotion time along with losing weight and gaining more flexibility and muscle tone possible even becoming a certified trainer to offer the classes at my church. I’m so excited to get my DVDs for myself and my children! Thank you for having the vision to do this!

  315. Hi, I am from Phoenix, the Valley of the SON!!! Learn Hebrew while increasing strength and health to my body. Share with people who believe the lie when they think “Christian Yoga” is safe. Thank you for all your insight and hard work in developing these videos and materials. May the Lord continue to bless your mission and vision!

  316. Hi, I am from Southwest MN. I want to be more flexible and increase my strength. I am also very anxious to get started. I have been trying to focus on the Lord in all things and was happy to find a way to stretch my muscles and my spiritual life all at the same time. When I called to purchase this program Laurette Willis actually answered my call and took my order. She was very personable, caring and informative. She even prayed with me before we hung up. Thank you Laurette, you are an inspiration and a help to others. God bless you as you serve Him!

  317. Hi, I am from Southwest MN. I want to be more flexible and increase my strength. I am also very anxious to get started. I have been trying to focus on the Lord in all things and was happy to find a way to stretch my muscles and my spiritual life all at the same time. When I called to purchase this program Laurette Willis actually answered my call and took my order. She was very personable, caring and informative. She even prayed with me before we hung up. Thank you Laurette, you are an inspiration and a help to others.

  318. Hello, from Fort Wayne, IN. I found your website when a FB friend posted the truth about yoga. That might be the reason why I have been apprehensive to try yoga. I need to find some way to exercise without hurting my back. I need to lose weight, alleviate stress and hopefully help with depression. I really don’t know much at all about praise moves, but if it is Christ centered, you have my attention. Thank you.

  319. Hi I am from Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean, land of sun, sand and sea, steelpan and limbo. I always believed that the concept of the stretches and body strengthening exercises in Yoga would be beneficial to the body, but the new age side of it always deterred me, so I am glad to see that you are doing this with a Christian perspective. Looking forward to learning more

  320. Hi there!
    I am so excited to get started in this wonderful ministry! The Holy Spirit has truly guided me to this ministry, I want to get started ASAP! Peace of Christ..I am in Chattanooga Tn.

  321. Hi! I’m from Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada! I used to be an instructor for yoga … and then I became a Christian. I want to share PraiseMoves with people who are unaware of what they are bringing into their lives when they do yoga. I want to be on God’s team to help set people free! .. and safely give them an option for stretching. I also want the written backing of why yoga is dangerous so people can read/find out for themselves (not just trust me). Thank you so much!

  322. As a Christian and PhD student in Natural Medicine I often do nutritional evaluations, and stretching and distressing are often required needs. I am glad to have a positive option for clients.

  323. I have taken a few yoga classes and know that the stretching makes my body feel good. I have recently begun stretching again and was looking into yoga again. I was praying about it and felt I should look for Christian Yoga.

    I was glad to see your program and am interested to see how it will work for me.

    Thanks so much for your ministry!


  324. I am from Long Island New York. I have a background in dance and have been seeing yoga poses that look like they would be fun to be able to do. So, being a Christian, I checked on the internet, and came across the PraiseMoves website through CBN. I can’t wait to try it out especially with the scriptures!

  325. I am from Aurora, Colorado. I have been attending a yoga class for many years, but , as a Christian, I always felt uncomfortable with the guided meditations and other aspects of it.Today I told my instructor that this would be my last class and explained my feelings to her.I feel blessed to have discovered your website and am intrigued by your concept of combining fitness with praise and worship.Keep up the good work, Laurette!

  326. Hello!
    I am Student and University from Sydney Australia, and am so happy to have found this program. I did like yoga as a fitness tool but my eyes have been opened now and am so excited to start this new fitness journey!
    I hope to one day become an instructor and spread your message all over Australia! It is so important to raise awareness about yoga, especially how easily it can just slip into ones life without one knowing to full dangers of it.

    Thankyou for your guidance and wisdom!

  327. I am from San Diego California and I have been a Hatha Yoga instructor at a local health club for 16 years. Recently members have asked me how as a Christian I feel it is okay teaching a Hindu based yoga format. My answers have created in me more questions, more praying and research. I spoke with my fellow church members about yoga and found our church provides an alternative strength and stretch class led by a certified PraiseMoves instructor. My goal is to become certified and prepare myself to approach my health club and try and change the yoga I currently teach into PraiseMoves classes. My research has been a education : (

  328. Hello Laurette

    I’m so happy I came across your web site. I was very uncomfortable about a class I’m taking this semester at West Los Angeles College called Yoga Skills. When I read that it was from the Hindu religion, I got worried. Now that I know that there is a Christian alternative, I’m thanking the Lord. I need to speed up my metabolism, lose belly fat, and achieve body strength.

    Thank you for being here for people like me.

    Abundant blessings to you


  329. I signed up because I had a female friend who wanted to know where a Yoga class was being held in our area. My understanding of Yoga is it redirects our praise from God to yoga. I wanted to give my friend an alternative to yoga.

  330. Hi Laurette
    Yoga was brought up in a prayer group that I was attending. I mentioned that I did the Yoga stretching on P90X in my home. One of the ladies warned against getting involved in Yoga because the poises were used to worship false gods. In my heart that is not what I was doing when I did those stretching exercises. So, I thought nothing wrong with it. I did not feel the conviction of the Lord on this. That being said, I respect you, as someone who through firsthand experience was involved deeply in the Yoga training/culture, but was brought out of that/transformed through the redemptive work of our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to worship and praise the Lord in everything that I do. So, I am looking forward to purchasing your book and DVD as alternatives to Yoga.
    God’s riches blessings upon you and your family,

    1. Thank you for your note, Rosita. When we learn about the “root and fruit” of yoga (including the “Lord” to which it is dedicated, “Lord Shiva, the Destroyer), it’s difficult to continue in it, if one is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more by downloading my free eBook here (there’s also a webinar on the same page you can check out) – Thank you for your comments and for reaching out! πŸ™‚

  331. Hi Laurette –
    I live in Central New York State and the Lord has been showing me how important it is for the Body of Christ to get in shape physically so that we can accomplish our God-given missions. For His sake, we need to take care of our whole self – body, soul and spirit. Your programs seem like a Christian based way to do just that!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! We are so grateful the Lord has given us “beauty for ashes” with PraiseMoves — the ashes of my past turned into beauty which glorifies Him. Hallelujah!

  332. Dear Laurette,
    I found your website, by Googling “is yoga ok for Christians?” because I had no idea it was evil and demonic. Your story and Page was the Second Google Result!
    I’m so glad I found your article! This is amazing!
    I have been suffering loss, stress, abuse, financial desolation, job loss, personal injury in an accident, and dispair on a grand scale lately, and now am having PTSD because of all these things, with nightmares and hopelessness. I used to be on top of my life, and had a fabulous figure that I got either complements or jealous reactions. Somewhere along the line, I started to feel guilty and unaccepted with a perfect figure, and was treated differently by many people. I started to overeat and turn to sugar, to console myself from stress, and sure enough, my figure turned sloppy and overweight, which still didn’t make me feel excepted. Now I was treated bad for being fat.
    Well, my chiropractor suggested yoga, to gain peace and recover from PTSD.
    I had the prescence of mind to research it first, because I didn’t trust it’s eastern roots, and my favorite Pastor said to stay away from this and eastern types of meditation.
    i want to get the healthiest I can be, back again, because of Jesus’ taking illness and sickness at the Cross. I also want to get my perfect hourglass figure back, get rid or fear, worry, and stress, to better deal with things. I am starting my life all over again.

    Thank you again, and you should get your book into the Library System, too!

  333. Praise God for your gifts Laurette!

    Hello, all! And thank you, Laurette, for responding to the call of God on your life about a developing and sharing a christian curriculum alternative to yoga.

    I rarely, EVER, buy anything on a whim unless it is a steal. In the first 5 minutes of accessing your website (2 days ago), I bought 3 DVDs (downloads) and one day later I bought two others. Now I am thinking of becoming an instructor (after just 2 days). As you say Laurette, when God called, he equips.

    As a prophetic dancer and former yogi (thank God!!) I really needed this and I would cry out to God for more resources that would incorporate the Word, sound biblical teaching, praises, worship and fitness exercises.

    Well! Praise God for your obedient heart Laurette! I look forward to practice at home, share it at church and with anyone called to dance prophetically or any christians wanting a great exercise. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  334. Hi Laurette!
    You and I met through Juanita at the Anaheim conference a couple weeks ago. I’m excited to be a part of the 40day challenge. I long to be healthier in spirit and body. I have some weight to lose and I need to definitely work on my flexibility and stamina to keep up with my 2 year old grand daughter, ha!

  335. Hello Laurette,

    I am from Pensacola Florida. I am so thrilled to be part of this exciting program. I have been practicing Yoga for a long time and since I started seminary school, I found out that Yoga is a forbidden practice among the Christian faith. I am so glad that I found your website as I can continue to enjoy the benefits of stretching, help with flexibility and improve my strength. I believe it it is important for each of us to take care of bodies as God had intended us to do. Our bodies are our temples, and we need to cherish these temples as we continue to live through Christ as our savior. Thank you for creating PraiseMoves, I am so excited to get started on your CPI program!


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